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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Spring Fic Deluge is Over

Pshew, that was a lot of fic writing and posting almost all at once for me.
In case you missed any of them:

My spn-j2-bigbang which is 28k of first-time wincest set back in the middle of season 6 and begns with Soulless Sam reconsidering the deal the leprechaun offered him to return his soul : Seven Rows of Seven or on AO3

My wincest-reverse-bang which is 7k of re-established wincest thanks to another encounter with dragons:   Fire Into Rain or on AO3

My spn-casefic-bang which is a 12k case fic of established wincest set in season 12: Subjugation Is Its Own Reward or on AO3

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Just reading this post with all the lovely mentions of wincest made me all kinds of happy. Cannot wait to find some time to read!!!

That's an impressive amount of fic writing! Congrats on getting them all finished.

I missed one I think, thanks for the links bb and well done for all the hard work and words!

Whew is right, girl! You rock! What a lot of lovely wincest you fill the world with! We are so lucky to have you!!

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