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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Supernatural, Soul's Weight

Soul's Weight - Chapter 7

Masterpost ~ Chapter 6

Chapter 7

They make themselves as presentable as possible and peek out the doorway, no one seems to be moving around, but it’s a big house.  Dean steers them towards the patio hoping that everyone might be eating outside in the morning sun.

“Well, there they are, we thought you’d never get up. Good to see you Sam.” Chuck stands up and comes to shake Sam’s hand, smiling brightly.

“Uh, hi Chuck, uh, God.” Sam flails completely, just not even knowing at all what to say.

“Chuck’s fine, here join us, Death’s just brought us some of the best Eggs Benedict I’ve had in ages. I have to say it’s a surprise to see you both here this morning, I honestly wasn’t expecting it.”

“Yeah, us either, thanks for letting us stay the night.” Sam finds his voice enough to at least get his thanks out.

“You’re welcome to stay as long as you need to, I like having the company around.” Chuck replies as he sits back down.

Sam and Dean pull up chairs to the table and serve themselves.  Death passes them the French press and they relax with some perfectly made coffee.  No one says anything, except a few yummy sounds, and it’s starting to get a little tense.  “So tell me about all those cars I saw out front when I came in yesterday.” Dean asks finally, not able to stand it any longer.

“Oh you saw the stable did you?” Death says sarcastically raising an eyebrow over at God.

“What, I can’t have a few nice things? I like to drive.” Chuck defends himself.  “Besides, you’ve got that beast of a Bentley, and the Bug is Jesse’s, not like I have as many cars as Leno or something.”

“Jesse, you’re old enough to drive?” Dean asks.

“Well, not technically, but close enough and no one ever says anything.  I don’t drive all that much; it’s mostly just for using around here.”

“That’s cool.  It looks like a pretty fun car.”

“Not as cool as your car though, that thing is sweet.” Jesse answers.

“Good answer dude.” Dean laughs.

“Um, I’m not feeling so well, is it okay if I…” Sam stands up as if to leave and collapses in a dead faint, Dean barely catching him before his head hits the table.

“Damn it Sam!” Dean hoists him up across his lap, checking his pulse and breath, he’s just passed out.  “Guess I better get him back inside.”

Chuck says, “Done.” And Sam’s gone off of Dean’s lap from one split second to the next.

“Where did you put him?” Dean demands.

“Just back in bed where he belongs. Go take care of him, if you know what I mean.”  Chuck says soothingly.

Death interrupts, “Dean, your soul-bonding may require the final physical act between the two of you, which I assume you have not yet accomplished.”

Dean goes deep scarlet, “uh no, not yet.”

“Well get to it, otherwise you’ll be the one fainting next.” Death answers dismissively.

Dean can’t bring himself to say anything, just nods and stalks off the patio back to their room.

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And there he is, lying there on their bed (this time that phrase doesn’t stop him), looking for all the world like he’s just sleeping off a heavy breakfast.  Dean takes off his boots and goes into the bathroom, finding some hand lotion just in case he gets the okay from Sam.  He takes off Sam’s boots and starts to take off his shirt but Sam wakes up.  “What’re you doin’?”

“Takin' care of you. Like they said to.”


“Chuck and Death, told me to come in here and get it on with you to fix you, something to do with our soul bond thing.  They said I’ll be fainting next if we don’t.  So if you’re awake would you mind? I uh, don’t want to do this all by myself.”    Dean takes his shirt off and stands up to take off his jeans.

“What are you doing?” Sam asks even though he can feel the want and fear and lust and worry coming off of Dean in waves.

“Was just starting to get myself ready for you, to you know, do me.”  Dean’s blushing again, and this time Sam notices and instead of automatically teasing it makes his heart turn over more quickly than it should making him reach out to put his hand on Dean’s naked waist. “Hold on, who says we’re doing it that way?”  Sam asks him, wondering why his brother has assumed this kind of major thing without even asking and why he’s so embarrassed about it.

“Who says we’re not?”  Dean’s embarrassment making him snarky now even though he doesn’t want to be, he just wants to be in bed with his brother, fixing him like he’s supposed to, and he sends that thought to Sam who receives it with a nod.

Sam smiles gently up at his big brother, trying to hold it all together for him as usual, and offers the fairest solution he can come up with, “Rock paper scissors for it?”

“Sure, go.”

“Man every time! How the hell do you do that Sam?”

“Like I’m ever tellin’ you that!  So, uh I get to pick huh?”  Sam runs his hands up Dean’s arms feeling all the muscles ripple and bunch in response to his touch and feels the wave of hot want and lust roll through him that comes from both of them wanting each other.

“Guess so.  What’s it gonna be Sammy, I’m good with either.” Dean runs his hands through Sam’s hair, pushing it out of his eyes so he can really see him, and sends him many of the images of the two of them in various configurations he’s imagined over the years.

Sam’s eyes widen in surprise and then turn hooded with sudden desire when he sees what Dean is showing him, “Me too, to all of that, want you to do me first though.”

“You ever done this before Sam?”

“I only…” Sam sends Dean an image of himself using a black dildo.  Dean smirks and sends back an image of himself finding it in Sam’s duffel bag with as much teasing as he can get across.  This soul bond communication thing is pretty awesome in Dean’s opinion, it would have been tough to get Sam to admit that and he’s glad he didn’t have to actually tell him about going through his duffel bag.

Dean interrupts abruptly, “Don’t give me any more, I don’t really want to know right now or maybe ever.” He pulls the rest of Sam’s clothing off piece by piece, kissing and licking and biting his way along the newly revealed skin.  Sam’s breathing getting faster and the feelings Dean’s getting through their bond getting more and more intense and impatient. 

Dean knees up over a now completely naked Sam and starts warming up some of the lotion between his hands, reaching one down to stroke Sam to full hardness, trailing his fingers down to cup his balls gently rolling and tugging them to see if Sam’s as sensitive as he is himself.  Judging by Sam’s moans the answer is yes.  Dean adds a little more lotion and circles his finger around Sam’s entrance, finally plunging in at the same time he leans down to take Sam in his mouth as far as he can.  Sam just about comes off the bed from the jolt of pleasure that hits him, almost undone by this and they’re just getting started.

“Dean you gotta, come on, please, you gotta be in me now.” Sam begs and reinforces it by sending Dean images of himself taking Sam much more forcefully than Dean was planning on actually doing.   Dean pulls off from his intense sucking to reassure Sam, “I’m gettin’ there, hold your horses, you’re not ready yet, not doin’ it til’ you’re ready.”  Dean goes back to taking his brother as deeply as possible down his throat and adds another finger and then another until he can barely keep them going in and out of Sam because of all the writhing around he’s doing. 

Finally Dean pulls off of Sam with a loud slurp and Sam’s wet cock hits his stomach.  Sam groans “Dean c’mon already.”  Dean gets a pillow under Sam’s ass and positions himself to finally enter his brother.  Dean sends a quick thankyouSammyalwayswantedthisalwayswantedyoujustlikethis and Sam smiles and pushes himself forward taking the head of Dean’s cock inside himself.  Dean pushes in slowly, fucking in and out gently for a while as Sam adjusts, adding a little more hand lotion, “next time we’re getting lube.” He grumbles. 

Sam laughs “I’ll put it on the shopping list.  C’mon now fuck me already.” He sends Dean impatience and want and nownownowhardhardhard which is irresistible, Dean picks up his rhythm, and the feelings intensify, going back and forth between them.  Sam, feeling impossibly opened and filled and taken and owned and finally after all this time; finally right.  Dean feels that rightness, that bell-rung tone perfection vibrate through his body and remembers it from all the time he’d spent alone, missing Sam, thinking about that one kiss in Sam’s dream, and he sends that bell-ringing back to Sam with his feelings of taking and competence and possessiveness and love; so much love.

Because that’s what that perfect bell-rung tone is, that’s the love that’s always been there, that’s finally getting to ring true, right here, right now between them and it’s everything they’ve ever wanted, ever dreamed of or wished for, all right here, all here in their bed in God’s house of all places.  And there’s no more shame or embarrassment, it’s all there between them, nowhere to hide, no reason to anymore. 

Dean comes back to himself and looks at what his brother, his Sammy looks like now, spread out, wanton and writhing and blissful and it’s like looking at heaven and in a mirror because he sees what Sam sees, the same damn thing.  “come with me now Sammy, right now, just like this, together” he sends to Sam, desperate to have him go over the edge at the same time. 

And they do, as if they’d always been meant to even though it really wasn’t ever the plan, but they tore up the plan and made their own and it includes this.  Finally and completely this, them together, nothing between them, coming with nothing but each other’s bliss in their minds and hearts.

Dean collapses, letting Sam’s legs down just barely in time and sliding out and off to face plant on the bed beside Sam.  They lie there panting, unable to speak, still reveling in it all through their bond back and forth when they hear loud applause and whoops from down the hall and out on the patio. 

“Those fuckers.” Dean curses loudly into the pillow. 

All Sam can do is laugh, this beautiful, open, joyful laugh that Dean hasn’t heard in years, maybe since that time Sam had super glued Dean’s fingers to his beer. So he gets over being mad and joins Sam in laughing.  And it feels good to laugh with his brother, his lover now.  Because if you can’t laugh about God, Death and the Anti-Christ applauding the first time you’ve fucked your brother who’s just come back from Hell, then when can you laugh right?

They eventually stop laughing and end up curled around each other, hopelessly intertwined for good now, and Sam cards his fingers through Dean’s longer than usual hair, “hey, you seriously need a haircut.”

“Look who’s talking. Fuck you anyways. Had other things on my mind.” Dean answers, not really mad, just irritated that Sam’s pointing out how he let himself go without him around.

“Yeah I know, I know.  Think God’s got a pair of scissors around here?”

“Just ask Jesse, he’ll make ‘em appear for you, it’s pretty cool.”

“Alright I will, once I can move again.” Sam grumbles.  Dean just laughs and strokes his ass gently.

Dean mumbles as they’re both falling asleep on each other, “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, as part of the deal to get you out I promised Jesse we’d take him on the road with us for awhile…”

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Next thing he hears is a soft knocking at the door.  The light from outside looks like early afternoon.  Sam hasn’t even moved at all, his breathing deep and steady.  Dean pulls on his jeans and opens the door.

“Hi Dean, I wanted to know if you want to go get some pie now?”

“Sure Jesse, give me a couple minutes, I’ll meet you out front.”

He cleans up quickly in the bathroom, finds a new shirt in his duffel and writes out a note for Sam to leave on the bedside table.  “No big deal, just out for pie with the antichrist, be back soon. – D

As he’s walking down the hallway he pulls out his cell phone and quickly calls Bobby, “Hey, yeah, it worked, Sam’s back. Yep, everything’s cool, we’re staying here a couple days and then taking off.  Not sure how soon, but yeah of course we’ll come see you old man.  I’ll tell him. O.K. I won’t forget.  And Bobby, uh thanks, for everything.  Yeah I know, me too. We’ll call you when we know we’re comin’.  Bye, gotta go get pie with Jesse.  Yes, that Jesse, long story, tell you later. Bye Bobby.”

Jesse’s waiting by the cars.  “Want to take my car? You can drive.”

“Sure why not, I’ve never driven one of these little things.”

Jesse hands him a set of keys and they get into the bright green Bug. Dean adjusts the seat and mirrors and gets them going back down the mountain towards town.  “Want to try the pie place I was telling you about?”

“Yeah, it sounded really good.”

They drive for a while in silence, then Dean starts making comments about how the car drives, Jesse telling him about the short trips he’s driven it on.  They get to the pie place, and yes it’s just as good as promised, and they get one to-go to bring back up to Chuck’s place.  Dean can’t bring himself to call it God’s House in his mind. 

“Hey Dean, have you told Sam what you did to get him back?”

“No, uh, not yet.  He’s been kind of out it. Why you think I should?” And yeah, it’s pretty stupid to be asking for relationship advice from a twelve year old, but Jesse’s a pretty sharp kid and he’s seen a lot, so it seems worth asking his opinion.

“Yeah, it was a pretty huge thing for you, I mean, I don’t know how it works with couples, but you’re supposed to share that stuff with your partner right?”

“I guess so, I never really had one before. I’ll try it and see how it goes, thanks Jesse.”

“So, are we going on the road soon?” Jesse sounds so hopeful, but still a little worried, like he’s wondering if Dean’s forgotten what he promised.

Dean smiles over at Jesse, glad that he still wants to go on a trip with them, “Yeah, maybe tomorrow.  Depends on how Sam’s feeling. Got a list of places you want to go?”

“Funny you should ask, but yes, I have a whole notebook where I’ve been writing down things I want to go see or do in this country.  I like to write notes on where I go, it helps me keep track. I got to know Australia pretty well that way.”

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Sam wakes up alone in the big bed, stretching out for a while before he gets up, feeling aches in places he hasn’t felt in a very long time.  He heads straight for the shower and enjoys the endless hot water and decent water pressure.  It is God’s House after all; of course it’s going to be a great shower.  He sees Dean’s note when he gets back to the bedroom and smiles, remembering something about Jesse going on the road with them. 

“That will be interesting.” He thinks to himself.  Eventually he decides it’s time to venture out of the room and see if anyone is around to talk to.  He finds Chuck out on the patio where they’d had breakfast, reading a Rolling Stone magazine and drinking iced tea.

“Sam, good to see you up again.  Feeling better now?”

Sam can’t help it, he blushes bright red remembering the applause and cheering from earlier, “Yeah, Chuck, I’m doing okay, for now anyways.”

“That soul bond thing working out alright?”

“It’s going to take some getting used to, but so far it’s been a good thing.  As long as Dean still thinks it’s worth it, I think it will be okay.”

“Sam, you know Dean would do, has done anything and everything for you right? Of course he thinks it’s worth it. Don’t be an idiot.  That man was here just the other day declaring he’d rather be back in the Cage with you if I wouldn’t get you out.”

“Really? Dean said that?”  Sam’s looking at Chuck with complete surprise, his mouth open and everything.

“Sam, after what he went through to get you back.  You have no business asking a question like that.”  Chuck shakes his head disapprovingly, sitting back in his chair and steepling his fingers on the table.

“He hasn’t really told me what he did.  He didn’t make any deals or anything this time, right?” And Sam hadn’t thought about it too much yet honestly, but now he’s deathly afraid that some crossroads demon made a deal with Dean again.

“No, nothing like that. Much worse, or as it turned out, better.  He risked his life for you by undergoing an Anima Recensio, a Life Review.  He was shown the outcome of all the big decisions he’s made over his life that he most regretted or felt guiltiest about.  You should ask him about it, he’s a different man now.  I’d call him almost reborn.”

“Death said something about his soul being repaired?”

“Yes, that was the result, since Dean was successful.  And since he didn’t die, Death and Jesse brought you back to him.”

“I’m not sure he’ll want to tell me about all this, he has a hard time talking about stuff like this.”

“I think things have changed between you, a lot has happened, my advice is to give him a chance.” Chuck smiles at him gently.

Sam snorts in surprised laughter. “What’s so funny?” asks Chuck.

“Just, I’m sitting here getting relationship advice from God about my relationship, with my big brother. It’s more than a little weird.”

“I suppose it is.  But you two are pretty used to weird by now right?  I mean you have figured out that you’re not just humans by now?”

“You mean beyond the vessel thing?”

“Yes, Sam, although it’s related to that. The plan for the vessels is very old, ancient by your standards, but you two weren’t what they meant to create.  By using soul mates for the vessels, that was their mistake, if you’d just been brothers, it all would have gone according to plan.”

“So if the angels didn’t make us soul mates, then who did?”

“That would be me.”

“Huh. So you didn’t want the plan to play out the way it was always supposed to? What too boring or something?”

“Well it had been done before, many times, and I wanted to do a small experiment this go-round, see if things turned out any differently.  And imagine my surprise when they did.  You two are a unique pair in all of my creation, out of all the vessels created with a destiny, you are the only two who did not stick to the plan.”

“We really did screw up the natural order then?”

“Yes, and that was where I made a bad decision.  I regret now letting you remain in the Cage for so long Sam.  I apologize. I thought that it was required to restore the Balance and I was wrong.” Chuck extends his hands out in an apologetic gesture, that you wouldn’t think you’d ever see God himself making.

“Apology accepted.” Sam nods his head in stunned acceptance.

Chuck places his hand on Sam’s shoulder, squeezing it tight, “Thank you Sam.  For your reward, you and Dean will have the ability to visit other people’s heavens when you’re there for good.”

“Chuck, we’re going to go to Heaven after all this?” Sam’s surprised again, he wouldn’t have thought they’d get in after they’d screwed everything up, and he notices the shoulder that God was squeezing feels good, better than good and that feeling is flowing through his whole body like he’s been reset or refreshed.

“Yes Sam, both of you, and at the same time.” Chuck jabs his finger at Sam and winks to emphasize his key point.

“Oh thank God.  Oh. I mean, thank you.” Sam’s so relieved to hear this; that they’re going out together and headed upstairs.

Chuck laughs heartily, making thunder clouds rumble in the distance.  “You are welcome Sam.”

“What’s he welcome for?” asks Dean, walking out onto the patio with Jesse and pulling up a chair to their table.

“I’ll tell you later.” Sam leans over and whispers, kissing Dean’s ear softly. 

“Well you missed out on some good pie, but since I’m an awesome big brother, I brought you some, with extra for everyone else who wants to try it.”

Beautiful china plates and heavily carved silver forks are suddenly on the table now, “uh thanks Jesse.” Dean laughs, still trying to get used to having someone around who can make things suddenly appear.

“So is Death still around?” Dean wants to make sure his fellow junk-food-junkie gets a piece of this pie.

Death appears at the edge of the patio near the garden, “Yes Dean, I am here.”

Dean gestures to the table, “Come have some pie with us here, we brought it back from town, I thought you might enjoy it.”

Death takes one bite and makes some serious yummy noises, “Dean, I knew there was another reason why I wanted to help you.”

“What my awesome taste in fine cuisine?”

“Yes, exactly.  It is a wonder to find someone with such similar tastes and enthusiasms.”

Sam laughs, which makes Dean smile and reach over and take his hand.  Sam raises his eyebrows and sends him a really in front of these guys you’re going to hold my hand?   Dean squeezes his hand and sends him a get over yourself Sam, they were just applauding us getting it on a couple hours ago.

“You two were just doing the soul bond mind-reading thing weren’t you?”  Jesse interjects with a curious look on his face.

“Yeah, I guess that’s kinda rude, sorry. We’re not really used to it ourselves quite yet.”  Sam, looking a little sheepish.

“No big deal, I was just curious if that’s what those faces meant or not.” Jesse shrugs and sits back in his chair eating a little bit more of the pie.

“Hey Sam you up for a walk?” Dean asks, getting up from the table.

“Sure I guess.”  Sam stands up slowly, putting his now empty pie plate down.

“Gentlemen, we’ll see you later.” Dean steers Sam off the patio and onto one of the garden paths.

“What’s up Dean?” Sam asks once they’re out of earshot of the group on the patio.

“Uh, just wanted to get you alone so I could talk to you.”  Dean’s being evasive, and he’s blocking anything from getting through to Sam through their bond, which makes Sam nervous, it must be something Dean’s really worried about.

“What about?”

“Well, I was thinking that I ought to tell you what I had to do to get you back, because I know you’ve been wondering about it.  And I want you to know, since it was important and it changed a lot of things for me and you need to know what you’re getting into with me.”

“Chuck told me a little, something about a life review where you risked your life and ended up with your soul repaired and me back. But please tell me Dean, I want to know it all, from you.”

“I think the better way would be to show you, let me try okay?”  Dean stops them at a redwood bench and they get seated next to each other, still holding hands. “I’ll send it to you all at once and if you don’t understand afterwards, then we can talk about it.”

 Sam nods and closes his eyes.  Dean goes inside his memories and starts replaying the tape of what’s happened since he called on God holding the amulet in Bobby’s study.  It all unspools, every single hesitation, fear, surprise, pain and joy.  All downloaded into Sam’s mind at once.  He sees his brother fearlessly take himself apart and reassemble himself into something even more amazing.  He sees his younger self guiding his brother through it all. And he sees their reunion through his brother’s eyes.  And all of it is beautiful in the end, he sees his brother finally value himself as he should.  He’s getting a whole Dean, all to himself.

Sam snaps out of it, immediately demanding, “Where is it Dean?”

“Where’s what?”  Dean’s confused, this isn’t the reaction he’d been expecting at all, he thought Sam would at least give him a hug or something.

“The amulet, where is it?”

“Right here.”  Dean stands and pulls it out of his pocket handing it to Sam.

Sam’s face lights up when he holds it, he touches the warm metal with the pads of his fingers gently, looking up to Dean, searching through their bond to see if it still holds the same meaning to him that it once did.  Dean sends him a big neon flashing green Yes you idiot of course it does, it means even more now since its how I got you back.

Sam stands up, moving in close to Dean, feeling his body heat and a question starting to come through their bond “No, hold on, I want to say this out loud.”  Dean rolls his eyes, but stands firm, knowing that if his brother needs another chick-flick moment, he’s gonna give it to him.

“Dean, I want you to wear this again.  It would mean everything to me if you would.”

All Dean can do is nod, Sam smiles and puts it around Dean’s neck, patting the amulet shining there on his chest once again like it’s supposed to.  “There, that’s better.”

“Thanks Sammy.”  Dean whispers through his emotion-choked throat.

“For what?” Sam asks gently.

“For coming back to me.” Dean sends him an I was so scared you were gone forever that I was going to die and go to Heaven and be alone without you but now you’re here with me and I’m just so proud of you for surviving and I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t worked.  And oh god is he ever glad they have this soul-bond thing because he never in a million years could have said all that, but now Sam knows everything, and it feels good to finally be able to tell him this stuff.

“You’re welcome.  Thanks for getting me back.” Sam sends him an I’m so amazed by you and what you did to get me back (again) I’ll never forget it and I feel so lucky that I finally get to be with you like I always wanted and it means so much that you’re wearing the amulet again. Don’t ever do that to me ever again.

“I promise.” Dean answers out loud. “Never again Sam.” He pulls Sam in close and tugs him down so he can kiss him, sealing that promise in with lips and tongue and teeth.  They kiss until they’re breathless and finally pull apart when a hummingbird buzzes by them darting off to find another blooming fuchsia bush.

“Let’s go back up to the house, I think you look like you need a nap.”  Dean waggles his eyebrows when he says nap and Sam just grins, not having to use their bond to pick up Dean’s meaning.

As they walk back on the gravel paths winding their way through the beautiful garden back up to the house, Sam decides now’s a good time to tell Dean his news, “When you were gone, I was talking to Chuck and he says we’re going to Heaven together, at the same time, and we’ll be able to visit other people’s if we want to.”

“Good, I wouldn’t want to have to upset the ‘Natural Order’ or anything again if you went before I did.”

“Guess you didn’t learn all the lessons they wanted to teach you huh?”

“Nope. Not even close.” Dean shakes his head proudly.

“Oh and he told me some more stuff about us and why we’re so weird.”

“Can you send it to me, I like hearing things like that, in this new way, it’s easier for me to get it all.”

Sam sends him the whole story that Chuck had told him along with some editorial comments, see this is why, we’re not just perverts or something, colored with a tinge of relief that the incest thing has basically been given a pass from God.  Dean’s eyes get wider and wider as he takes it all in, stopping to pull Sam in for a hug when he’s gotten it all.  “Always told you we were freaks.”

Sam hugs him back, then pulls back to keep walking, reaching for Dean’s hand, “I think I like being a freak with you.”

Dean squeezes his hand, and agrees, “Yeah, it’s pretty alright.”


Back in their room, they undress each other slowly, delighting in re-learning their way across skin, all senses alight with these new tastes and sounds until they’re back on the bed together.  Dean leans over and is rustling in a bag and pulls out a tube of lube.

Sam cracks up laughing, breaking the mood, “Did you really go buy lube when you were out for pie with Jesse?”

“Yeah, he waited in the car while I went into the drugstore.  Got him some candy and he didn’t even give me a hard time.” Dean shrugs, it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to him.  He needed lube, he went and got some.

“You’re unbelievable you know that.” Sam sits up, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Yeah, I know, glad you agree.” Dean turns to him, waving the tube of lube, smirking, full of himself.

“So, how we doing it this time?” Sam asks, and sends Dean a barrage of pictures of various combinations and positions of what they could try. But lastly he sends a picture of them from earlier today, joined together, Dean on top of Sam, face beautiful in his ecstasy.

Dean growls and flips Sam over, landing on top of him, pinning him down completely, “You want that again Sammy?”

Sam tries to move and finds he can’t, Dean’s got him down too tight, and the pleasure of  being that contained and controlled by Dean is too good to stifle his moan, “Yeah Dean, I do, I really do, now.”

“I had no idea you’d be so demanding.” Dean nips and kisses his way down Sam’s throat, sucking a red, hot mark in the dip where his neck meets his shoulder.

Sam finds enough room to writhe and can’t help a moan escaping at the sweet heat his skin is feeling under Dean’s mouth, “Better get used to it.” Sam promises with a filthy grin.

Dean gives another growl, re-pinning Sam so he can’t move at all again, “I’m gonna keep you so busy, you’ll forget you need to ask.” He’s holding Sam’s hands firmly above his head, kissing and biting his way up and down the sides of Sam’s neck, under his jaw and behind his ears.  He lets up the pressure on Sam’s hands and Sam sighs and leaves them there as if they’re still pinned down; leaving Dean free to lick his way down to circle his nipples; pulling each one in, suckling and biting until Sam cries out.

“Sounds like the kind of busy I won’t mind at all.” Sam barely manages to say over the rising tide of pleasure fuzzing out his communication center.

“Not likely.” Dean purrs, licking into Sam’s belly button and hovering over his hardened cock, teasing him with his warm breath.

Sam can’t take the teasing anymore so he thrusts up, hitting Dean in the chin with his erection, “Would you shut up and do me already.”

And Dean does, and it’s maybe not as earth-shattering and life-changing as the first time a few hours ago, but it’s way better than good, and once again they hear a light round of applause from elsewhere in the house as they recover in each other’s arms.

“We’re definitely leaving tomorrow.” Dean shouts, shaking with laughter.

Sam joins him in laughing and adds, “Sounds like a plan.”