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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Fic: Burn So Bright (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Chapter 2B of ?

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(damn that LJ post wordcount,grrrr)

Jack’s head whip-turned to stare at Dean, his eyes blazing bright yellow as he examined Dean. The room began to shake as the power Jack was letting loose increased ten-fold again. The angel sword in Dean’s hand seemed to suck the power in, becoming brighter and brighter. It was so bright that Sam couldn’t even see Dean through the shine. He heard Dean drop it with a gasp and then could see his brother as he rubbed his hands together.

“Jack…uh, this is my brother, Dean,” Sam said, standing up slowly and taking a step towards Dean. He couldn’t believe how relieved he was that Dean was finally in here with him to help. He knew he couldn’t possibly keep handling Jack all on his own.

“You two are one, I can see the connection, it’s—it’s very beautiful. You are very beautiful together,” Jack said, he seemed to be mesmerized, his eyes flicking back and forth between them. The power dialed back down to where the red-orange glow around everything was almost gone. “You are the zizop, that my father described to me. He said you were saisch.”

Dean crossed the room to stand next to Sam, looking up at him for a translation of the Enochian words.

“Yes, we are—well, we were vessels, and we are brothers too,” Sam said. Dean leaned into him a little like he knew just hearing the Enochian was hurting Sam.

“No, you are far more than just saisch. That is the beauty that I see between. You are nor-quashi,” Jack said with a smile.

Nor-quashi?” Sam asked. “I’m sorry I don’t know that word in your language.”

“Sons of pleasure,” Jack said, his smile widening into a terrifying grin. “You two are many things to one another. Is this true?”

“That is very true, yes, we are many things to each other, maybe everything,” Sam said. He elbowed Dean gently so that he would back him up.

“Yeah, it’s true, Sam’s everything to me. We were told by an angel that we’re soul-mates,” Dean said.

Sam felt a warmth spread through him in a rush from hearing Dean’s words. It wasn’t something they ever talked about, just something they knew, had always known.

“This is how you defeated him, that is what my father told me but I did not understand until I saw it now. He had much respect for you and your combined power,” Jack said, as his eyes widened in comprehension, the yellow blazed even more brightly.

“If you say so,” Dean said with a skeptical tone that was probably lost on Jack. The idea of Lucifer respecting them seemed pretty far off the truth as far as they knew. “So—uh, Jack, what’s the plan here?”

“I have no plan of my own, I was brought into being because this world required it.”

“Did your father tell you that?” Sam asked, because that sounded exactly like something the ever-scheming Lucifer would tell his son before he was born.

“Yes, but now that I hear from you that he wanted to destroy this world and all who dwell within it, I am…reconsidering,” Jack said, shifting from foot to foot.

“That’s…uh, that’s great, Jack, we’re glad to hear that,” Sam said.

“You know, I wish you could meet this other kid, he had a demon for a father and human for a mother, he was supposedly going to bring down all the angels and demons. The kid had a huge amount of power.”

“Why can’t I meet him?” Jack asked, doing that head tilt thing again. It would be cute if he wasn’t so intensely terrifying.

“It’s a long story, but we had this friend, Castiel, he was an angel. Your father uh…just killed him,” Dean said, voice trailing off at the end.

“Why did my father kill your angel friend?” Jack asked.

“He was trying to keep him in the other world so that he’d be stuck there and leave this world alone,” Sam said.

“Tell me more about this powerful boy,” Jack said.

“Cas tried to kill this kid, back then he was still following his orders from Heaven, and they wanted to stop him because he was so powerful,” Dean said.

“Where is this boy now?” Jack asked.

“We don’t know, we’ve never seen or heard from him since,” Dean said. “Cas really scared him off, can’t blame him that he disappeared.”

“What was this boy's name?” Jack asked, an intense look of excitement on his face.

“His first name was Jesse, but I don’t remember, give me a second—it was Jesse Turner. He’s got to be close to eighteen by now,” Sam said. “We have no idea where he went or how to get ahold of him though.”

“I see him in your minds. I will ask,” Jack said, closing his eyes and bowing his head like he had over Kelly Kline.

Sam took advantage of Jack’s attention finally being elsewhere and pulled Dean close with an arm around his waist. He leaned down and whispered against Dean’s ear, “I need you to stand down, Dean. He’s not all bad as far as I can tell. We have to keep him and us calm until he can learn to control his power.”

Dean’s body tightened all over, obviously resisting Sam’s words. Sam knew his brother wouldn’t agree right away, would want to kill the monster before asking too many questions. But if there was a chance they could get their mom back, he had to hold his brother off that path. Sam kissed Dean’s ear softly and murmured, “Thanks big brother.”

Dean sighed and leaned into Sam’s side a little more, wrapping his own arm around Sam’s waist in acknowledgment that he’d at least try. Sam knew there wasn’t going to be a lot of leeway though. Dean would want to kill the closest thing to take revenge for their losses. Understandable of course, but there was definitely more to Jack than they knew for certain at the moment. The beautiful future for the world that both Cas and Kelly had spoken about with such absolute certainty was one thing. Sam hadn’t believed that, but they certainly had, and Jack had also just mentioned it. They needed to find out what that beautiful future might entail.

Jack’s attention came back to them abruptly, like he’d hung up a phone call. “He will come,” Jack said.

“Who, Jesse?” Dean asked, his arm tightening around Sam.

“Yes, he will come here,” Jack said.

“Well, if we’re having a guest, guess we’d better get you something to wear then,” Dean said, stepping away from Sam. “I’ll go get our stuff, see if we have anything left to eat.”

Sam watched his brother leave and hoped he wouldn’t be arming himself to the teeth out of their trunk filled with weapons. As far as he knew they didn’t have anything that would be effective against Jack’s power. But that wouldn’t stop Dean from trying.

“Dean is everything to you,” Jack observed after they heard the front door close downstairs. “But he does not trust what you said to him about me.”

“Yes, he is everything to me. Jack, he doesn’t trust you yet, but that’s just normal for him. It takes Dean a while to warm up to anyone, especially people who have powers he doesn’t understand. He’s very protective of me, he is my big brother after all,” Sam said.

“You are lucky to have a saisch such as he, I wish there was one here for me,” Jack said.

“I am lucky, I wish you had a brother too, it must feel very lonely, for you. Honestly, I can’t imagine that at all. C’mon let’s go downstairs and see what he brought in for you to wear. Aren’t you hungry?”

“What is hungry?” Jack asked, trailing behind Sam as they descended the stairs.


Chapter 3