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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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fic: Burn So Bright (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Chapter 4C of ?

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(is the posting length shorter now or is it just me??)

They shut the Impala’s trunk and joined Dean and Jack at the fire, just in time to see Jack reach in and take the fish off the spear. He yelped when he felt the heat of it on his fingers and tossed it onto the paper plate Dean held out. Jack stuck his fingers into his mouth like any human kid would and Dean laughed. “Sam, you did the same damn thing, first time we had a cookout with Dad.”

“I did?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, and you were carrying on, yelling so much, Dad had to get the marshmallows out and let you hold the bag so you’d stop.”

“Is that when you told me the wendigo story that scared me to death?” Sam asked with what he knew was a fond, sappy smile on his face. Any time Dean made mention of their shared childhood was always worth at least one of those.

Dean obviously took note of Sam’s smile and returned it in his own way.

“You guys haven’t changed a bit, I see,” Jesse said.

“What do you mean?” Jack asked. “It has been many years that you haven’t seen them.”

“They were the same, the way they act together hasn’t changed. It’s cute is all,” Jesse said.

“Yes, the saisch who are zizop and also nor-quashi. The two who are one,” Jack said with a dreamy sound to his voice as he stared intently at Sam and Dean, especially concentrating on the space between them. He gestured at that space until Jesse stared into it as well.

“It is beautiful, Jack. I see what you mean,” Jesse said.

“What the hell are you guys even talking about?” Dean asked, sounding exasperated, looking into the empty space between he and Sam.

“It is as I described before, the connection between you, it is visible to both of us. You called it soul-mates I believe,” Jack said.

“Soul-mates, huh, that makes sense now. When I look at people I can either just see them like any human would or I can see what I think people call auras. Everyone has their own color that surrounds them. It sounds kinda woo-woo or whatever, but it’s definitely there. And yours are…well, I’ve never seen anything like it,” Jesse said, sounding a little awed.

“Can you describe it, so we can picture it?” Sam asked, rubbing his shoulder against Dean’s. There was something about this chance to have these two special beings validate their soul-mate-hood that was making his heart beat faster.

“The colors that each of you have aren’t quite separate but they don’t blend either, they kind of twine together and it stretches finer and finer the further you separate. But when you stand next to each other like that, it’s almost all entwined around you, like a shield of woven vines or wires.”

“Impenetrable, a shield like no other, one strong enough to withstand even my father,” Jack said, nodding in agreement.

Dean looked up at Sam then, and Sam’s heart beat faster at the look on his face. The love and adoration that was always there, always between them, but hardly ever shown so nakedly, certainly not in front of other people. Sam gathered his brother into his arms, because he needed it, they both did.

“They can see what we feel, Sammy,” Dean whispered into his neck.

“Pretty cool, huh?” Sam murmured into Dean’s ear.

“Love you, little brother,” Dean said, kissing Sam quickly while Sam’s hair covered them.

“Love you too, big brother,” Sam said, realizing they’d never said it to each other, not like that, using the big and little brother terms. It meant something more than just that of course, it always did which is maybe why they so rarely said it. Usually it meant someone was dying. Hopefully that wasn’t on the schedule today.

“You two need a little alone time?” Jesse teased.

“No, we need to eat some of this fish now that it’s cooled off a bit,” Dean said, striding over to Jack and tearing off a piece of the fish to toss in his mouth. Sam took a piece too and they watched as Jesse encouraged Jack to try some like they were.

“It is good, yes, I like this,” Jack said after he’d finished his portion.

“Wait until you try Dean’s hamburgers,” Sam said with a proud smile. He was happy to see Dean take the praise as intended.

“Hamburgers?” Jack asked.

“You’ll like ‘em dude, don’t worry,” Jesse assured him.

“So, I saw you re-made the house, Jack. Is the fridge stocked with beer by any chance?” Dean asked after he finished chewing his fish.

Jesse held up a finger to stop Dean from speaking further. “Jack, what’s in the house?”

“Everything we’ll need, from what you showed me while we were gone, Jesse,” Jack answered.

That didn’t answer the beer question, but the brothers needed to check it out themselves. As they walked into the house together, Dean muttered, “So, we’re gonna what, play ‘My Two Dads’ for a while?”

“Looks like it, is there another option you can think of?” Sam asked, closing the door behind them. The house was spotless, completely reformed, even down to the Slim-Jim wrapper art that Jack had made earlier on the kitchen table. Dean opened the fridge and chuckled at one shelf being entirely full of Del Sol.

“Hey, if he keeps us in beer, I’m all good with it,” Dean joked.

Sam stumbled as he entered the kitchen and Dean caught him around the waist.

“Whoah there, Sasquatch, easy now.” Dean maneuvered Sam to sit at the kitchen table. “You just swooning from low blood sugar or something else?”

Sam’s stomach growled noisily, surprising them both into small laughs. “Yeah, guess I’m finally hungry.”

“It’s been a while since you ate anything,” Dean said. He opened the fridge to grab some sandwich fixings and bustled around arranging them on plates and cutting them with a sharp knife. The kitchen was perfectly stocked, like something out of a lifestyle catalog. Everything brand-new and shiny, clean and organized. “Jack thought of everything, guess Jesse showed him the right places.”

“Lucky for us he didn’t just park him at McDonald’s,” Sam said, smiling as Dean placed a plate in front of him. He’d eaten half his sandwich before Dean returned with two beers, opening them with a fancy bottle top opener screwed into the wall with a little bucket underneath to catch the metal tops.

“Look at this thing, we gotta get one of these for the bunker,” Dean said, pointing back behind him at the opener on the wall.

Sam looked where Dean was pointing and his eyes widened as he saw who was standing in the doorway. “Jody?”

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