smalltrolven (smalltrolven) wrote,

Fic: The Right Side (Gen or maybe Sam/Dean)

Title: The Right Side
Pairing: Sam/Dean, possibly unrequited
Wordcount: 100
Warnings; None
Author's Note: Not my characters, only my words. Inspired by this gif of Dean Driving.

Summary: Sam's POV on Dean while Dean's driving


I know the right side of his face much better than I know the left

All those hours in the car as he drives

He always drives

Every single muscle twitch,

clench of jaw,

purse of lips,

squint of eye

catalogued for hidden meanings

It takes a lot of control to keep all those words inside himself instead of letting them free

When I get to see his whole face sometimes he seems like an entirely different person

Or someone I only halfway know

The right side of Dean is mine

The left side is what he shows the world

Tags: drabble, sam/dean, unrequited wincest
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