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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Fic: Ensnared (Sam/Dean, NC-17) 4 of 4

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“So was all that about Shirl’s background in the Men of Letters’ files?” Dean asked as they pulled out of the bar’s parking lot in a spray of gravel.

“Yeah, there was a family tree thing about Benny, mixed in with some of the alpha vamp stuff. I think they were researching to see if vamps usually turned their families or not.”

“Not Benny,” Dean said.

“Nope, that wasn’t his thing,” Sam said.

“So it was that ugly bracelet, huh? I guess it must have scraped me the first night I met her. Didn’t notice with all the thorns,” Dean said.

“Yeah, she was controlling a kind of Zoroastrian daeva with it. You have to perform ritual animal sacrifices to get it under your control and then to keep it happy usually human sacrifices are required. Luckily we stopped her before she got to that point.”

“Lucky isn’t what I’d call it, especially for the poor rabbits. You know it’s always rabbits they use. Where’d you find that necklace?” Dean asked, turning to see if Sam had that adorable satisfied look he got after he’d solved a case.

“Store-room number three, shelf eighteen,” Sam answered, sounding entirely too pleased with himself.

“Never thought I’d say anything good about the Men of Letters again, but their filing system was awesome, huh?” Dean asked.

“Yeah, it really was an advantage for this case. So tonight, how about no more thorns or bad dreams,” Sam said. “Can you pull over up here by the pond.”

Dean wondered why Sam wanted to stop at this hour, but he steered them into the unpaved parking lot on the edge of Sam’s favorite pond near home. It had a ring of willow trees around half the shore.

Sam got out and grabbed a blanket from the back seat. “C’mon,” he said, tapping on Dean’s window.

Sam took Dean’s hand and led him towards the nearest willow tree. As he held his brother’s hand while they walked in silence, Dean wondered why they didn’t do it more often, it felt—really nice, just right.

There was a soft patch of grass underneath the willow, it felt very private and enclosed under the curving branches. There was a lovely sigh as the wind blew through stirring the green walls. The moon had risen and its reflection was shining brightly on the pond’s surface. Sam spread the blanket out and laid down, tugging at Dean to join him, pushing and pulling Dean like a blanket to cover him as completely as possible.

“All we need is some wine and candles, Sammy. You sure know how to woo a guy,” Dean snarked, enjoying the small gasps and moans he was already getting from his brother as he ground down onto him where they were both hard and ready.

“Shut up and do me already,” Sam said, pulling his jeans off along with his boxers. He pushed Dean off so he could turn over onto all fours.

Dean ran his hands all over Sam’s flanks, marveling at how beautifully shaped Sam was, his hands wandered into his center. Pressing one finger inside he was surprised to feel moisture, Sam had gotten himself ready ahead of time for this.

“So you were that confident about how things would turn out, huh?” He slapped Sam’s ass hard just because he could.

Sam flinched at the hard slap and practically giggled. “I repeat, shut up and just do me already.”

“Oh, so all the pretty words have been said before, I get it,” Dean said, going up on his knees between Sam’s spread calves. He kneaded at the gloriously bared soft skin, and undid his jeans. Dean pulled himself out and spat on his hand, he jacked himself a few times to slick up and pressed inside Sam fast and deep.

As Dean bottomed out inside of him, Sam made an incomprehensible cry, words strung together so fast all Dean could hear was Sam’s pain and pleasure. He rested there a moment, feeling Sam clench and pulse all around him, achingly hot and so ready, so needy. Sam pressed his hips back, spurring Dean to begin thrusting. His hands found their usual spots just above Sam’s waist, and he gripped so tightly Sam would end up with the marks he always loved.

“Marking you up, Sammy, inside and out, just like you want it,” Dean said, thrusting his hips even faster, Sam’s hips arched up higher at his words, opening himself up so Dean could get even deeper inside. He could feel it when he hit all the right places, how Sam would respond so beautifully, practically writhing in a deep ripple that came from the inside out.

The connection they had, it wound through everything they did, especially this. Every time they gave themselves over to each other, it bound them tighter than any vines ever could. He came without warning, surprising both of them. The curse had taken more out of him than he’d realized.

He curved over Sam’s back and whispered in his ear, licking and biting around the delicate shell. “Come for me, Sammy.” His hand joined Sam’s in a fast pump, they moved as one until Sam came so hard he collapsed onto the blanket.

Dean lay on top of Sam for a long few moments, both of them breathing hard together. Finally he pulled out and rolled off with a satisfied groan. Sam propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at Dean, eyes twinkling in the reflected moonlight off the pond.

“Do me already, really?” Dean asked.

“Well, like you mentioned, all the pretty words had already been said.” Dean could see Sam trying not to laugh at his reaction. “Figured I was on thin ice there.”

“Never, not with me,” Dean said, snuggling into the arms Sam had wrapped around him.

Sam’s regular breathing stopped so Dean raised his head up to look at him. His brother’s face was radiant, eyes twinkling with the moonlight, good god he was so damn beautiful. Had he ever said that out loud before? He reached up to touch Sam’s sharp cheekbone, trailing one finger along it to his lips. “Sammy, you are so goddamn beautiful.”

He’d thought his brother’s face was radiant before, but now it transformed into something otherworldly. The look in Sam’s eyes was one he hadn’t seen before and he had a moment to wonder if he’d gone too far in saying that to him.

“I was just going to say the same thing about you, Dean,” Sam finally said, smiling that smile that went all the way into dimple overload. “But I was stopping myself, like I always do.”

“Well, you don’t have to. Not anymore,” Dean said, feeling like everything had changed.

“The chick-flick moratorium is lifted?” Sam asked, arching one perfect eyebrow with practiced skepticism.

“Not exactly, but if it’s going to do this,” Dean gestured all around them, meaning the perfect romantic setting, themselves tangled together sated and happy. “Then I say, awesome, go for it.”

Sam leaned down and kissed him deeply, thanking him with lips and teeth and tongue. He pulled back slightly and whispered against Dean’s mouth, “This…this right here and now, is what I meant about the happy ending we’re making for ourselves.”

Dean couldn’t speak for a long moment, the realization that he’d been struggling against for years finally landed in his mind from where it had always been in his hopeful heart. Sam was telling the truth here, he didn’t regret them being together or wish for something else. He really was choosing them over anything else. “Damn right it is.”

Sam laughed into his mouth and kissed Dean again, rolling them both over so he could press Dean down into the blanket and grass, anchor him to the ground with the glorious weight of his body. “Glad you’re finally on board with it.”

“Me too,” Dean said in a murmur against Sam’s ear.

They fell into a light doze together, there in the warm night under the tree. There weren’t any vines this time in Dean’s dream, no pricking thorns or blood, but there was Benny. His blue eyes twinkled and he tipped his cap to Dean before turning and walking away.

~The End~

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