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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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avsc, mine

WincestMas 2017 (Sam/Dean, G-NC-17) Part 2 of 4

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White Christmas

Dean wasn’t too sure about taking on this case way up in Vermont, but Sam had insisted. It was yet another haunted motel, supposedly a “milk-run” that they both needed for distraction from their missing mother and nephilim. The driving got harder and harder the further north they went, the snow piling up on the side of the interstate was pretty impressive. At least it wasn’t still snowing so the roads were clear, but there was ice.

All the ice meant he had to pay a lot more attention and drive more slowly. That always pissed him off, he liked to be able to monitor Sam while he was driving, checking in with him visually very frequently. Sam would usually mutter something about keeping his eyes on the road before disappearing back in to his book or research or whatever. But this time, it was Sam who was doing the monitoring. It was strange that there wasn’t even a book or a folder on his lap, they’d been chatting about everything and nothing practically the whole drive. And every time Dean looked over, his passenger already had his eyes locked on him. It initially made Dean preen a little inside, made him smile and squeeze Sam’s knee more than usual.

It got even weirder when he noticed that Sam’s hand hadn’t left the back of his neck since way back in Syracuse and they were almost all the way to Stowe. He leaned back into the warmth of Sam’s hand and nearly groaned when Sam gently massaged his neck.

“We’re almost there, Dean,” Sam said. “Turn is coming up in about three miles."

“We shoulda brought our passports, we’re practically in Canada way up here,” Dean said.

“Do we even have valid ones?” Sam asked.

“Sure, they’re even in our names. Jody helped me get them done, remember?”

“Huh,” Sam said, going silent and twitching his fingers against the bare skin of Dean’s neck. “Didn’t even think about bringing them.”

Dean shivered at how good it felt to have Sam’s hands on him so much. He wondered if something was wrong, there had to be some reason for the extra touching. All he knew was that he was going to miss it when they had to get out of the car and figure out how to solve this haunting. He wished the roads were clear and dry so he could talk Sam into some road head, it had been a while.

“So, what’s our story going in?” Dean asked.

“Want to do travel writers instead of FBI?” Sam asked.

“Might make more sense this time of year, that way we don’t have to change into the suits and all that,” Dean said.

“You brought them though, right?” Sam asked, looking a little worried.

“Yeah, of course. Part of our standard kit at this point. Why?” Dean asked.

“Uh…no reason. Here’s the turn, take a right,” Sam pointed at the wide driveway ahead. There was a sign next to the entrance that read ‘Columbia Inn’ and ‘Welcome to Pine Tree, Vermont’.

“Thought we were in Stowe, why’s it say Pine Tree on the sign?” Dean asked.

Sam made a strange grumbling sound in his throat and Dean didn’t get to ask him about it, because they were parking next to a really cool vintage wood-sided station wagon. The thing looked like it was from the 1930’s, but it was beautifully kept, painted a soft grey with polished wood sides, and a gleaming metal roof rack.

When they finally made it in the front door of the place, Dean stopped in shock. This was the place—from the movie—White Christmas. This was just like the inn in the movie. But that wasn’t possible, it had all been shot on a soundstage in Hollywood. All the way across the country, and far away from all this cold snow.

“Sam, why does place this look like the movie set of White Christmas?”

“Sssh, just go with it for a sec,” Sam said, flushing a deep red as they stepped up to the check-in counter.

“Bob Wallace and Phil Davis checking in, we had a reservation,” Sam said to the check-in person, a tall woman dressed in a severe wool dress that looked like vintage 40’s.

Dean heard the names Sam used and suddenly understood what was happening here. The one and only Christmas movie he liked, besides Die Hard of course, was White Christmas. Five years ago, Sam had gotten him the dvd and they had made a tradition of watching it every year. And if he was honest, sometimes he watched it himself at other times when he was feeling down. There was something about the uncomplicated past that was depicted, the lovely songs and all the glamorous production that soothed him. Plus it reminded him of his mom watching the movie on tv every year when it would come on at the holidays. Sam had brought him here on false pretenses, to a place that was pretending to be the inn from the movie, using the names of the main characters.

“Does this mean we don’t get to have any PDA, since we’re Wallace and Davis?” Dean murmured to Sam as the woman turned away to find their keys.

Sam was still quite blushy, which was all kinds of adorable so of course Dean had to push a little more. “At least they weren’t brothers though, right?”

A little squeak came out of Sam and Dean got to watch him readjust himself, pressing his hips into the counter. “Shut up and let me give you your damn present,” Sam hissed just as the woman turned back to them.

“Right, Wallace and Davis, got you in cabin eight, down at the end. Should be a parking spot right in front. Your package includes our Christmas Eve dinner which is served tonight between six and seven-thirty in the main dining room, so don’t be late. The guy who runs this place thinks he’s still a general. Which also means suit jacket and tie required.”

“Will do, m’am, thanks,” Sam said, signing for the keys and scooping them up. He put a hand on Dean’s lower back and steered them back outside.

The cold air hit Dean right then, the smell of snow and fresh-cut pine trees practically screaming Christmas! at him. Sam was shifting from foot to foot, which meant he was nervous about something important.

Dean turned to him and stood on his tiptoes to kiss Sam’s cheek. “Thanks for this, Sammy, I love it.”

Sam flushed again and wrapped him up in a hug. “Good, I didn’t know if you’d really be okay with something cheesy like this, but it seemed like a good chance to take.”

They got the car moved and entered their cabin, it was just like the room Wallace and Davis shared in the movie. Two twin beds, a small couch, all of it exactly the same down to the color of the bedspreads.

“How’d you even find this place?” Dean asked, as he flopped on the bed nearest the door.

“It came up when I was looking at a list of holiday gifts for movie geeks,” Sam said.

“Oh ho ho, is that what I am now, a movie geek?” Dean asked, stretching his arms over his head.

“About some movies, yeah I guess so,” Sam said.

“So the place isn’t haunted at all, is it?” Dean asked, disappointed that they didn’t get to kill anything.

“Nope,” Sam said. “Sorry for getting your hopes up.”

“So let me get this straight, you straight-up lied to me about there being a case, got me to drive twenty-five hours here, in the ice and snow, for what now exactly?” Dean said in a severe, yet teasing voice.

“A…Christmas vacation I guess?” Sam asked in an unsure voice.

“C’mere, Sam,” Dean said, pounding the bed next to him as loudly as he could, but Sam didn’t turn around. “I was just kidding, you know that right? Sammy?”

Sam nodded but still didn’t speak, rustling around in his duffel like he was searching for something.

“We can leave if you want to, I’m sure there’s a normal motel around here somewhere. I’ll go ask if we can get the reservation money back.” Sam said into the uncomfortable silence, his hand on the door handle.

“Sam, come back here—now,” Dean said with the command voice he rarely ever used on Sam. “Sit down and look at me.”

Sam slouched back to the bed and perched on the very edge of it, his eyes skated over Dean’s but didn’t linger. His brother’s face was very still and blank.

“Would you lie down here with me for a sec?” Dean asked, patting the bed next to himself.

Sam shrugged, kicked his boots off and then arranged himself stiffly alongside Dean. It was hard to fit both of them in a twin bed without touching but somehow Sam managed it without falling off the bed.

“Can we start over? I think you totally misunderstood me,” Dean said.

Sam nodded and tried his best to smile, but it still didn’t quite reach his eyes.

“I really love that you found this place and brought us here. I want to stay, here with you in our cozy room or do whatever else they have going on here, whether it’s White Christmas related or not.”

“I shouldn’t have tricked you like that, I just wanted to surprise you with something good for once,” Sam explained, face serious and intense.

“I know, Sammy, and you did surprise me. I love it that you can still get one over on me sometimes.”

“Really?” Sam asked, lifting his head off the pillow with a look of surprise on his face.

“Sure, means that we’re not just old stick-in-the-mud boring oldsters, we still have a little life left in us, you know?” Dean asked, smiling as he watched Sam’s expression change from to surprise to desire.

Sam rolled over on top of Dean, pinning his hands above his head in one of his lightning quick judo maneuvers. Dean felt his heart speed up, tripping over his quickened breath, trying to catch up with the sudden change in Sam’s mood. As Sam ground down onto him though, the rest of his body got on board right away, no problem there.

“You are definitely not boring, Dean,” Sam murmured against his neck as he bit and sucked dark marks against Dean’s pulse point.

Dean groaned and stretched under Sam’s assault, loving the pressure, the quickness that they spiraled up together, the intensity and passion still there, always match-strike ready.

“I was going to wait until after dinner tonight to give you a present, you want it now?” Sam asked through teeth that were still tugging at Dean’s earlobe.

Dean could barely think straight but managed to gasp, “Yeah, sure.”

Sam’s body peeled away from his slowly, and Dean groaned with the loss of heat and weight. He was about to complain but then he turned to watch Sam rustling in his duffel again, this time coming up with a small brightly wrapped box. Sam tossed it to him and then also grabbed a tube of lube from his bag. He rejoined Dean on the bed and waited for him to open it.

Dean unwrapped the gift, looking from the lustful anticipation on his brother’s face to the cheery Santa face on the gift wrap. He tore into it and tossed it aside, and held up the box to see the words Rimming Plug by B-Vibe. “Is it what’s on the box?”

“Yeah, it’s all charged up, and I have the controller,” Sam said, swinging the small vibe controller from his fingers. “You’re going to wear this, tonight, during dinner.”

Dean took the six inch long teal vibe out of the packaging and ran his fingers over the beaded rim teasing section, this thing was going to feel amazing. “Put it in me?”

“Thought you’d be up for it,” Sam teased.

“You know me so well,” Dean said, slightly embarrassed at how quickly his pants were undone and his bare ass was on display.

Sam was already warming up lube in one hand and applying it to the vibe plug, then his fingers entered Dean one at a time, stretching and thrusting slow and teasing. The vibe went in pretty easily, Dean was used to taking Sam inside after all, but then Sam turned the thing on and he almost lost his mind with how good it felt.

Before Dean realized what was happening, Sam had a matching cock ring wrapped around the base of his cock holding off any release until Sam let him. Apparently it was going to be a long dinner.

“I hope the seats in the dining room are padded,” Dean said through gritted teeth, experimentally moving his ass around on the bed.

“I hope your suit slacks are roomy enough, otherwise everyone is going to know,” Sam said, sliding his hand up and down Dean’s cock.

Dean groaned with the quivery feeling deep down at being denied the release and at the beads vibrating on his rim as well as the vibe pulsing on his prostate.

“C’mon, up and at ‘em, get changed into your suit so we can make it to the last seating for dinner,” Sam said, springing up from the bed and holding out a hand for Dean.

*To Be Continued tomorrow*

Part 3