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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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About Last Night's Episode

I have now watched 13.10 twice, once on a stream that was rather spotty and once with my husband who is an occasional watcher of spn. I went into the episode trying to have an open mind, mostly because I enjoy my show very much and there was finally a new episode.

Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, there were parts of it that I enjoyed, and the ending was a surprise. But I would not have chosen to watch this show if I wasn’t already a SPN fan, because it wouldn’t have sounded very interesting or at all a new, intriguing story.

I really love the character of Jody, and the way that Kim Rhodes has played her over the long years she’s been on the show. We’ve seen her at her absolute worst (losing her son), her most vulnerable (nervous on a date, unfortunately with Crowley), her best (helping Sam save Dean) and so many others. We know this character, she’s a really integral part of SPN, one of the few humans who know Sam and Dean’s story (or most of it.)  Donna’s entrance cracked my husband up, especially the “I’m from Minnesota” line. It was really funny, and then she started passing out weapons which was also still funny. That’s good, we needed the funny by that point. I probably identify most with Donna, so I usually like her in most of the time. I wish the spinoff was going to be centered around these two, but alas, this is the CW and they skew a little too old for the network.

Kathryn Newton as Claire Novak has improved greatly as an actor, which is good to see. She's still playing a pretty one-dimensional "typical angsty teenager" and honestly to me, that's just kind of boring. “I have to save Sam and Dean,” Claire insists, and I really don’t believe her, nor know why. I have no earthly idea why, truly. That’s the biggest problem here for me, the connection of this young woman to Sam and Dean, since you’re hanging the whole driving force the episode around that point, it ought to make immediate, visceral sense. She tried to have Dean killed a few seasons ago, and still the brothers saved her last season from being turned into a werewolf. Maybe that’s why? This is her payback for that? If so, then she should have had a line, maybe to Jody while she insisted she had to go into the other world. “They saved me, I owe them.” We have no idea if she even feels that way, in every other instance she’s written as a “typical ungrateful teenager” not acknowledging anyone else’s help, assistance or caring. So we’re supposed to magically know her motivation in this situation? Very weak.

I always enjoy Alex, Katherine Ramdeen has given her character a lot of depth in the few times we've seen her. I liked her connection with Patience. Alex is obviously supposed to be the spinoff's "Sam", wanting to have a real job in the normal world, but still wanting to help her family, being quick at research. Clark Backo as Patience didn't have a whole lot to do in this episode, but her annoyance at Claire blowing off her visions was well portrayed, as well as her "this is too freaky, I'm outta here" bit. I did have to say, I liked seeing her get to kill a monster. Yadira Guevara-Prip is pretty good as Kaia (and Alt-Kaia???) I could see her really growing into the role if she gets the chance.

The actual rescuing of Sam and Dean was blink and you'll miss it quick, that monster was all kinds of hilarious, but hey at least we got to see it, right? I did like the bit at the end where Jody says "you guys save the world, we'll take care of Sioux Falls," because they don't get a lot of acknowledgement for what they really do. But Sam and Dean just taking off and leaving when they know what kind of monsters might be roaming around Sioux Falls seems rather unlikely to me. The Claire voice-over at the end was way way too much. We're so spoiled with Jensen and Jared being able to communicate all of that kind of emotional content in a few glances at each other.

My husband’s short review, “Well, I didn’t fall asleep, so that’s something, but I’d rather have seen Sam and Dean on their own show. You know, like an episode of Supernatural. This was a typical CW show for teenagers.” Yep, they're definitely not shooting for us as the audience demo, that is for sure, and totally fine of course. If the spinoff gets picked up, I'll be happy for the actors and hopeful that they don't take up any more episodes of the show I'm committed to watching until the end. And hey, if it's successful, once Supernatural actually finally ends, then J2 will have a show to appear on as Sam and Dean occasionally which would be awesome.

Honestly, I would have enjoyed an episode of just Sam and Dean surviving Monsterland much more than what we got in the second half of the season premiere. Because when it comes down to it, they are why I'm still watching Supernatural.

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I am sorry they chose Monsterland to premiere the pilot with. I was hoping for some adventure with Sam and Dean before they got rescued. It was too fast, and made dimension-hopping irrelevant, at least as far as Sam and Dean.

I was pretty pleased on the whole with WWS. I have my fingers crossed that they'll put the focus on Donna and Jody, and let the girls develop as the show goes along. So far, the strongest character I thought was Alex, and I didn't like her before that much, but last night she captured me. She was a good foil to Claire, (who is not fem-dean) and yep, reminded me a bit of Sam, if Sam had been allowed to mix college and hunting. :)

I liked Alex best, too. She reminded me of Sam, and I like the way they portray her being able to balance a normal job/college with hunting, something I'll always wish Sam had been able to do.

I was wishing we got more of the Monsterland fun times, guess we'll just have to write fic about it....
I also like Alex the most out of all the young characters, but I really doubt the focus will be on Donna and Jody, this is the CW after all. Got to capture that teen audience with stories about other teens. Too bad, because I like Donna and Jody together, they're no Bobby & Rufus (much less Sam & Dean) but they at least have some chemistry.

Ach, don't mention Bobby and Rufus--that was my dream spin-off! *cries for what will never be*

I wish Monsterland had had dinosaurs. I think I'm still in mourning :(

I was actually very relieved it wasn't dinosaurs, because it was a whole different universe which I guess is more interesting to me. When the AU!Kaia knocked her staff/weapon against that skull it made a clanging noise, which made me say "Woah do the monsters have *metal* skeletons?!?!" Metal skeleton gorilla-ish monsters....cool.

Yeah, this is pretty much what I thought as well. I love Jody and Donna, and if they'd been the focuss, I would have loved it way more. Now, it doesn't help that I've never been a fan of Claire, and this episode did not help in me liking her.

Honestly, I would have enjoyed an episode of just Sam and Dean surviving Monsterland much more than what we got in the second half of the season premiere. Because when it comes down to it, they are why I'm still watching Supernatural.


I found I actually liked Claire a bit more after last season's episode where she was briefly a werewolf, and I liked the actress a bit more after watching her angsty teen performance in the HBO series Big Little Lies. But i don't like her or the character enough to watch the series if it actually gets spun-off from SPN.

I agree with so many of your points. I'd have loved the spin-off to be about JOdy and DOnna, and when it was first announced, I thought that's what it was going to be. I can't stand CLair, and the whole pack-of-pretty-girls thing does nothing for me. *sigh* I don't anticiapte watching it if it does get picked up.

Yeah, I think it comes down to that the older side of SPN fandom is not really the target audience for the spinoff, which is totally fine. Pack-of-pretty-girls, that's a very good description, just not interesting to me, I'm sure there are plenty of spn fans that will watch.

I was annoyed. The episode was kind of fine. I appreciate Patience and Alex. Jody & Donna are amazing. I like Kaia.
Claire was (still is??) a halfwit. I cannot stand her. I don't need to like characters to appreciate them. But I abhor her arrogance and complete fuck-wittery. If she wasn't arrogant, I think I'd be fine with her. I still wouldn't like her, but I'd understand her.

What annoyed the piss outta me was that Kaia was set up just so Claire could learn a deep, life-changing lesson. That's it. A really cool, woman of color, was killed off for the sake of the blond white girl to learn a life lesson.
Fuck that noise, hard, with barbed wire.

Being a white girl myself, I feel I have a pretty good platform from which to yell my rage. And as a white girl, I'm likely to be better heard than any women of color who point it out.
I liked Kaia, yay for doppelganger Kaia, but I liked the one we had.

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