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avsc, mine


The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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avsc, mine

Another Big Bang Why not?

Why not sign up for another Big Bang?

This time it's the Supernatural AU Big Bang.  I figure I just wrote one, I'll write another.

You should sign up too, only a couple days left before the deadline!  And they need artists big time if you'd rather do art...

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*\o/* you can do it.
Looks fun.

Aww, thanks! Love the cheerleading :-) I can use it!
I think it does look fun, I'm trying to narrow down my ideas...

It really does. I shall have to remember it for next year.

What ideas were you debating between?

Oh do it this year, c'mon!
Hmm, I've got a pretty wide-ranging list, which I ought to write down. The top two are partially written, first is a season 7 AU where an angel traps Sam and Dean in a buried coffin until they figure things out. Another is a season 8 AU where Sam makes a bargain with Crowley to save Dean from Purgatory. Haven't decided yet, and I'll probably finish writing both at some point. There's more too that I've thought of that aren't as far along.

Not this year, let me intrduce you to my to-do list.

Both of those sound good. I love to Crowley in fics.

Yoinks! That's quite a list there. Ok you're off the hook for this year I guess.
I also love Crowley in fics, and I haven't written him enough yet.

Yeah sadly that is just one I have another for original fiction over at madrona_project. You should check us out, we love knew people.

Crowley is hard to nail down I think.
My samdean_otp is basically a season 8 fix it and Crowley is one of one of the things I am not looking forward to.

Your subject made me giggle, if only because I have the exact same response XD

Hee, that's funny. I hope you're writing one too!
It's just such a coincidence, since I just posted my Big Bang this week, which happened to be an AU, and now I'm signing up to write another one. Hey why not... I figure it's keeping me out of trouble this summer.

And you too, awesome! I love being an instigator and can't wait to see what you write. We can cheer each other on okay?

Yes, please, I'll need it! *GGG*

Just for the record - I also blame you. I was going to write a story for poly, but I like SPN only bangs even better and sign-ups are so close to closing I didn't have time to think about it so...yep. Your fault ;)

Hurray! Blame me Blame me! Can't wait to see what you write for it.

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