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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Fic: Hidden In The Right Place (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Masterpost

2018 SPNJ2BB Hidden Banner-800-2.jpeg

Title: Hidden in the Right Place

Author: smalltrolven

Artist: amberdreams

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Wordcount: 30,620

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Spoilers for some of season 13, set in a vague post-season 13 world.

Author’s Note: Not my characters, only my words. Written for the 2018 spn_j2_bigbang Initial inspiration from a tumblr post: The signs as Kafka quotes Sagittarius. Raya and Sakina Ali Hammam were real serial killer sisters. Enochian phrases are from the Enochian Translator. Big huge thanks to jerzcaligrl for the excellent and essential beta work, couldn’t have done it without you! Infinite thanks to amberdreams for the beautiful artwork, you captured the story so perfectly.

Summary: A demon the Winchesters haven’t encountered before escapes from Hell to kidnap Dean because she has a plan. One that requires at least one of the Winchesters to help her to complete it. Will Dean cooperate with her even when she’s made Dean forget himself? Will he break and give in before Sam can save him? How far will Sam go to rescue his brother?

Read it over on AO3 right here.

Make sure and check out the brilliant Art Masterpost here.

~*~ Chapter 1 ~*~ Chapter 2 ~*~ Chapter 3 ~*~ Chapter 4 ~*~ Chapter 5 ~*~ Chapter 6 ~*~ Chapter 7 ~*~ Chapter 8 ~*~ Chapter 9 ~*~ Chapter 10 ~*~ Chapter 11 ~*~