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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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fic: Hidden In The Right Place (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Chapter 10 of 11

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“So you’re finally where you belong, huh?” Dean snarked, futile attempt at being recognizable.

“You have no idea what you’re saying, Dean,” Sam said in a voice that sounded as far away from the real Sam he knew that it scared Dean down to his bones. The power coming off of Sam in waves pushed and pulled at Dean until he was right in front of him a few steps down from the throne.

“Do I have to kneel or something?” Dean asked, unable to keep the snark out of his voice.

“Why are you here?” Sam asked, sounding infinitely patient and annoyed.

“I’m here to take you home with me,” Dean said.

“And just how were you planning on doing that?” Sam said.

Dean felt his heart sink down past his boots and towards the fiery center of the Earth below him. It seemed much closer here, at least in his imagination. He had no plan, beyond just getting there in front of Sam to try to convince him to come back right away.

“No idea,” Dean admitted. “I just had to get here before it got cl—“

“Don’t say or even think it,” Sam commanded in a powerful voice, strong as thunderclouds rolling in.

Dean made the zipping his lips gesture and managed to roll his eyes as well.

Sam rolled his eyes right back and the power waves shimmered away off of his shoulders, folding back into him. His eyes flashed that sick yellow once more before shifting back to their usual multi-colored beauty. So beautiful, so damn beautiful…his brother’s eyes, he could float in them…live there forever…

that’d be just fine…

yeah, that’d be just fine with him…

Dean shook his head, pushing the strange thoughts that weren’t all his away. “What’re you doing to me?”

“I’m not doing anything to you, Dean. I am, however, trying to figure out why the fuck you’re standing here in my throne room,” Sam said.

“Sam, or should I say, Your Majesty? I had to come, you know that,” Dean insisted.

“Don’t you ever let me hear you call me that again. Not you,” Sam said in a flat tone that promised real consequences.

“You have to come home with me right now. We only have a few hours left before she’ll be done…you know. I couldn’t risk you being stuck here forever, Sam!” Dean yelled.

“Did you not get my note?” Sam asked calmly and seemingly unaffected by Dean’s passion.

Dean wanted to kill him just for the way he so off-handedly said that, it was infuriating. Like that note had been any bit more effective than the one he’d left Sam when he went off to be a demon. He held back on saying or doing anything in that moment, not wanting to risk angering the new King of Hell. Instead he just bowed, like you were presumably supposed to do to a king sitting on his throne.


Sam watched as his brother bowed, only Dean could possibly manage to make a bow look so damn sarcastic. He almost giggled at the thought, but restrained himself, he was still the king, at least for a few more moments. Maybe it would end up being a good thing that Dean was seeing this for himself, that is if he was able to get both of them topside before the Gates got slammed shut forever.

“Dean, this was a temporary thing. I had to put myself in charge of Hell so that I could get things reorganized. And so I could bring her back and put her in charge of Hell for the rest of forever.”

“Who, Ruby?” Dean asked with so much obvious jealousy in his voice that it almost made Sam laugh. But that would have made Dean even madder than he already was, and Sam didn’t need that right now.

“No! Why would you think I’d ever want to…you know what, never mind. No, not Ruby, I brought Meg back. She was the one who always seemed to know what was needed down here, and I always thought she was a really strategic thinker.”

“Sam, fine. Great decision, whatever, I just…we need to get out of here A.S.A.F.P.,” Dean said.

Meg appeared at Sam’s right hand. “Hey there, Dean, what in the world are you doing down here again? Sam told me he was leaving soon to get back to you.”

Sam stood up from the throne abruptly and held Meg’s hand up in the air to address all the demons who’d refilled the room. “Hear me, and hear me well, all you denizens of Hell.” Sam’s voice echoed and sang through the space, filling all of the air, until he could feel he had all of his subject’s full attention. “As your King I hereby declare that your new and forever ruler is Meg. All hail, Meg, Ultimate Ruler and Queen of Hell!”

Sam made sure to get the ‘Queen of Hell’ chant really going because demons got into that sort of thing. As soon as he had Meg ensconced on the throne where she was mobbed with well-wishers and sycophants, Sam shuffled Dean off the throne dais and out the side door of the throne room. He guided Dean into what had been his temporary chambers the last couple of nights. They had been Crowley’s private rooms before him. He locked the door against whatever might try to come through after them. He didn’t want to be interrupted for what might come next.

Dean was looking around the room with wide eyes, examining all the finery and gilded edges. Sam guessed he was probably recognizing Crowley’s over-the-top decorating style. Dean tested out the huge bed with a tentative hand, and sat on the edge where the covers had been turned down. “This where you’ve been staying?”

“How did you get down here this time?” Sam asked, pleased at his ability to not immediately begin yelling.

Dean didn’t look up at him, and Sam could tell it was for a good reason for once. “Billie brought me, she didn’t let a reaper take me…wherever I was gonna go.”

“Dean…tell me you didn’t do it…shit, so you killed yourself, again?” Sam asked, despairing at the thought of Dean doing that yet again. His power flared up and he stuffed it back down desperately, he couldn’t let it distort this conversation.

“It was the only thing I could do,” Dean said, sounding so small and defeated. Sam heard Dean take in a deep breath and then watched as he sat up straighter and raised his head to meet Sam’s eyes. “I can’t do it without you, Sammy. I thought you said we had to be together. But you left me.”

“I was coming back to you, right away. Why didn’t you believe me? Why couldn’t you just trust that all I want is to be with you?” Sam asked, voice filled with all the obvious despair that he didn’t bother hiding this time.

“Because you just left me there, after everything…and I thought they’d probably do something to you down here to change your mind. I know how weird it can get in this place. How time can get away from you and how persuasive demons can be.”

“Goddamn it! I had a plan to get myself back, but it only works for one person. So you are going home, right the fuck now, Dean. Before Raya gets it done and closes the Gates. I don’t want you to get stuck here, especially now that I’ve just given up the throne and can’t protect you.” Sam found himself looming over his brother as Dean sat on the edge of the bed, blocking Dean from standing or getting away. He didn’t care at that point if he got out of Hell, but Dean had to, he had to protect him.

“Oh fuck you very much, I am not leaving, not on your life,” Dean said, putting his hands on his hips, and staring up into Sam’s face, his own face mutinous and angry.

Sam smiled internally at Dean’s response. “You ought to know by now that you can’t out-stubborn a little brother. You don’t have much of a choice at this point,” Sam said, stuffing the amulet into Dean’s shirt pocket and beginning to quickly mutter the words of the return spell.

Dean wrapped his hands around the back of Sam’s neck, and silenced him with his mouth, taking him over, interrupting him in the best way he’d ever experienced. He lost himself in the new delight of mapping out every inch of Dean’s mouth, his lips softer than Sam remembered from that one kiss that now seemed like weeks ago.

“I’m not going anywhere without you, Sammy,” Dean murmured against Sam’s lips. “I don’t care if I’m stuck here in Hell with you.”

Sam’s heart filled with sorrow, he pulled back and looked at Dean. He knew that he wasn’t strong enough to make him leave, not now. He hesitated, memorizing the feeling of Dean’s arms around his neck. “What am I gonna do with you, Dean?”

Dean answered his question by pulling him down onto the bed so that Sam’s body covered and aligned with Dean’s in the only answer that Sam had ever wanted to hear.

“We’ve been fighting this for so long, right? And well, we’re already down here so we might as well…” Dean trailed off, his lips leaving Sam’s to scatter kisses down the side of his throat.

Sam groaned at the exquisite feeling of those lips finally being there, right exactly there where he’d always pictured them, and he knew with everything he had that Dean was right. “Nothing and nowhere left to hide from each other, there’s no point if we’re stuck here together, right?”

They learned each other’s bodies then, hands searching, lips and tongues never stopping. It wasn’t frenzied or rushed, but it was so intense, Sam thought he’d burn up from the feeling of every point of contact. Every single place their skin touched that now-familiar zing set off sparks of pleasure coursing through his whole body. It had never felt like this with anyone else, never.

“I’ve known this for a long time, that we would end up here,” Sam said.

“Where, in bed together, or in Hell?” Dean asked.

“The first one and just so you know…I mean, I’ve got to say…it’s not just about sex. I mean, uh…at least it isn’t for me,” Sam said, sounding so unsure, so young to his own ears, he couldn’t bear it if Dean laughed.

Dean chuckled and squirmed under the weight of who he probably thought of as his idiot brother. “Don’t you know by now, after everything, how deep this goes?”

Sam couldn’t speak, he felt like every cell in his body was holding the atoms within it from vibrating, anticipating his brother’s next words.

“Sammy, for someone so smart you have no freaking clue. Dude, me either, sex is not what all this has ever been about. You and me, being together like this has always been, well it’s…god, Sammy, it’s everything.”

The next breath Sam inhaled began the spin of his atoms, it was his first breath in a new world. He’d never felt so in-sync with someone before.

Sam tried to think clearly, to make some smart comeback remark, but Dean was making that difficult. He was extremely talented with his mouth, just as Sam had always guessed he would be.

As Dean began to unzip Sam’s jeans, he had a sudden thought about the spell, if they were joined as one, it might just work for both of them. In Sam’s experience spells were pretty dumb that way. And if it by chance it didn’t work, if Dean was wearing the amulet and Sam could manage to say all the words, well at least he would go back home with a good memory. At least they’d have had each other this one time. It wasn’t much of a plan, but it was something.

Sam’s thoughts were interrupted by Dean’s laugh somewhere down near his hip, his wet lips and tongue skating across Sam’s skin. “You done thinking yet, Poindexter? Mind if I get back to business?”

“You may proceed,” Sam said, in a faux-regal voice which made him burst out with an inappropriate laugh which cut off as Dean took him in hand and brought the tip of his cock to his beautifully kiss-swollen lips.

“You told me not to call you this, but your majesty, your every wish is my command,” Dean said with his own chuckle that Sam could feel in his very core as the words traveled through his cock into his heart and back out again.

It was all a blur from there, and neither of them could stop to spare a second thought to where they were, or what time it was. It didn’t matter anymore, nothing did, except for them, they blocked out the world, every damn level of it, and narrowed the focus down to where it had always belonged, just the two of them.

“Do you want me to, or do you want to?” Dean asked, up on his knees, stroking his own very hard cock in an achingly slow rhythm to match Sam’s. They had found some lube in Crowley’s bedside drawer and were using it to smooth the way.

Sam’s mouth watered at how Dean looked in that moment, he wanted to taste him, eat him, devour him, so he could never be anyone else’s ever again. Dean raised his eyebrows and Sam remembered there’d been a question asked. “I want both, I want it all,” Sam said, breathless at the thoughts that flooded what was left of his brain, so focused on maintaining the rhythm and not coming before whatever happened next.

Dean let go of his own cock then and reached behind himself with a lube slick hand. Sam could tell from his brother’s moans what he was doing. He did the same to himself so that he would be ready too. Whichever way they did this, Sam would make sure it was good, the best that Dean had ever felt.

“Always pictured you doing me,” Dean said with an adorable blush. “But if you want me to, then I’ll—“

Sam pulled him down with his non-slick hand and kissed the question off his lips, he tugged and pulled until Dean was kneeling around his hips. Sam held himself steady as Dean lowered himself down, swiveling his hips in tiny circles, breathing deeply as Sam entered him. The feeling was indescribable, the tightest, hottest…he’d never thought it could be this amazing. Dean’s hands landed on Sam’s chest, one hand over his heart. One of Sam’s hands covered Dean’s and they looked at each other, neither moving, just breathing together, recharging in a different way that meant everything and worked a trillion times better. As Dean smiled, slow and warm and only for him, Sam’s heart beat even faster, his powers began to spin up and the mind-melding thing turned back on, they could both feel everything.

Dean’s eyes widened in surprise and then went dark and intense with lust. It was beautiful and Sam hoped his own eyes were doing the same, so that Dean could see. Sam could feel every movement Dean made and vice versa, the feelings zinged back and forth between their physical and not-so-physical bodies in a moving current that swept them away. They pounded into each other, fast and hard, deliberate and slow, soft and easy, forever and ever and then nothing at all was left but heat and white hot pleasure.

Sam managed to pull it together enough to quickly murmur the spell’s words, The amulet burned a hole right through Dean’s flannel’s front pocket where Sam had tucked it. A matching burn was left on each of their chests where it was smashed between them. It was the only thing that could have brought them out of that endless bliss. That and noticing that they were back in Dean’s bed. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, that something intended to only work for one soul would carry two that were so intertwined and interdependent.


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