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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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fic: Hidden In The Right Place (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Chapter 11 of 11

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“I’m guessing this wasn’t how the thing was supposed to work?” Dean asked in a low rumble against Sam’s chest.

Sam ran a hand up under Dean’s flannel to touch all that bare skin that was his to touch now and smiled at Dean’s question. “No, it was only meant for one soul to get in and out.”

“That mean what I think it means?” Dean asked with a smile in his voice.

“The soulmate thing again, yeah probably,” Sam answered. “You okay with that?”

“Hey, I’m not stuck in Hell and neither are you, I’m good with it,” Dean said, arm tightening around Sam’s chest.

“Me too, and I’m glad that you came for me,” Sam said.

“You are?” Dean asked, lifting his head up enough to see Sam’s face.

Sam caressed the side of his brother’s cheek, thrilling at how Dean leaned into it. “Yeah, I am. Makes me even more sure that this was the right thing to do, to cross the line we’d always—“

“Avoided acknowledging even existed?” Dean asked with a grin.

Sam nodded and grinned right back, heart feeling full, and happy that Dean could joke about something like this so easily. It was all so real now. That they were everything to each other, not only brothers and friends, but hunting partners and now lovers. “We both fought this for a long time, and we deserve it.”

“Fuckin’ A-right we do!” Dean crowed, rolling on top of Sam and kissing him noisily, wet, messy, and thoroughly delicious.

There was a knock at their door, they both fumbled the quilt to cover their dishevelment. Raya’s voice floated through the grate. “Hey guys, I’m almost done if you want to be there for the last one, ten minutes.”

“We’ll be there!” they both shouted in unison. They untangled themselves from the bedclothes and their own clothes. Dean took the time to warm up the water at his sink and cleaned himself with a washcloth that he then tossed over to Sam. Dean dug around in his dresser and found Sam a t-shirt, flannel, sweats and a pair of boxers that didn’t stink of sulfur. They dressed in a hurry and joined Raya in the dungeon, not caring for a moment that both Raya and Bela would instantly know by the fucked-out expressions they each wore what had happened.

“Glad you could join us,” Raya joked, “looks like you took care of a few unfinished things, huh, boys?”

Bela’s head lolled back and she smiled very weakly at them. “Hi, I didn’t think I’d get to say thank you.”

Sam put his arm around Dean’s waist and looked over the scene. It looked like both Dean and Raya had done exactly as he’d instructed, he could see that Bela was just about at that final turning point. “Hey, Bela, we’re glad we got back in time. You ready?”

Bela nodded slow and dreamy, her eyes never leaving Raya’s movements. “I love you all, I do—I do—I swear that I do,” she said in a breathy rush.

“We know, dear, we know. Here it comes,” Raya said, gently turning Bela’s head to the side and injecting the last bit of blood into Bela’s neck. She recited the final words of Enochian and looked from Sam to Dean and back again.

“I apologize again, Dean, for what I did to you. And I thank you both, it’s been an adventure. I’m glad to be doin—“ Raya stopped, pain cutting her voice off mid-word.

Dean stepped forward and caught her before she hit the ground. Her forearms blazed and pulsed with the holy light that Sam still dreamt about trying to contain. They both watched, fascinated as it streamed out of her in a continuous, breathing, living shimmer of grace.

Bela slumped against her constraints and Sam crossed to her. She opened her eyes when he lifted her head. “I’m…me again?” she said with a question that made Sam’s heart soar with hope.

Had it really worked this time? “How’s Raya?” Sam asked, turning to look at Raya’s body burning itself out as the last of the grace finally left her, she turned to fire that burned cold and hot at the same time, destructive and cleansing. Raya died in Dean’s arms, burning up and crumbling to nothing but grey ash in his lap.

In the next moment, before Sam felt like he’d even had a chance to take a breath, the bunker’s alarms all went off. Kevin had told them that when the angels had fallen that it had also happened, but it was still a shock to the senses. Sam quickly unshackled Bela and helped her stand, she collapsed almost immediately so he scooped her up in a bridal-style carry. Dean was standing and dusting himself off with a disgusted look on his face.

“You okay?” Sam asked as he started towards the door, nearly shaking with relief when Bela passed the unbroken devil’s trap boundary without a problem.

“She’s really cured then?” Dean asked, following closely behind Sam down the hall to one of the guest bedrooms.

“Guess so, since Raya’s gone, and Bela got past the devil’s trap.” Sam gently laid Bela down on the bed and switched on the bedside lamp. Dean handed him a blanket and they covered her up.

“You think she needs anything?” Dean asked.

“Probably some rest, not sure what comes next,” Sam said, slipping an arm around Dean’s waist, and he was never going to get tired of being able to do that now. Especially not when Dean leaned into him that way and slipped his own arm around Sam’s waist. They stood and watched Bela sleep for a long moment, but then the alarm’s blaring got to both of them.

They let go of each other and hurried down the hall to the control panels. Sam flicked several of the switches and pointed out where Dean could too. Eventually the klaxons stopped and finally the red lights stopped blinking, the normal lighting returned. The big board was lit-up like Christmas though, showing all the demons being returned to Hell hopefully.


“Raya did the whole hourly injections thing, she was talking the whole damn time about you two, how you’d go to Hell and back for each other. She was worried you wouldn’t come back in time, Sam. And then when she realized that Dean had gone there too, she freaked. But she carried on curing me the whole time you were gone in Hell,” Bela said, setting her mug down on the table.

“Time is really different down there, it seemed like weeks,” Sam said, finishing off his coffee, he stood up from the table to join Dean at the stove.

“I’m going to miss her,” Bela said.

“That’s how Crowley felt about Sam here for an uncomfortable amount of time, after he almost cured him,” Dean said, laying their breakfast plates on the table. Sam joined them with his own plate and sat next to Dean, close on the bench so their hips to thighs touched.

“She made her sacrifice though, she paid her debt, and got an amazing thing accomplished,” Sam said.

“You did too, Sammy,” Dean said, looking up at Sam with admiration. “Bela, you wouldn’t believe how he got the demons organized and put Meg in charge of them all so their chaos bullshit won’t spill out onto Earth anytime soon.”

“Meg, really? Interesting choice,” Bela said with one arched eyebrow.

“You know her too?” Dean asked.

“As big as Hell is, it’s like a small town too, everyone knows everybody else. There’s nothing else to do, as you know well, Dean, torture gets boring after a few eons.”

Dean swore under his breath and stood up abruptly, heading to the sink to angrily scrub at his plate.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have brought that up,” Bela said to Sam.

“He doesn’t talk about it much,” Sam said in a low voice that he hoped Dean wouldn’t hear. “It’s okay, Bela.”

“She needs to get out of here,” Dean said in a low growl when Sam stepped up behind him, wrapping him up in a hug.

Sam sent a wave of soothing energy through his brother and smiled when Dean relaxed a bit in his arms. “She’s leaving today, remember?”

“I’m just going to take off now. It’s been lovely catching up with you both. I’ll be in touch, let you know where I land. Thank you both so much for choosing me to be the one to cure,” Bela said.

Sam kept one arm around Dean’s waist, and hugged her a bit awkwardly with one arm. “I’m glad it worked out, Bela. Don’t be a stranger, huh?”

“I meant to say, that I’m quite sorry that I shot you, Sam. It was really unnecessary,” Bela said with a wide grin as Dean stepped away from Sam’s side..

“Damn right it was,” Dean said from where he was leaned up against the sink with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Thanks for the use of the car, Dean,” Bela said. “I’ll bring her back to you soon, I promise.”

“You take care of her, okay? The Men of Letters garage won’t look the same without that Jag.”

Bela stepped forward and gave Dean a small hug which he returned a bit hesitantly.

“I’ll see you two gents later then,” Bela said with a little salute, she stepped up and out of the kitchen. A few moments later the brothers heard a car start up and zoom out of their garage.

“Think I’ll ever see that Jag again?” Dean asked.

“Do you really care?” Sam asked. “It’s not like she’s Baby or anything even close, right?”

“Wait, did you just call her…Baby?” Dean asked with a surprised smile.

Sam didn’t say anything, just pulled Dean in a for a hug and thought about those weeks driving around looking for his lost brother. How the car had helped him search almost the whole time. “She’s special to me too, you know.”

“I know that, Sammy, I know,” Dean said in a pleased little mumble that made Sam’s heart feel sore with too much happiness.


Sam and Dean both came back from Hell in one piece.

One piece that was them,


Finally put together the way they were always supposed to be.

Like a puzzle solved or a statue finally finished.

Both of them still smelled vaguely of sulfur, even after a week’s worth of showers.

But Sam’s eyes didn’t flash yellow ever again.

And his powers were much more under control thanks to the continuous connection he now shared with Dean.

They made up for all the years they’d lost fighting against it, their growing realization that they were always meant to be together both as lovers and partners in the hunting life. It just wasn’t worth hiding it from each other, not for one second more, how much it all meant, so they didn’t.

That was their real reward in the end.

The End


Epilogue: Once Bela got out on her own and figured out how the internet currently worked (a whole lot had changed in nine years,) she found that she still had access to millions of dollars as she had died with no heirs. Her will had designated a trust that she still had maintained control of through many shell corporations. She quickly proved that she was indeed alive again by coming up with a plausible kidnap story that the bankers and lawyers actually bought as the truth. Eventually she ended up sending the brothers an enormous reward for her chance at a new life.


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So! I hadn't actually thought of them as literally having one soul, but it seems the Universe, and Chuck, thought they did and deserved to make it happen. :)

I liked this version of the Trails--the ending was perfect, plus it gave us a chance to see the BoyKing in a light that wasn't negative. I'm a big believer in Powers Sam, so this was very satisfying! Also, good on you for setting Bela free. While I'm totally with Dean about never forgiving her for shooting Sam, we all knew that she had an excellent reason for being the person she was. I bet if she'd had enough time with the Winchesters, she'd have straightened out--a bit, I'm not saying she'd ever be totally a good guy...more a more reliable frenemy to them. :D I'm glad she got her dough back, and remembered our boys, and I'm so glad they got the happy ending they so very much deserve! ♥

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