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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Mini-Bang Mini-Done

I did it! I actually finished enough of my mini-bang to turn it in about 15 minutes before the midnight deadline.  Pshew.
Up until about an hour before I was planning to submit a completely different story which will now be my SPN AU-BigBang instead. It's another season 8 speculative where I answer the question what if Sam saved Dean from Purgatory?  It involves a lot of characters, way more than I've written in a story before, and the majority of the story has Sam and Dean separated so I thought it wasn't as well suited to the Sam & Dean mini-bang.  Although of course (as its me writing), it's very much about how far Sam will go, and what he's willing to do to get his Dean back.

The summaries are up for artist claiming, I can't wait to see which artist I end up getting to work with. I always wonder about the summaries I write for my stories, they're kind of like advertisements to get people to read the story (or want to illustrate it), and I know I forget that sometimes.  Some of these summaries look awesome! I'm really looking forward to reading them all when they get posted.

And now to actually finish the story by the 10th to be able to send a draft to my artist (oh and get it beta-ed too!).

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I looked over the summaries and cringed--mine sounds so boring. But it makes up for that in weirdness, so...*G*

I think I'm going to have to drop out of the AU thing, I haven't got a darn thing in mind. *sigh*

I know what you mean, I cringed a little reading mine next to all the other ones. Glad to hear that yours is weird though, we need more weird at this point! Sorry that you're dropping out of the AU BB though. Sometimes the muse is just not cooperative!

Congrats on getting it in! I've done art there, but this is my first year as a writer in that one - should be tons of fun!

Thanks, it's a good feeling to get something done (or almost done anyways). Are you doing both art and fic there this time around?

It is indeed! And nope, just fic this time. I did several art projects for it last year, which was fabulous but this year, I have some other art projects I'm already working on. Of course, I should wait to say no until all the stories are claimed ;)

I am nervous and excited about artist's claims. EEK!

I have so much work to do before I even think about sending this to an artist. Sigh.

Me too, nervous and excited is a good description. We'll know soon...
Yeah, I've got a lot to do also, back to work!

I always struggle with my summary too, and invariably I think of a hundred ways I could have made it more appealing after the summaries are already posted. Ah well. Now I'll be nervous biting my nails waiting to see if someone wants to claim mine. But on the plus side, I can't wait to read all that awesome fic!!! :)

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that struggles with summary writing. Yes, you're absolutely right, the nervousness we're feeling now is worth it to read all the fic and see all the art later on.


I have one up there as well. We shall all be happy together!

Woot! Glad to hear it! Yes, let's be happy together :-)

\o/ Hooray! Congrats on submitting!

I hate the summaries too, mine sounds boring as hell too... especially since it's an AU. Once I get rid of that annoying thing called 'homework' I'll be fixing my very rough draft up

Congrats on finishing in time!!

So many of us hate the summaries, but I suppose they're a necessary evil to have the art choosing run the way it is.
Congrats to you for finishing also. *hands you a rough draft polishing cloth*

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much. Aww, I'm sorry you didn't finish in time. But at least you have a start on a story right? That's what I was telling myself when I was sure I wouldn't finish by the deadline. I'm so looking forward to reading, we all can use some Sam & Dean or Sam/Dean after this long hiatus.

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