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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Sign ups/Rules/FAQs

I signed up to participate in the SPN/RPS Secret Santa exchange, you should too.  Only 1,000 words required...and you might get art or a vid back in return.  At first I thought it had to be holiday themed, but nope, I was wrong, that's another thing altogether.

Finally got my Sam/Dean mini bang off to my artist and my beta, pshew!  I had a hard time deciding where to end my story, really wrestled with it for quite a while.  Hopefully you'll think I ended it in the right place.

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Your demon pup is adorable.

spn_j2_xmas is one of my favorites. You'll have a blast.

Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the xmas exchange.

You sound like just like me, I keep saying that.

Oh my gosh! :DDD Meg is adorable. I love her ears especially! ♥ ♥ ♥

Me too, her ears are irresistible.

Fabulous on the exchange! Someone else already wooed me into joining that one so it's not your fault...this time ;)

Glad your mini also finally fell into place - endings can be so insanely painful to find sometimes.

And puppy! She's gorgeous! I've gotten all my dogs at eight to ten weeks depending on the breed (Newfies don't usually get to go to their new home until a ten weeks) and we currently have an eight month old Gordon Setter so if you have any puppy questions crop up don't hesitate to send them over this way.

Oh goodie, glad you're doing it too!
Endings are hard. Chuck was absolutely right.
Thanks, I'm glad to know I can ask for puppy advice.

(Deleted comment)
I like the idea of the exchange being about creating a gift for someone based on what they ask for, it will be a challenge to reign in the muse and point it in a certain direction.

Thanks, I think she's adorable too.

Congrats on being done!

Meg is adorable.

I suppose I'm almost done! Although I do feel done. But it depends on what my dear beta comes up with for me...

Meg luckily doesn't know how adorable she is...

(Deleted comment)
Puppy who had her first bath today, now she smells better. If wet dog smells better.

And yes, I'm very YAY about spn_j2_xmas also, love the new banners posted.

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