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fic: Unspoiled Salt - Part 5

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“I’m very proud of you, Jesse for besting that angel,” Stefanus said, nodding at the small doll on the mantelpiece. He tested the invisible bonds of the cambion’s power that held him to the chair again. They were solid, there was no getting out of them.

“He was going to kill me,” Jesse said in a small voice. “I had to.”

“You did, my boy, and so creative too, what a wonder you are. When Lucifer was released, we could feel his power increasing, I see it flows through you already.” Stefanus turned to look up at the brothers looming over him.

“You two, Crowley told me you’d be twisted up together, but I never imagined how delicious it would be to actually see it for myself. Soulmates, but brothers too, oh heaven’s fate tis a cruel jest indeed.”

“Shut up, you,” Dean snarled in Julia’s face.

“No, I will not shut up. You need to know the truth right now, Jesse. He’s your birth father, the tall one. He’s going to be the vessel of our lord, Lucifer.”

Jesse stared at his birth mother with wide eyes, then turning them onto Sam. Sam stood up straighter and looked over at Dean. They seemed to share a silent conversation.

“It was that test, when you asked me to jerk off all those times. You even…uh helped me,” Sam said, turning red at the memory.

“That wasn’t me, Sam,” Dean said, turning a matching shade of red.

“Crowley,” they said simultaneously in a matching pair of murderous tones.

Stefanus let out a roar of laughter at their stupid red embarrassed faces. “Yes, it was my king, all those years ago. He needed the power of the Winchester line to make our little weapon here as strong as possible. And little Sammy back then, why I bet he thought he’d finally gotten somewhere with his big brother. And afterwards big brother Dean acted like he didn’t know what in the world he was talking about.”

Sam and Dean looked at each other and had another silent conversation, obviously they’d be talking about this (or not) later. Crowley had really done a number on these two.

“Jesse, it doesn’t matter, what she’s saying. You’re still you, no matter who your birth parents are. Your parents are the ones who raised you, and loved you. They're the ones who know you. And they raised you to make good choices, I bet, right?”

Jesse nodded his head, still seeming to be deciding on his course of action. “I need to think about this some more.”

Sam patted him on the shoulder, “Of course you do, buddy. Anybody would.”

“There’s nothing to decide here, Jesse. You need to come with me, take your place in our army. We’ll win and it will be glorious,” Stefanus said.

“I don’t want to be in anybody’s army, not ever,” Jesse said. “I won’t do it, and I don’t even understand how I got made or why or who would even want me.”

“Jesse, listen to me, this is the most important thing, your parents chose you, they adopted you, okay? None of this changes that, not at all, they love you. And you’re absolutely right, you don’t have to be in anyone’s army, not ours, and not hers.”

“But Sam, how…I mean, how did I get here, why am I like I am?” Jesse asked.

Sam took a deep breath and looked over at Dean, he waited until he got a nod from his brother to speak. “I was just fourteen, only a few years older than you are now. And this demon, Crowley, not the one inside of Julia here, but who would be his boss I guess. Well, he came to us and possessed Dean. He talked me into you know, jerking off into a container. Uh…you know what that means, right?”

Jesse went red in the face and nodded.

Sam’s cheeks also heated up, he took a deep breath and continued. “So I guess that Crowley,  brought it to Julia and got her pregnant somehow. That means…I guess that means that you’re my biological son.”

“You are so much more than some human’s son,” Stefanus interrupted. “You are one of the most powerful beings in existence, Jesse. You are the result of a virgin birth of the intercourse of a demon and a human, a cambion. And on the human side of things, Sam here is a vessel worthy of Lucifer himself which makes you even stronger.”

“I already have a dad though,” Jesse said.

“I know you do, Jesse. And I’m not going to try and take his place or anything like that, of course not. But I know he’d want you to be safe,” Sam said a little more urgently seeing the level of Jesse’s distress.

“Pssst, don’t listen to him, no one is safe, not when the angels are taking the world apart for their little Apocalypse. That’s why you want to be on the winning side with me, Jesse,” Stefanus said.

“Is that true, Sam? Are the angels taking the world apart?” Jesse asked.

Sam’s face looked pained for a moment, he looked over at Dean again and waited for some non-verbal cue that no one else in the room would understand. “Lucifer is an angel, a fallen one, he was locked up by God a long time ago to keep the world safe. It’s my fault that Lucifer was released, I made some bad choices and listened to the wrong advice. And I’m trying to undo all that, to put him back where he belongs.”

“Lucifer shall triumph! No human will ever defeat him!” Stefanus yelled.

Jesse looked over at him with a grimace and Stefanus felt his tongue and mouth go still and unmovable. He could breathe, but he couldn’t speak or make a noise.

“GO!”Jesse screamed towards him. “Get out of her!”

Stefanus couldn’t hold on, the power that the kid had was too much, it was overwhelming and everywhere and so damn loud and it hurt like his demon being was getting pushed through a metal sieve. And then he was out of Julia, no way back in, he was smoke and he was still getting pushed away. He chose the closest exit, the nearby chimney. He flew up and out and away from the house. And kept flying until he could no longer feel the cambion’s power pushing at him. He reformed himself, gathered all his pieces and parts back together and thought about his options. He could just leave from here, give Crowley a report, but that would be certain death since he’d failed so utterly. The only other option was to sneak back in and spy, not try and possess anyone, but to get information. That was Crowley’s stock-in-trade, he would always make a deal if you had something to offer. He had no choice, he pointed back towards the house and went back inside through one of the vents. He lingered in the walls, near where the conversation was happening. He hoped he’d see or hear something worth the risk.


“Is she going to be okay?” Jesse asked.

“Yeah, as okay as anyone ever is after demon possession. She’s lucky, nothing’s obviously broken, so I think she just needs to rest for a bit,” Sam said.

“Jesse, why don’t you go pack up some stuff and we’ll get on the road to our friend’s house?” Dean asked.

“The one that’s like Professor Xavier?” Jesse asked.

“Yeah, that’s the guy,” Dean said. “He’s got a little bit more hair though.”

“I’ll be right back,” Jesse said.  He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked back at the brothers sitting on the couch. “Thanks for coming, and explaining all of this to me, I was really scared. Now I’m not, I know it’s gonna be okay.”

Stefanus rolled his non-corporeal eyes. The kid had no clue what was coming for him.

While they waited for Jesse to come back downstairs, the brothers spoke to one another after making sure Julia was comfortable in her passed-out state. Stefanus hovered in the chimney in his smoke form, eavesdropping on them.

“Dean, all those years ago, I thought…I thought you’d played a trick on me, to get me to stop wanting you like I did. I was so mad for so long, I could barely function.”

“I remember you being mad back then, and I didn’t know what the hell I’d done to make you so damn mad at me. And you wouldn’t talk to me even when I asked and then it just got worse and worse from there.”

“I thought I’d finally gotten you to look at me the way I’d always wanted you to. We’d finally had some sort of sex and then, god, you were so shitty to me, you told me it was all a bad dream.”

“You were so damn sure that we’d had sex, but I knew we hadn’t. I mean I didn’t remember being possessed, I didn’t remember any of it, and I sure as hell would have. But back then I couldn’t tell you how I really felt, Sammy. I was trying to protect you from all that, from myself and what I wanted.”

“You were?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, I’m sorry I didn’t figure it out. I should have.”

“It was Crowley, we know how good he is at covering his tracks.”

“I’m sorry anyway, I shouldn’t have treated you like that though,” Dean said.

“I’m sorry too, I just wanted you so much I couldn’t think straight. Still can’t sometimes,” Sam confessed.

Stefanus could hear some noises that sounded like there was embracing and definitely kissing happening and wished he could peek out at them to see it.

“They were messing with us, all along, our whole damn lives. The angels, the demons, all of them,” Sam said.

“Fuck ‘em, fuck ‘em all. It’s gotta be you and me, from here on out, right? No matter what they throw at us, we’re stronger together, right?” Dean asked.

“You and me, that’s how we’re going to win,” Sam said.

There were more of the kissing noises, a few wet and hungry sounding growls followed by some big gasps of breath. A silence stretched between them.

“It’s been a little while since Jesse went up. Let’s go check on him, huh?” Dean said.

Stefanus could hear them trooping upstairs and their wild fruitless search for the child who he could sense was long since gone. He flowed out of the fireplace and found a pool of darkness underneath the couch. He heard the angel doll fall off the mantelpiece and then saw a scuffed toes of a pair of men’s shoes step into his view from where he remained hidden.

“How are we going to find him, Dean? We have to find him!” Sam yelled as they clumped down the stairs.

“The demon is still here,” the deep voice of the angel said, interrupting them. Jesse really had transformed the angel just before he’d gone. Stefanus kicked himself for not breaking that angel doll into tiny bits when he’d had the chance. At least he would have had that small triumph to bring back to Crowley.

“He’s gone, Jesse’s gone,” Sam told him, frantic and sad. He sat down on the couch heavily and covered his face with his hands. Dean came and sat next to him, the angel balanced on the arm of the couch.

“It’s okay, Sammy. We’ll find him, or maybe it’d be better if we didn’t.”

“I just found out he’s my son, and now he’s gone, and I would have done everything differently from the start if I’d known. I screw everything up, I keep screwing everything up.”

“You did fine with him, he just had to keep himself safe. He probably did the right thing poofing out of here like he did. Hey, he didn’t go with the demon and he let Cas get back to his regular self, so he’s starting out making good decisions, right?”

“I guess,” Sam said, shrugging. “I just wish I’d…”

“I know, me too,” Dean said, nudging Sam with his shoulder.

“As I said before, the demon is still here,” Castiel said.

And that was when Stefanus disappeared back up the chimney and out into the October Nebraska sky. He fled and flew and pushed himself away from the power of the angel, the cunning of the Winchesters, finally coming down in Kansas somewhere. He possessed a clerk in a convenience store, (oh aren’t those stores oh so very convenient) and sliced up a customer next to the rack of potato chips. The hot blood gushed and poured out of the man, quickly filling the bowl. Stefanus knew that it was possible that this would be his last moment alive, just as he’d assumed before. Crowley would be incensed and his life would be forfeit.

Instead he was surprised at how resigned Crowley was to hear that the cambion was still in the wind, and had been in Nebraska all along. He told Crowley about the Winchester brothers and their pet angel, but he already knew it all. He did laugh at Sam’s pain of being a father for a full ten minutes though. Stefanus grew tired of watching the blood boil with the energy of Crowley’s laughing. But, in the end, Stefanus was released from his servitude for the time being. Crowley told him to stay up top as long as he wanted to. And if he ever encountered the Winchesters again to call him.


Years and years passed and Stefanus stuck around Kansas, near Lebanon, the center of all things America and American. There was some power here that he couldn’t quite figure out and it intrigued his demon senses, he was drawn to it, and so he didn’t fight it. He occupied the bartender in the small town. It was boring, but at least it wasn’t Nebraska. Until he heard that familiar roar of that beautiful black car.

He felt the brothers before he saw them, their bond stronger than it had been before, broken, reformed several times over. They sat at a table in the dimmest corner of the bar, Dean approached him and ordered two beers and two shots of whisky.

He brought them over and set them on the table top. “You boys from around here?”

“Yeah, we are, just moved here from Lawrence,” Dean said.

“Well, welcome to town then,” Stefanus said, and fled to the relative safety behind the bar. He watched the brothers, and breathed them in. They were still so uniquely tangled and twisted together, indecipherable as separate beings when he peeked with his demon eyes. Their feet and legs were intertwined beneath the table, where human eyes couldn’t see. Was this worth calling Crowley over? Probably not, he seemed to always know about the Winchester’s whereabouts. Did he know that they’d turned into—this, whatever it was, it was the most intense thing he’d felt since he’d been inside Julia while the boy had been birthed.

He wondered if the brothers had ever encountered Jesse again, his long lost son. The one who got away. Stefanus didn’t have the guts to ask them, didn’t want to take the chance. He’d long since learned that there wasn’t much point in risking anything. There wasn’t a point to it any more. At least he was still topside and not stuck in the bowels of Hell. At least he still existed.


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