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Spoilery re: Jack in last night's episode

Has Jack been good for the world (as Cas says he had always had faith in)?

So far Jack has:


  1. Killed Michael and saved the world

  2. Prevented Nick from bringing back Lucifer from the Empty, and saved the world (again)

  3. Brought Sam back to life (as far as Dean’s concerned, this is saving the world also btw)

  4. Saved Sam,Dean, and Donatello from Asmodeus.

  5. Saved Sam,Dean and the apoca!world hunters from Michael’s monsters

  6. Saved Sam, Dean,and Cas from the gorgon

  7. Saved Sam from Lucifer in the s13 finale

  8. Helped Mary escape Michael in Apoca!World

  9. Saves Mary from Zachariah in Apoca!World

  10. Saves Mary from the Apoca!Kevin chest sigil spell

  11. Brought Maggie from Apoca!world back to life after Lucifer killed her

  12. Figured out the clues to bring Lora back to life with the cursed locket

1. Killed Mary by accident (even though he told her to keep away)
2. Killed a security guard by accident (while saving Sam and Dean from being shot)

Pretty sure Jack’s a keeper, hope Dean and Cas and not!Bobby listen to Sam in the next episode.

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