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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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dean shadow

8.01 - We Need To Talk About Kevin

For spoilery purposes the whole shebang is under a readmore

This was a pretty good season opening episode, especially compared to the lameness that was the season 7 finale.  We watched it immediately before the new episode aired, so it was easy to compare.  I was relieved to enjoy it so much, and I'm now really looking forward to the rest of the season.

Dean was back, the bad-ass Dean I've missed for a few seasons now!  The Dean who pushes his brother, and TALKS to his brother.  They actually talked! Like for-real grownups or something, *gasp*   I didn't feel the need to immediately go write fix-it-conversation fic like allll of last season.  They were so closed off from each other last season, sure they were grieving and Sam was messed up for most of it, but the number of conversations that we actually got to hear between them were pretty sparse.  (Absence of the Impala!)  But Dean expressed his hurt, and his jealousy and his "deep abiding love" just straight out.  Sure he was being snarky, but he completely meant it (not in a shippy sort of way obviously), but still, how cool was that, Dean saying it straight out for once! And Sam listened and responded.  If this is what they meant in the spoilers about the boys maturing, then I'm all for it.
But Purgatory Dean is hot like burning hot hot, I had a really hard time not making comments about it in front of my husband and all the teenagers watching with us (we had my son and four of his friends over watching, one of whom had never seen an episode before, boy did he have a lot of questions!).  God, I loved how dirty hot he is, with his leather jacket and homemade weapons and kill-first-ask-questions-later attitude.  And when he comes back, he's not instantly back in the bottom of a liquor bottle, Purgatory is apparently a very effective detox, who knew? Well he said it felt pure.  That made so much sense to me, that he would enjoy that purity of the hunt, of survival, kill-or-be-killed, without all the grey areas that always confuse him so much in our reality.

The worst thing about the episode was that Sam was completely out of character for me, I still don't buy that he wouldn't look for Dean AT ALL.  Just no.  It doesn't make any sense based on the previous 7 season's worth of characterization or how things were left at the end of season 7 and his explanation sounded pretty half-hearted to me, like he knew it didn't add up as he was saying it.  I really really hope that there is a twist that shows that Sam had to make a deal not to look for him.  But they also want us to believe that Sam didn't go around and clean up the Leviathans? Really he would just let all that go, or was that just a dropped plot line?  He didn't follow up to make sure the Leviathans evil coffee creamer wasn't actually going to get distributed? Really?  Because he was the ONLY person who knew about that left!  Jut because Dick was killed didn't mean that the Leviathans were going to give up.  And we're supposed to also believe that he didn't try to find and rescue Kevin? Really?  When has Sam ever given up on one of their "clients"? I honestly  can't think of one. 
After the introduction of the Amelia character I said well it looks like Sam got bitched at and ordered around for a year, awesome.  Which I guess is probably what he truly needed, a Dean replacement.  But I just don't think a real vet would guilt-force a wounded animal onto someone that just said they can't handle a pet, just no.  Honestly in the flashbacks it seemed like Sam missed the dog more than her.  I did love how outright jealous Dean sounded though when he was pushing Sam to explain himself.
8.01deangetscallfrombennyHow about the secrets Dean's already keeping from Sam?  Will they ever learn?  I kind of hope Sam has a secret also just to balance things out.  In this scene, Sam instantly knows something's up when Dean gets a call.  Just like I dunno, when your mistress calls when you're having dinner with your wife? Awkward.  Funny dynamic set up already which will be good for the rest of the season. Sam will have his chance at jealousy when he learns about Benny.  I can't wait to hear Dean explain why he let a vampire's soul ride out of Purgatory inside him.  Good consistency in having Benny's soul be that sick red-orange of slain demons vs. the white light of angels or blue-purple of humans.  My bet is that Dean's reluctance to spell out what happened with Cas means that he either had to kill him to power their escape from Purgatory, or had to choose to selfishly leave him behind.  There was a whole lot of guilt on Dean's face when he was skirting around the issue.  I liked the continuity of Sam caring about Castiel that carries over from the last few seasons.
8.01deanarmSeriously Jensen, you're killing me here.
The scene with the hamburger was adorable.  I just can't get over the look of love and gratitude on Dean's face, and Sam's embarrassment about it, precious.  But I was mad that Dean had to be dumb about the internet speak that Sam was rolling with, remember last season, when Dean was trained by Frank and out-computer sleuthed Sam in Time After Time.  I hate it when they make Dean dumb like that, because c'mon, he's not!

Crowley was snarky and awesome as usual, he got so many great lines in this episode!  I still am holding onto my maybe he's actually God in disguise theory.  (I promise I'll write this down and post it this week so you know what I'm talking about).  But if Crowley is supposed to be the Big Bad, then he's got to get bigger and badder as we go through this season and what kind of awesome twist would that be if he turned out to indeed be God.  This was the first time we've seen him straight out kill a human, and I'm telling myself it is still possible he resurrected her once the Impala pulled away.  Poor Kevin having to see that!  I liked how competent they showed him to be, especially in comparison to Sam.  SuperSoaker with holy water, finally! That was a good conversation between Sam and Kevin about college and the hunting life, (It gets better/You know I'm not gay got a huge laugh reaction in our viewing audience!).  I'm hoping maybe Kevin will end up being closer to Sam so he'll have a friend that is his and not Dean's first.

So in summary the boys are back on my TV! Hurrah!
The boys are talking!   will wonders never cease...
They're not suicidal, they're back together, and  in Baby, plus they have a great new sidekick in Kevin, and a good story arc to deal with in maybe getting to close the gates of hell.  
Sounds good to me.

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The worst thing about the episode was that Sam was completely out of character for me, I still don't buy that he wouldn't look for Dean AT ALL. Just no.

I am under the distinct impression that there is something going on with Sam we don't know yet. Why did he snuck out of Amelia's house in the middle of the night? Who was watching Sam drive away from Amelia? If Sam dropped out of hunting, why did he return to Rufus cabin just when Dean came back from purgatory? Is that really a coincidence? When Dean asks Sam if he looked for him or what made him drop out of hunting, Sam evades. He doesn't answer and just let's Dean draw his own conclusions instead. All that tells me that Sam is hiding something, just like Dean hides his association with Benny from Sam. So, I hold out hope that there is more to Sam's motivation to stop hunting than it appears at the moment. It doesn't change the fact though that all that secrecy between Sam and Dean feels forced, it's there to create conflict, and I find that annoying. God forbid, we actually have a season where the brothers get along.

I totally agree with you, there's got to be something, (pleaseohplease), some reason that Sam is so unlike himself. Not Soul-less Sam, but Gut-less Sam. It just doesn't add up, so hopefully there's some great big secret twist coming. I may be fooling myself on this, but I like the rest of it so much I just have to go with that possibly foolish hope.
Yeah, the artificial Sam/Dean conflict is kinda ho-hum we've seen this before, but at least they talked to each other in this episode, a lot like they used to, so I found that heartening even though they're keeping secrets from each other as usual. Why change now?
I think when Sam left and showed up at Rufus' cabin it was because Dean had gotten hold of him on the one phone he kept, there was a line about how about half of Sam's phones were out of service. But yeah it wasn't really clear how Sam knew to go to Rufus' cabin. The expression on Amelia's face said she wasn't surprised or sad, but maybe kinda resigned to Sam taking off. But I'm really intrigued by who the mysterious figure watching Sam leave Amelia was? Dean? Benny? Or a Crowley minion? Or whoever was controlling/working with Sam? I like how many questions we're left with, gives them something to reveal over the course of the season.

I want the mysterious figure to be Cas. Dean thinks he's dead, but he actually snuck out of purgatory to stalk Sam, and there's something plotty going on. Sam seemed really surprised and pushy on the subject of Cas's supposed demise with Dean.

Ooh! I hadn't considered that. That is actually a very intriguing possibility. I will say that this episode as made me more interested in what's going on with Cas than I have been in a long time, and he wasn't even in it!

Sam is so weird in this ep. Like his actions on paper don't make sense, but on re-watch, I noticed a lot more cues about his body language that made me think, and indicated that something else might be going on. idk, it made me enjoy it more. That said, I'm worried that none of it will pan out in a satisfying manner. I'm afraid of getting my hopes up!

You're right about Sam's body language, he was really holding back and pretty evasive when being challenged by Dean. Yes, I hope we're not getting our hopes up, but it's intriguing enough so far to make me want to keep on watching.

Ooooh, I love that idea that would be a good twist. You're right Sam did seem pretty surprised to hear of Cas' death, maybe like he was trying to get Dean's side of the story having already heard Cas' dun dun dun.

Or how about it was Benny ,who then went and killed Amelia as soon as he saw Sam leave and called Dean at the end of the ep. as he stood next to her funeral service...

Don't click if you don't want a future spoiler, but [Spoiler (click to open)]Benny certainly didn't kill Amelia, she appears current time a few eps on.

It could be Benny, though I don't know, I'm not sure he'd come back to earth and have an instant interest in Sam like that. It could be some Crowley thing.

Oh shoot, I forgot about that spoiler. Dang. I was looking closely at the funeral scene to see if there were any recognizable people, but nope. The only reason I can think that Benny would be lurking on Sam's doorstep would be if the alphavamp is involved somehow.

I agree there was much to love.
Sam just broke my heart, I hope they have a good reason for making him so not Sam.

“We always told each other NOT to look for each other. That’s smart. Good for you. Of course we always ignored that because of our deep, abiding love for each other, but not this time.”

-Dean to Sam

That broke my heart just so badly.

I'm feeling the broken heart too, on both counts. I agree, there better be a good reason for him not being Sam. And they never ever said not to look for each other. Not that we saw or heard of anyways. And sure doesn't sound like something they would have ever said, not last season. They were so desperately intertwined, remember, "Stone number One" in episode 7.2 and "Don't die on me." at the end of the Amazon episode. Those are not two brothers agreeing to just not bother looking if one of them disappears, nope.

Right. When Dean went to Hell he made Sam promise not to bring him back to save Sam. Just like breaking his deal, that is so Dean and Sam ignored him.

Just like when Sam was in the cage, he made Dean promise for the sake of humanity. Also Dean knew where Sam was, and if he could have safely gotten Sam home I know he would have.

Dean was just *poof gone*with Castiel, and to blow off Kevin. There better be a damn good reason for that. Sam turn his back on someone like that? I don't buy it.

Brother's who sell their souls and make backroom deals with demons to save the other would not be all oh hey Dean went Bye bye...oh ok I will just soldier on and get a life. I don't buy it.

Sorry so ranty >_<

Rant away, I'm right there with you bb!
I don't buy it either, not straight up anyways, there's gotta be something else that Sam's not telling Dean.

Hahaha, your mistress/wife analogy! Perfect. *g* I'm okay with the boys having to work out their issues, as long as there's evidence of the deep abiding love. :-D

Yes, I'm sticking with them as long as they're throwing around phrases like "our deep abiding love." and grinning at each other over a cheeseburger. just kill me now.

LOL, you watch Supernatural with your family? I try to watch it alone, like it's some kind of porn.

They talked a lot in the episode, true, and it was awesome. Talking and hugs and feeding Dean burgers, mmm. Good stuff.

I kind of hope Sam has a secret also just to balance things out.

He had a secret about the dog smell in the car, but he got busted. Seriously though, he never answered Dean's question if he looked for him. Maybe there's something to it.

I watch with them and then on my own (so I can rewind and watch Dean walking in those jeans slow-mo, ahhh, the bow-legs...)
There was a lot of talking, and hugs, and loving Dean up with a burger and fries, awww. And Dean only had One Beer!

The dog smell secret was hilarious, Sam's I'm-not-getting-away-with-it face was adorable. He never did really answer Dean, so I'm hoping there's a secret, like an unsavory deal he had to make...

I found it such a combination of them both maturing and yet also being in the same spot they were in seasons1/2. Which, of course, fills me with GLEE.

I was worried that we were going back to a Hell and Demon storyline, as the BIG BAD demons had gotten rather tame. But I am pleasantly surprised that now I'm looking forward to it.

Yes, a good combination of maturing and still being in the same places as seasons 1 and 2. Lets see if they make different choices this time shall we hmmmm?
I'm tentatively looking forward to the storyline this season, thrilled to bits that Crowley's a big part of it and I really hope Meg makes a comeback.

So much YES to Dean's little moment of internet dumbness! :< It made me cross. I'm going to try to pretend it was Dean being Big Brotherly annoyed at Sam for trying to be all ~impressive, and Dean wanting to demonstrate how visibly unimpressed he was. (But you know! He should have done that by rattling off some computer lingo that he totally knew because of Frank!)


I'm glad I wasn't the only one cross about Dean being lame about the internet speak. I think your take on it works, just big brother exasperation.
Hot Dirty Delicious Dean, I'm okay with these Purgatory flashbacks, I really truly am.

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