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So Last Night's Ep

This is of course, very full of spoilers

So...about last night's supernatural episode.

I'll start with the things I liked:

I liked Cas interrupting Sam and Eileen from whatever was about to happen (I think he was going to let her down as easy as possible).
Seeing Jensen sing with his friend Chris Kane.
I actually really liked the monster, the whole idea of it, what it gave you, how you had to keep it and it turned you into a monster yourself. I'm assuming that having it in the basement of the bar meant that whoever got up on stage to perform could sing. I wish they'd said something like that instead of surprise! Dean can all of a sudden sing!
It was good that Cas came back and tried to help, I liked that he tried to fix what happened to Sam when he tried, and he thought ahead to have leverage over Sergei just in case.
I actually enjoyed the bar fight and Lee vs. Dean fight.
It was great to see Dean getting his mojo back, rediscovering his "special purpose"
I very much liked Sergei, he's a good bad guy character, reminds me of Bella, and I'm glad he asked about the Black Key...ooh maybe for another episode?
I thought the soul stretching because it's attached to someone else was interesting. I instantly thought of how Sam's soul is likely already attached in some way to his soulmate's soul, Dean. Who was far away at the moment.  And to have it also be attached to Chuck somehow was too much and was killing Sam.
I'm glad that Sam figured out the Chuck memories stuff, and that he's so hopeful again

I did not like:

I did not like the maybe romantic stuff with Eileen and Sam, I just wanted her to be a friend for Sam. But she's obviously into him, big time (who wouldn't be right?). But he seemed so reluctant and hesitant with her. It's like he knows what she wants, and he doesn't want to disappoint her, but he doesn't really seem too into her either. It was like he was making himself make a move. Like I said I was glad that Cas interrupted. Hopefully he was just going to let her down as easily as possible.
The bar being named Swayze's and all the Roadhouse shot for shot, word for dialogue stealing, took me right out of the ep. So did the reference to Dean lip syncing to Eye of the Tiger. Dean somehow told Lee about an outtake from the show (huh??)
And all the FBBC logos everywhere. c'mon now.
So this bar scene was essentially an ad for Jensen's new music release (Yay!) as well as his beer. Ok, fine, whatever, it's partly his show, and I wouldn't be surprised if the CW have some sort of interest in FBBC.
Lee's death scene was about 30 seconds too long, c'mon now.
Cas letting Sergei just leave after what he did to Sam is so very very sad to me. Same with Eileen, why didn't they put some hurt on him? Oh no big deal, the dude just tried to kill my friend, see ya next time, bye....Oh help yourself to all the goodies on the way out too! Seriously, Cas didn't walk that guy out of the bunker after he was slavering over all the stuff in the place? What?

The major issue with the episode was why the heck did Dean leave in the first place? After Sam told him he wanted him to stay. Hell, in the last ep, he told Dean that he needed him that he couldn't do it without him. Dean left without telling Sam he was going to check out a case and where he was going, that seems like the wrong move. And very out of charcter for him, especially with Sam's wound and visions happening and the whole Chuck and Lilith thing. Dean just took off. Was he mad that Sam made Eileen real bacon? Or that he was having fun with his friend? He's so jealous and he hates how jealous he is. So he leaves, it's hard to take as a viewer, but maybe a little understandable. But not telling Sam where and why he's going seems super dumb to me.

And then the whole cell phone thing at the end of the ep, so they're trying to make me believe that Dean drove six hours home after finally hearing Cas' frantic messages about Sam and he didn't try to call for a freaking update? He was so nonchalant when he walked in, "How's Sam?" Seriously?! I honestly wanted to be the Green Cooler in the car on the way back, listening to Dean raging at himself all the way to Kansas.

I'm sad thinking about how Dean will likely never tell Sam about the case. Sam never knew about Lee and probably never will. And Dean will start acting like he's better now and Sam will think that it's because he got some time away from him. :-(

Easy ways this could have been a x10000 better episode.
Have one line after the monster reveal about the thing making everyone in the bar above better at everything, or giving them their wishes.
Have Sam come on the case, even bringing Eileen. So that he'd be in the audience to see Dean sing, which would have been all kinds of hilarious, and A Big Clue to solve the case. Because Dean Doesn't Sing Well according to the whole rest of canon. eh 14 years, whatever.

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