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So Who's Tiger Daddy?

I guess sd this post is pure show speculation based on 8.02, it would be considered spoilery, although it's just me guessing, who knows if any of it will come to pass on show.

So when Crowley mentioned knowing who Kevin's real dad is, that got me thinking about who it could possibly be and whether they'll explore it on Show or if it was merely a throw-away demon taunt.  He seemed to think it was something worth teasing about, something that would bother or upset Kevin to know.  We couldn't tell by Ms. Tran's reactions as she was not really conscious, but Kevin did look surprised and concerned.
If they are going to pursue Kevin's parentage as a story line wouldn't it be interesting if John Winchester were Kevin's Dad?  He's seventeen, and John's only been dead for 6 or 7 years, so it is possible.  Another half-brother for the Winchesters.  Maybe they could work on rescuing Adam or at least mention him?

Or how about Bobby?  Didn't he say he was getting special Thai massages and implied there was sex involved?  Not that Ms. Tran was a sexworker, but who knows right?  So Kevin would be a kind of sort of half-brother to the Winchesters.

Or maybe Chuck/God?  There are many myths where Gods father children on humans, creating special offspring, like say a Prophet?  Perhaps Ms. Tran is actually Mistress Magda, I could see that actually, she was very commanding.

I was going to start guessing angels but if they're supposedly "junkless" then that's a no-go on fathering children.

Would Sam and Dean even bother discussing this at all or would they have forgotten it in them midst of all the fighting and drama of Dean almost killing Crowley!Ms.Tran?  Do you have any guesses, or do you think Show is just going to drop this whole thing?  

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