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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Gift Box

Fic: Gift Box - Chapter 2 of 3

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They blink at each other and slowly sit up to get out of the box buried in the ground.  Call it a grave Dean thinks to himself.  Amazed that he’s about to be climbing out of yet another one.

They help each other up and pat each other softly checking one another like their father taught them so many years ago.  Kissing gently once more, which he sure as hell did not teach them.  They do up their messed-up pants, wipe off their sticky hands on the wooden remains of the box, find their cell phones and climb out of the hole (grave).

Both blink around at the bright sunshine, trying to figure out where they might be.  A big cleared area in a sparse forest. It looks to Dean like the spot where he came out of the ground when Cas brought him back from Hell.  “What the hell was that Sam? What did that?”  Dean asks with no little bit of fear evident in his voice.

“I, uh, pretty sure it was me.”

“Wow, now that’s a useful superpower.” Dean jokes, rolling his eyes.

Sam shoves him forcefully in response, “Guess so.  Wish I’d gotten the ability to teleport or fly or something.”

They walk through the scrubby forest slightly downhill for a while towards some buildings and what looks like a road in the distance.

 “So, why do you think you were able to do something like that all of a sudden?” Dean asks tentatively breaking the silence.

“Um, I’m not really sure, it’s been years since I moved anything with my mind, and I never did anything like that, so I figure it had something to do with all the energy between us, so much built up and I wanted to remember it and somehow it went through me and I concentrated it.”

“That going to happen every time we uh, you know, do it?” Dean asks a little bashfully.

“I don’t think so Dean, as long as we don’t let years of unconsummated desire build up again.” Sam smiles down at him.

“Don’t think that’ll be a problem little brother.  Not a chance.”  Dean manages to strut his best cock o’the walk as they make their slow way down the sparsely forested hill.

 “So where in the hell are we? Doesn’t look like Nevada to me.”

“No idea, I really don’t know. And where’s the Impala anyways.  Where’s my damned baby?”

They start walking towards the sun on the horizon, is it rising or setting, they don’t really know, but they’re on their way together. Dean’s got his arm around Sam’s waist, Sam’s is wrapped around Dean’s shoulders, they’re bumping hips occasionally, but so used to walking closely that it’s easy between them.   For a while they don’t talk, there doesn’t seem to be a need to, both still reeling from their sudden escape and everything that had gone before it. 

Dean can’t believe it, that he can still taste the flavor of Sam’s mouth in his own; there isn’t anything sweeter he thinks, he still is amazed that Sam is here, alive, with his soul, really with him.

 Sam can’t believe he and Dean are together, just like that, or that he got Dean to talk that much, to share himself that openly, he’s wondering if it will ever happen again and he ‘s wondering if it’s a good thing that he hasn’t seen a hint of Lucifer since they woke up in the box.

“Hey Dean?”

“What or who do you think put us in that box?”

Dean can see that Sam’s got his thinking face on, and he’s right, they need to figure this out, because something powerful enough to trap them like that needs to get sorted out as quickly as they can manage it, “Pretty short list of potential suspects, ability to transport us, alter our memories, physically bury us.  Angels is the one I keep coming back to.”

“Yeah, me too.  But who, and why?”  Sam’s trying to remember if there are any angels they’ve encountered that are still alive, maybe they’ve forgotten about someone.

“Don’t know, couldn’t be Cas since he’s gone, and from what he said he’d wiped out a lot of angels during the whole civil war thing.  Who’s left that we know?”

“Maybe Balthazar?  I don’t know if Cas figured out he was double-agenting him or not, or what he would have done to him. When was the last time we saw him?”  Sam asks, thinking about his memories of his soul-less self summoning Balthazar and attempting to kill Bobby even though he tries to think of anything else besides that.

“He came to see us when you were out for the count in the panic room, running around with yourself in your head.  He gave us the location of where Cas and Crowley were doing the Purgatory spell.  Oh yeah and he called you Sleeping Beauty and asked me if I’d stolen any kisses.”  Dean sniggers at the memory.  Sam laughs so suddenly and completely, he has to stop walking and bend over, he’s laughing so hard.

“What’s so damned funny all of a sudden?” Dean asks, a little pissed off not to be in on the joke, hoping that Sam isn’t suddenly hysterical because of what they’ve done.

Sam gasps a little, trying to stop his laughing enough so he can talk, “Just struck me as weird that even an angel knew about us before we figured it out for ourselves.”

Dean chuckles, “Yeah, guess we should have listened to all those people over the years who thought we were a couple.”

“Guess so, at least we got it eventually even if it took being buried in a box together.”

“True. As strange as it sounds, I’m kind of glad we were stuck in that box. Glad as hell we got out, of course.  But if it hadn’t happened, who knows when we would have figured it out.  Glad it worked.”

“Me too.” Sam pulls Dean in a little tighter, making both of them stumble just a bit.

“So maybe Balthazar tricked Cas and us and is still somehow around and fucking with us?”

“Maybe, should we try that angel summoning thing?  It only works if you know the angel’s name, and his is the only one that we know who’s possibly still alive.  Otherwise I’m fresh outta ideas.”

“Yeah let’s do it, I’d love to talk to the smarmy bastard. We owe him a debt.” Dean says matter-of-factly, assuming Sam knows what he’s talking about.

“Owe him for what?”

“Well, for helping us try to stop Cas, but if he stuck us in that box, we owe him for this.”  Dean gestures between them, at their closeness, at their togetherness.

“How can we ever thank him enough?” Sam knows it’s a completely sappy thing to say, but he figures Dean will allow this kind of talk for a little while longer.

Dean leans up to kiss Sam on the cheek in answer, too embarrassed to say anything, and spots the Impala down the road, “There she is, thank God!”

“You’ve got to come up with another expression.”

“Yeah I know, I’m still working on it, long lived habits are hard to change you know?”

Dean opens the passenger door for Sam and closes it after Sam gets in.  Sam hits him upside the head when he slides into the driver’s seat.  “I’m not a damned girl Dean, you don’t have to do shit like that.  Long lived habits my ass!”

“Aww, Samantha, c’mon, you’re my best girl, just trying to treat you right.”

Sam punches him in the shoulder, hard, “Well cut it the hell out would you?”

Dean rubs at the spot that Sam just demolished, “Sheesh, okay, whatever princess, just thought you’d appreciate it, I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to overreact.  I just don’t want this new part of us to change everything else you know?”

“Yeah, you’re right Sammy, do-over?” Dean asks with that ten year old voice that always gets right to Sam.

Sam leans over to kiss Dean with the now-familiar unrestrained passion Dean’s quickly getting used to.  “Mmmm, no problem, you can have as many do-overs as you need Dean.”

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The Impala starts up with a familiar roar and gets them to a motel pretty quickly, turns out they’re not in Sparks, Nevada any more, but in South Lake Tahoe, California.  They’re both hungry so they get some pizza delivered and dig through their supplies for what they need for the angel summoning.  They find they have almost everything, but need to get a few things tomorrow.  Sam is buried in the journal, all his attention on trying to find the exact wording of the spell that they’d written down someplace.

“I’m gonna take a shower now” Dean says, a little shyness in his voice which Sam immediately notices.  He lets Dean get into the shower before he joins him in the bathroom, asking him through the curtain, heart in his throat, hoping he gets the answer he wants, “Want a little company?”  

Dean is silent for a second, his whistling tune stopping abruptly.   “Yeah, get in here,” Dean says roughly.  Sam gets his clothes off in record time and steps into the tub. 

“Wow.”  Sam can’t help himself saying when he sees Dean, wet under the shower, droplets hanging on his ridiculously long eyelashes, skin flushed a beautiful pink, gorgeous cock thickening under his gaze.  They both can’t stop looking their fill, this is the first time they’ve seen each other completely naked with the intent to do something about it. 

“Wow yourself.” Dean answers with a slow, one-sided grin changing his face as the desire he can’t possibly stop floods him with need and want.  They crash together just this side of violent, their sudden clumsiness turning into a heated pulling, pushing together of their now slick bodies under the hot spray of water. 

Dean can’t believe how good this is, and pushes Sam up against the tiles, slotting themselves together like they’ve been doing it for years already.  Relishing the hot water making them slip and slide together with such a smooth glide.  It’s so good he can’t stop himself when the words escape him, “Sam, you’re it for me.  You and me, that’s all I want.  All I ever wanted. This. Us.  Together, is our normal.  You learn how to make me pie and I’ll be the happiest man in the world. Love you so much Sammy.” Dean pants and somehow forces out the words as he pumps his hips into Sam, that delicious friction building and building, and he’s not going to think about what a girl he’s sounding like, he’s not, because this is Sam, and this is important, and this is everything to him 

Sam can barely contain his joy at hearing his brother’s words, that he’s still talking to him like this, so open and honest and true.  He responds by pulling Dean in even tighter, trying to get the angle just right until it suddenly is. “Dean, oh god so good. I love you too, so much, never stopped, you’re it for me too, you always have been.  I swear we’re gonna be happy together, and I promise I’m never leaving you.  Ever again.”  Sam manages to grit out as they thrust and grind and push and pull each other as their desire and love winds and swirls through them and around them both.   It’s not as explosive as the first time as it was when they were trapped in the box, but its close, the bathroom door blows off its hinges and the mirror cracks. 

“Guess we’re getting a little better at this, the roof didn’t blow off this time.” Sam notes as they dry off with the small worn motel towels.

“Gonna take a lot of practice to get it just right Sammy.”  Dean’s hands can’t leave Sam’s skin for long, he pulls him out towards the bed, tucking him in and rolling over him to land on the other side. 

“I don’t mind the idea of that at all, the more practice the better.”  They rearrange themselves and find they fit together as well as they did in the box. 

Neither of them wants to fall asleep just yet, honestly neither of them want this day to ever end.  So they lie there together quietly, just gently stroking each other, reveling in this new simple pleasure, lying in a bed naked, clean, happy, sated, with the one person in the whole world that they love more than anything.

“Hey Dean?” Sam whispers into Dean’s neck.

“Yeah, what Sammy?”  Dean hesitates, not sure he wants yet another conversation today, but just like always, not able to resist that little brother whisper.

“Thanks.” Sam says with a firmness that surprises Dean so that he can’t speak for awhile.  What is Sam thanking him for now?  At least he isn’t apologizing anymore or calling himself a burden.

“Thanks for what?” Dean’s hand rubs his brother’s back slowly.

“Everything.”  Sam says slowly as he falls asleep. 

Dean smiles and says softly pulling Sam in closer, “You’re welcome.”

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Dean wakes up first the next morning and he spends a few minutes just memorizing how his brother looks close-up like this, he hasn’t seen him look this relaxed and happy in a very long time.  So young and untroubled, and so very beautiful.  He sighs happily because he maybe feels like the luckiest man alive.  Or maybe the luckiest girl in the world, given how he’s been acting since they started talking in that damn box in the ground.  Sam doesn’t seem to mind though, because just look at him lying there all peaceful like he should be.  Dean sighs again, this time even more happily.  Since their faces are so close together that second louder sigh is enough to wake Sam up from his tranquil sleep.  Immediately Sam is searching Dean’s face as if he’s somehow surprised, smiling softly.

“Hi.” Sam caresses Dean’s cheek.

“Hi.” Dean leans into Sam’s caress.

“Huh, you’re still here.” Sam says, trying not to sound as surprised as he is.

“Yup.  Where’d you think I’d be?”  Dean is momentarily worried that he’s not doing what Sam expected, he’s not sure what the new rules are with everything so completely changed between them.

“Off someplace freaking out.”  Sam immediately knows that he couldn’t be more wrong in what he’d been assuming Dean’s reaction would be.  A huge grin dawns on his face.

“Nope, not me.  I’m good.”  Dean returns his grin.

“Good, me too.” 

Dean swallows up the last of Sam’s words with his own lips, sealing them together, morning breath and all.  The sweetness of Sam’s taste still comes through and he thrills to realize that he recognizes it now, a taste he’ll never forget.  Never ever give up.

Sam moves up and over Dean, covering him completely with his body, bracing himself above Dean with his hands cradling Dean’s head, turning it just so to deepen the kiss.  Both of them are making noises, serious happy noises, but no one is talking this time, nobody is asking questions, or being the least bit hesitant.  Dean’s hands are roaming up and down Sam’s back, he’s reveling in the feeling of the strong muscles that bunch and flex as Sam moves.  He brings his hands down to the perfect curve of Sam’s ass, kneading and pressing into the powerful rounded glutes that he’s been admiring all these years, amazed that it’s finally his turn to hold them, to do this, to feel what and where he wants on his brother. 

He looks up at Sam, realizing that they’d told each other only yesterday that they wanted everything from each other, to try everything together.  Dean internally gulps in a little bit of fear that he won’t be good enough for Sam. But squashes that down when he hears the pleased moans his brother is voicing as Dean gropes Sam’s ass, pulling his cheeks apart and petting gently up and down his crack, rubbing softly near his hole.  He grins at the thought that there’s nothing stopping him in taking what he wants.  And Sam seems to be into it, going near crazy when Dean puts one tip of his finger inside Sam, rubbing up against Dean furiously, tongue-fucking him deeper and deeper until Dean can barely breathe.  Dean flips them over, Sam going easily, without any protest at all, opening his legs automatically so that Dean can settle between them as natural as breathing.

Dean kisses him thoroughly and completely, reluctantly leaving Sam breathless and red-faced on the bed, to dash into the bathroom to grab the lotion bottle.  He walks back in to the bedroom, smoothing himself with a handful of the heavily floral scented stuff and stops in his tracks at the sight of Sam stretched out wantonly on the bed.  He’s locked eyes on Dean as he rubs himself in time to Dean’s strokes, his cock hard, jutting out, looking oh so ready.  Dean’s surprised to find his mouth watering at the thought of Sam’s cock filling his mouth.  Sure he’s given his share of blow jobs over the years, but it wasn’t ever something he’d gotten into, but this is Sam.  And he’s beautiful, and perfect, and just what Dean’s always wanted to have, to take, to taste, to possess. 

He drops the lotion on the bed next to Sam and knees up between Sam’s legs, spreading them even wider, sliding his hands over onto Sam’s sharp hipbones, caressing him gently.  He checks one last time, because this is it, it will count as “real sex” in his mind if he does this, he takes the time to read his brother’s face; carefully searching to see if there’s any hesitation or revulsion there, but no, of course not, they both want this.  Sam sees his slight hesitation and smiles at him and raises one eyebrow as if to say “let’s get to getting here.”  Dean smiles back at Sam and waggles his eyebrows, dipping down to breathe over the length of his brother’s hardness.  Sam groans and thrusts his hips in small movements in response.  Dean hums in happiness as he takes the tip of his brother’s cock into his mouth.  He feels Sam’s reaction and hums even louder, knowing that the vibration will be driving Sam wild. 

Sam’s up on his elbows, watching Dean’s mouth taking him in almost all the way down, eyes closed, long lashes brushing his cheeks and those lips so reddened and puffy now.  Sam wants to start talking, spilling filthy dirty things about Dean’s mouth but he stops himself and lets himself listen instead to the messy  wet slurping sounds of what Dean is doing to him.  He reaches out with one hand to run it through Dean’s hair, pulling up a bit to let him know he’s close.  That’s still the right way to do it he hopes, to signal your partner before dumping your load down their throat. 

Dean’s response is to take Sam even further down his throat, luckily recalling the deep throat trick he’d learned of swallowing deeply around the tip which is the thing that puts Sam over the edge.  Sam loses himself somewhere in-between coming down Dean’s throat and flopping back down to the bed with his arm over his eyes. 

A true momentary loss of awareness. 

The next thing Sam knows he feels Dean’s breath on the side of his face and feels the rhythm of him stroking himself over his hip.  Sam manages to get his hand over Dean’s, tightening their grip on Dean’s cock, a few more strokes is all it takes and then Dean’s coming hot and wet over their joined hands.  Dean collapses with a happy sigh next to Sam, wiping his hand clean on Sam’s stomach.

“Ew, c’mon Dean.”  Sam wipes himself off with a corner of the sheet and meets Dean’s amused smirk with a mild bitchface.

And just like that Dean realizes how much he loves it that they can still do this, tease each other like they always have, even if it’s about something as intimate as whose come ends up where after sex, “Better get used to it Sammy, there’s a lot more where that came from.”

“You are gross my brother.  You always have been, and I guess you always will be.”  Sam pronounces, resigned to the fact that no matter how gross Dean really is, they both know he loves him anyways.

“You’re stuck with me now though.”  Dean preens, rubbing his hand back over Sam’s mostly clean stomach.

Sam wrinkles his nose at the thought of being stuck to the sheets, “Ha-ha, definitely stuck if we don’t get cleaned up.”

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And so then they’re getting washed up, doing their normal morning routines, dancing around each other like usual in the bathroom, but with a difference.  They’re not making a point to stay far enough apart to make sure they don’t touch like they’re used to doing.  Sam notices it first when Dean is reaching around him from behind for his razor as he’s brushing his teeth, Dean is completely pressed up against his back with one hand gently on Sam’s shoulder.  And it feels good to be able to just lean back slightly into the touch instead of squawking about personal space.  Their eyes meet in the mirror and Sam can see that Dean has noticed too, they acknowledge it with small smiles that convey everything they need to without words. 

Yeah, it is nice being like this, easy with each other, comfortable, close, natural.  Sam thinks about all the time and energy he’s spent over the last 7 years trying to bottle all of that up and keep it hidden from Dean.  Just thinking about the whole thing makes him really happy all of a sudden that they’ve actually gotten here, together, finally. Sam finishes brushing his teeth and turns around slowly so that they’re face to face and kisses Dean softly before he has a chance to start shaving off the spicy scented shaving cream he’s already put on his face.  He’s almost successful, but neither of them minds terribly much that Sam ends up with more of it on him than Dean by the time they’re done.

Breakfast is where they first try to act “normal” in public.  Sam keeps Dean’s knee trapped between his almost the whole time.  And Dean reaches for Sam’s hand across the table just because he can.  It turns out that it’s distracting, having this new freedom with each other.  The tension finally breaks when Dean’s coffee cup gets knocked over onto his plate of pancakes when Sam decides he had to reach across the table to touch Dean’s face. 

“Maybe we should get takeout for lunch.” Sam laughs.

“Might have a better chance of actually eating some of it instead of wearing it.” Dean grumbles as he tries to salvage the remainder of his now-soggy breakfast.

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Their next stop is the butcher’s counter in a pricey grocery store for lamb’s blood, it’s lucky they’ve ended up in South Lake Tahoe, smaller towns in the area wouldn’t have had fresh lamb for sale. As it is they have to buy about ten pounds of freshly butchered lamb in order to get enough blood.  The butcher is confused that they don’t want the portions he had that had been hanging for a week as was normally done. 

“We like it fresh,” is all Dean can come up with to explain.  Sam rolls his eyes thinking about how bizarre they must seem to the man behind the counter.

As they walk off Dean gripes, “I wish we had a barbeque back at the motel, seems like a shame to throw all this meat away.”

“We’re going to be a little busy remember? Summoning angels and all?” Sam reminds him with an added hip check that sends Dean stumbling.

Dean pushes back at Sam trying to unbalance him, “Yeah, yeah, but I just hate wasting food.”

To get Dean to stop retaliating, Sam grabs him around the waist pulling him in close as they keep walking, “Maybe we can find a stray dog by the motel or something, how about that?”

“’kay but no stealing its bones, we got the ones we need for the spell now.” Dean gives Sam one of those mischievous grins that ask if he’s gone far enough to rate an ‘ew’ reaction yet.

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