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Supernatural Pairing Bingo

I've gone and done it, finally signed up for one of these bingo prompt thingies, thought this one would be really fun, to stretch me out of just writing Sam/Dean forever and ever.  snickfic luckily pointed out that "pairing" could also just be friendship according to the rules, so I thought it was worth trying.  And I was adventurous and put down het,slash and femslash, so check out this cool card that I got:

Crowley/ CastielJody Mills/ BobbyBela Talbot/ MegAnna/RubyJohn/ Gordon Walker
Dean/ Crack CharacterSam/ Adam MilliganAnna/ CastielJohn/MaryDean/Gabriel
Meg/CastielDean/ MichaelWILD CARD Dick Roman/ CrowleyMichael/ Lucifer
Anna/MarySam/ Crossover CharacterDean/ Victor HenriksonTamara/ Gwen CampbellKrissy Chambers/ Claire Novak
Jo/ LenoreAlpha Vampire/ DeanDean/ Cassie RobinsonSam/ LuciferDean/OC
The one that I'm initially the most worried about is Sam/Lucifer, mostly because that's not a relationship I like to even think about much less write something.  Several of the others that have minor characters will be challenging since I haven't thought much about them.  But that's why I signed up, so I'm happy.  

Tamara/Gwen Campbell, oooh, of course!   Both of these were such wasted characters you know?
Even Krissy Chambers/Claire Novak has so much promise, I can think of a bunch of things right off, so that's good.
But Alpha Vampire/Dean, yummmm.

So who's done one of these bingo things, do you just start writing whatever, or come up with a plan to get just a diagonal, go for a blackout, what?  Twenty-five fics for a blackout, hmmmm.
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