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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Finding What Can't Be Found 1/2

Finding What Can’t Be Found 1/2

Author:  smalltrolven


Rating: NC-17

Characters: Sam, Dean, DemonBela Talbot, Jesse Turner, Bobby Singer, Castiel, GodCastiel, Crowley

Warnings:  Set a couple weeks after 6.22, terribly necessary schmoop, probably too much Bela for most people

Author Note:  The story starts with Bela, but it isn’t about her at all, I promise.  In the end this is really just a curtain!fic I wrote to comfort myself during hiatus before season 7 started.  No profit being made by the author, thanks to the original creators of all these characters.

Summary: DemonBela is sent on a mission from Crowley to stop GodCas from tearing the world apart, this involves finding Jesse the AntiChrist and getting Sam and Dean and Bobby to help too,.

Read it here on AO3

When Bela is released from Hell, she’s surprised to find herself in Sydney, Australia, on what seems like a nice sunny, spring day.  This is the first time she’s been topside since she’d been taken to Hell by the hellhounds all those years ago. It seems like a lifetime to her, but if she’s anything, Bela is a survivor and she certainly isn’t going to let a surprise of location stop her in accomplishing her task.   She’s of course a full-on demon now, and she possesses the first woman she sees exiting the fanciest boutique in the downtown area that she’s hovering in. 

This first time in a meat suit is everything she’s been warned about, so strange, but she can see why it is said to be addictive amongst the demons.  Being formless, only so much black, sooty vapor in the real world is just not terribly satisfying compared to this feeling of being, of control, of presence.  She’s been sent here on a mission by Crowley (still the King of Hell).  Before becoming a demon she was always known as someone that was able to find just about anything or anyone, so she’s a natural choice for this particular gig. 

Bela sets herself up in the woman’s fancy top-floor apartment; it’s almost as nice as the one she used to have in New Jersey.  She’s pleased that this woman was beautiful by most people’s standards, softly waved deep auburn hair, a heart-shaped face with big blue eyes, and her body is in very fine shape.  Her form pleases her, and she revels in that small pleasure.   Her first task is to locate all the tools she’ll need to locate someone that is said to be impossible to find by either demons or angels.  She’s got to work to remember her old contacts in the magical items business, those memories buried deep under years of living in Hell and attaining her demon-hood. But she works it out and gets in contact with some of them quickly.  They’re very surprised to hear from her as she’s been gone for several years, and had disappeared so suddenly. 

When the souped-up Ouija board finally arrives, she’s ready with the arcane herbs and offerings needed for this working.  She waits until midnight, the usual hour, and begins with the first incantations, lighting the circle of blessed candles, burning sweet grass, yarrow, holy basil which all smell pretty good, but then the dried human bones and blood get added to the stone cauldron and the smell begins to assault her nose.  She momentarily appreciates that she has a nose to smell with, and gets on with the rest of the spell.  The powers accumulate and begin to shimmer around her, with her demon senses she can see so much more than humans. 

When the ancient one’s presence is finally fully formed she asks the question that she’s been sent up from Hell to find out.  “Where is the one known as the Anti-Christ, the child Jesse Turner?”  The ancient one’s presence pulses momentarily and begins to break apart.  She asks the question a second and then the required third time, completing the rest of the ritual, more offerings of blood and bone required at each asking of the question, and then some blood of her own as the ritual finishes.  As she wraps her arm in a cloth to stop the blood the answer comes.  Her ears pulse with the pressure of the sound waves, it is beyond human hearing, but she hears it with her demon ears and smiles slowly.  A spark now resides within her chest that beats out as if another heartbeat, a connection to Jesse that won’t be severed until she first touches him.

She bows deeply before the altar, “I give my thanks to you.”  The ancient one asks for something before it departs, to be released so it can never be summoned again.  She thought this might come up, and having a bit more appreciation for how it feels to be stuck in one form that doesn’t feel like you, she agrees, figuring there will be something in it for her.  Performing the unbinding ritual that she’d thought to bring along doesn’t take long and when the ancient one leaves, it leaves with her with a gift, she feels as if a cool spring breeze has blown through her body taking away all the tension retained by the possessed woman she’s riding.  It feels more like just her in this body now, no more fighting for control.

Knowing where Jesse is now isn’t the same thing as having him though, and that is her task.  Bring the anti-Christ into helping with Crowley’s plan.  Crowley’s worried about the angels finding Jesse first because his power may be the tipping point in this war he’s currently waging with that Purgatory soul power swiping traitor Castiel.  Crowley has promised Bela all sorts of things if she succeeds, such as being one of the highest, white-eyed varieties of demon, and she knows what awaits her if she fails.  So failure isn’t an option really because she’s been there and done that and is not going through it again.    

Bela sits quietly before a mirror and looks for the pulsing extra heart beat, concentrating on it in the mirror’s reflection, she can feel a pull and softens her eyes as images appear in the mirror, from someone else’s point of view.  She can see the ocean, she’s seeing a beach, there’s a sign near a trail leading into some scrubby trees, and it reads: Bay of Fires, Bicheno.  As soon as this sign appears, she turns to her laptop, and finds her destination is not so far away from Sydney, just across the water a bit over to Tasmania. 

She’s just powerful enough to move herself there, the newness of being able to just zap herself someplace a bit stunning really.  Bela finds herself on some red lichen-covered rocks near a small white sandy beach.  There aren’t many people there, and she’s able to zero in on Jesse with the help of the small pulsing beat in her chest.  Approaching him without scaring him is her first goal, so she puts on what she hopes is a warm, sisterly face and sits down next to his yellow and blue striped towel.

“Hey there mate, enjoying the sun today?”

Jesse lifts his head from his paperback novel in surprise, “Yeah, I guess.”

“Fancy some company? I’m new here and I’m a bit bored by myself.”

“No you’re not, you’re a demon.  What do you want?” Jesse answers stiffly.

“Ahh, I was told you were a sharp one.  I want to talk to you about Castiel.  I expect you know what’s going on right?”

“Yeah, kinda hard to miss.  He seems to be a bit of a bastard.  What about him?”

“Well, I’ll tell you straight out, I’ve been sent here to find you by Crowley, you know him?”

“King of Hell right?  Wasn’t he working with Castiel?  I swear you grownups are worse than kids arguing over a toy sometimes.”

“Heh, too right. You do know more than I’d thought. Yes, Crowley was working with Castiel, but he breached their agreement, and Crowley wants to ask you for a little help in reigning in the new god in town.  He’s getting a little out of hand and it is upsetting the balance of Heaven and Hell.”

“What can I do about it, and why would I want to do it for Crowley?”

“Well, from what I’ve been told, you can do anything, right?  And I’d think you’d want to make sure that the world keeps on going like it is now.  What Castiel is doing is going to change everything, and there isn’t much time left.”

Jesse sighs, “Well, since you found me, I guess I can help.  I’ve already felt what he’s been changing, and I can tell it isn’t good.  As long as Crowley will promise to leave me completely alone afterwards.”

Bela grins widely with a bit too much satisfaction “Shouldn’t be a problem, shall we then?”

“Where we off to?”

“We need a bit more help, we’re going to see some people you already know, remember Sam and Dean Winchester?”

“Duh, Of course I do, they’re the ones who told me the truth, the whole truth about me and what I am.  And they told me why Castiel was trying to kill me.  Sam saved all of us from the Apocalypse didn’t he?”

Bela looks a bit stricken for a moment, answering softly, “Yeah, that he did Jesse, that he did.”

“So, what do we need them for anyways?”

“Well, you’ll remember that they were good friends with Castiel.  The way Crowley has it worked out, they’re the only people who have a chance at communicating with him in his current form.  You and I have our work cut out for us to convince Sam and Dean to help us.  Seems they’re calling themselves “retired” at the moment.  Apparently Sam’s a bit of a basket case since he came back all the way from the Cage.  And Dean is certain to be in protection mode.  I think they’ll listen to you though.”

Jesse stands up, shaking the sand off his towel, and slinging it around his shoulders, “Alright, I get it, who’s moving us to them, you or me?”

“Why don’t you do it, yeah? I’m kind of new at this moving around business, and I don’t know if I can manage both of us quite yet.” She stands up gracefully and reaches out her hand to him.

Jesse smiles up at her and takes her hand firmly in both of his, closes his eyes, thinks of Sam and Dean, both so tall, and strong, and full of love for each other, more than he’d ever seen his parents show one another. 


“But Dean, I really want to help you this time, c’mon she’s my home as much as she’s yours, and I want to learn how to fix her.” Sam pleaded as Dean strode away leaving him alone up on Bobby’s porch. 

“Just leave it Sam, it’ll go faster if I just do it myself.” came the growled reply.    Dean really wanted out of the house for a while, just to be away from the pressure and the worry and to get his baby fixed back up.

“I think if you just want some alone time, that’s fine, you should just say so, and I’ll go for a walk or something. But, I really do want to learn how to do this stuff. I want you to teach me Dean.  C’mon dude, I’m kinda bored here, Bobby and I are out of books to look in for solutions, he’s made a trip out to the post office to pick up some new ones that have just come in. I’m just so tired of being cooped up in here all day.”

“Fine whatever, come be my assistant then.  But the first whining or complaining I hear and you’re outta here, got me?” grumped Dean, not sure why he’s being so grumpy, but secretly happy that Sam wants to work with him.

After working steadily together for an hour to straighten out some of the twisted sheet metal on the Impala, they take a beer break.  They sit at the parts covered workbench, feeling the cooling breeze on their slightly sweaty necks.   Sam takes off his over shirt, leaving just a grey wife beater tank.

“Hey, um, thanks for letting me help, I just didn’t want to hang out in the house all by myself today.”

“No problem Sammy, you’re actually getting pretty good at levering some of that metal back into shape.  Think you want to keep helping?  Or are you getting too tired?  I’m worrying about you doing too much too soon after all that reintegration business.”

“Nope, not feeling tired at all. God why does beer always taste so much better when you’ve been working on something physically hard?”

“Yeah I s’pose it does at that.  Guess you’re not tired since you’re so buffed up now, huh little brother?”

“Hah, glad you finally noticed big brother, about time.”

“What, you were waiting for me to say something about all the extra muscles you’ve got now bitch?” Dean scoffs.

“Yeah, I kinda was, jerk.  Given all the extra eyeballing you’ve been giving me lately. Seemed like it might have something to do with it, that’s all.”

Dean blushes a little and ducks his head, looking away suddenly, embarrassed that his brother noticed him noticing.  “Um, sorry about that, didn’t think I was being so obvious.  It’s just that you’re supposed to be my little brother, you know, scrawny bean pole nerdy guy, and now you’re just so, well, you’re just so damned big, I’m not used to it I s’pose.”

“Do you like it?” Sam asks quietly.

Dean looks up sharply, meeting Sam’s eyes, full of unasked questions, “Yeah Sam, yeah I do, it um, it looks really good on you I guess.”

“Thanks, I’m glad you like me this way. Was hoping you’d notice.”

“How do you mean?” Dean asks, really confused about what his brother means by this.

Sam takes a deep breath and goes for it, figuring he might as well tell him,  “Well you’ve been so worried about my mind ever since Death gave me back my soul, and Cas took down my wall, I wasn’t sure if you’d paid any attention to how my body had changed while we were apart.  When I was soul-less me, I guess I spent all my spare time working out, since I didn’t have you to hang around with watching movies and drinking beer.  From what I can remember now, it wasn’t an aesthetic choice, but one of practicality and being in the best shape a hunter could be.” He gets a little quieter,” I guess I thought maybe you didn’t like how big I was now.”

Dean leans over and puts his hand on Sam’s closest bicep, rubbing it up to his shoulder and squeezing gently, “Like I said you look good, really strong and capable, like you’ve finally come into your own.”  Dean smiles at him then, so strangely, Sam isn’t sure what the smile means as he hasn’t seen it on his brother’s face before.  After knowing someone so closely for so long this surprises him, his eyes widen a bit and he smiles back, trying to mirror the level of sudden heat he sees in his brother’s eyes.  Dean’s eyes widen in response, his hand tightening on Sam’s shoulder and then he tentatively caresses his way up his neck, knowing this is way too much touching, not something they usually do with each other, but he’s just caught up in talking with Sam like this and Sam’s not objecting.

“I’m glad soul-less you took such good care of your body until we got you all the way back in there.”  Dean’s hand now caressing Sam’s cheek, Sam is mesmerized by all this unexpected caring touching and emotion from his brother that he can’t respond. 

“Sam, I’m sorry it took so long for me to figure everything out.  At first I was just so amazed that you were even alive, and then once we figured out what you were missing it took so long.  Too long.  Christ, I’m just so glad you’re all back together Sammy, you have no idea how much.”  Dean smiles and looks at him, eyes shining with sudden unshed tears.

Sam presses his cheek harder into Dean’s hand and places his hand gently down on Dean’s shoulder, squeezing and rubbing back and forth soothingly.  Sam figures since Dean is touching and holding him, he can do it too, it seems like he needs it, hell they both do, who ever touches them now anyways? “Hey, its okay, it took as long as it took.   I can’t complain about anything.  Not after what you did to get my soul back for me.  Did I ever thank you for that by the way?  For the whole thing with Death and all? Because Dean, when I think about it, well, man it just reminds me of what we’ll do for each other, how far we’ll go.  Remember how you said once that it scared you?”  Dean’s hand falls from Sam’s cheek onto his shoulder, so that now both of his hands are on Sam’s shoulders.  He rubs them over onto Sam’s upper back, realizing this is nearing hug status, doing it anyways and looking his brother right in the eyes. 

Dean steadies himself, breathing in deeply, knowing that what he’s about to say is maybe going to change everything, but he needs to say it anyways, to have Sam know it, to take the risk of screwing them up even more than they already are.  Surprised at himself for wanting to voice his feelings, he gives into it because of the look he sees on Sam’s face, the one that he only catches when Sam doesn’t know he’s looking, “Yeah Sammy I remember, sure I do, and yeah it still scares me, but for me there’s no doubt or question that l’ll do anything for you.  You know that don’t you?”  He searches Sam’s face, and Sam nods, smiling bigger and bigger, until his dimples appear. 

Dean takes another deep breath, “Man, I can’t even believe I’m saying this, and you better not give me any shit for it, well hell, Sam you’re everything to me, I can’t think of any other way to put it.  And after all that’s happened, I guess I’m just, well, I’m just wanting you to know that now.”  Dean’s voice is almost whispering at the end, but his eyes flash once again with that heat and intensity, daring Sam to give him trouble about spilling open his heart.

Sam is too overcome to speak, so he impulsively puts his arms around Dean’s waist and lifts him up from his seat into a tight hug, Dean’s hands automatically curling around Sam’s neck, going up into his hair at the nape, pulling his head closer to him, just slightly.  Sam looks down at Dean’s upturned face, searching his eyes for an okay to go ahead, to cross that line they’ve danced around for so much of their lives.  Bodies aligned together, so tightly, now their faces come closer, Dean can feel Sam’s warm beer breath across his cheek, and hear him whisper “Dean, God, Dean, thank you, thank you for getting me back. You’re my everything too.  Always have been.”

 Dean blinks away sudden tears, closes his eyes and savors the feeling of being held like this, and when he opens his eyes, there’s Sam, about to kiss him, oh how he’s wanted this, always denied it to himself, never let himself think of it more than fleetingly and here it is, finally, or just in time depending on how you looked at it. He licks his lips and leans up the final fraction of an inch and brings their lips together.  Warmth, yes.  A little moisture sliding them easily across each other.  His tongue coming out to lick across the seam of Sam’s pressed mouth, which opens with no hesitation, welcoming  him in, with heat and texture and oh Jesus,  the taste.  Finally the taste of Sam, not how he’s imagined it, and yes, yes he had imagined it, many times.  This was better, miles better because it was real and it was happening now.

Dean tears himself away from the kiss, surprised to find himself breathless. Kissed breathless by Sam.  He looks up into his brother’s familiar face, searching his eyes, finding all that love and devotion and want he’s always felt reflected right back at him.  “Sam, what are we doing?” he asks a bit desperately.

“Hell, I don’t know, but it feels right, doesn’t it? Better than anything.”  Sam doesn’t wait for an answer, just brings their bodies closer together, pushing Dean up against the workbench, grinding up against him, both feeling their hardness aligning just so.  They gasp at the same time with the unexpected jolt of pleasure.  Dean pushes up against him in a rocking slow rhythm, leaning back up for another kiss.

“Want this Sam.  God help me, want it so bad.”  Dean manages to choke out against Sam’s lips in a hoarse whisper.

Sam knocks their foreheads together, locking eyes with Dean, “Me too, can’t stop, don’t want to.” He slides his hands down Dean’s chest, pulling up on his shirt to get at his skin underneath, sighing with contentment as his hands span Dean’s waist, thumbing at the skin just under the top of his jeans.  One hand deftly undoes the button and slowly pulls down the zipper, his hand reaching in to envelop Dean in perfect heat and friction.  All Dean finds he can do is to look down and see his brother’s hand on him, huge and so strong and sure, jacking him just right, he can’t help but push forward into his grip.  Soon, too soon he’s on the edge about to go over when he feels Sam grinding into his hipbone and pulsing wetly through his jeans.  That’s all he needs to let loose, hot and wet over Sam’s hand and his own belly.

 As soon as his legs feels like he can support himself, Dean stands apart, quickly turns a dazed Sam so he’s up against the workbench now, undoes his jeans slowly, tugging them down his thighs along with his worn boxers.  Seeing the mess there does something to him.  Sends him right to his knees immediately.  Pushing his face right into the vee of Sam’s legs, scenting him and then tenderly licking up all the sticky drying come.  Sam shudders and inhales sharply as Dean licks closer to his cock.   It’s still so sensitive, but Dean isn’t stopping, licking him up and down like a cherry popsicle.  Sam groans, barely getting the words out “Dean feels so good, too good, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”  Dean looks up at him mischievously, “No way I’m stopping till you come again.”

He goes back to work, getting Sam so wet all over, gently sucking his balls, licking just behind them, until Sam starts to fill and harden again, until he’s jutting right towards Dean’s face.  He takes the head in and swirls his tongue around slowly, starting the suction as he takes Sam in as far as he can, feeling that familiar flutter in his throat.  Sam’s bigger than anyone he’s sucked off before, but Dean gives it his best try, figuring that for now that’s all Sam wants anyways. Setting up a steady rhythm it isn’t long before he has to hold Sam’s hips down, bruising fingertips pressing into soft flesh, he can feel Sam harden impossibly more, hears a change in his breathing, a muttered “fuuck” and Sam’s coming hard down his throat,  almost faster than he can swallow.  He licks him clean once more and presses his face into Sam’s thigh breathing deeply, comforted by the familiar and heady smell of his brother.

“Get up here” Sam says roughly in a fucked-out voice Dean’s never heard before in his life.  Sam yanks him up quickly and presses their bodies back together.  “Thank you” he whispers into Dean’s neck, kissing him softly. 

Dean shivers lightly, too much feeling and sensation threatening to overwhelm him, “Sure am glad Bobby’s in town right now.”

“Dude, why the hell are you even thinking about Bobby?”

“Just, you know, he’d probably be a little more than surprised if he’d looked out his window and seen us.”

“Yeah, I suppose he would but it’s not going to stop me doing this.” Sam skims his hands down Dean’s back, over his ass, dragging his boxers and pants down, and hoists Dean up onto the workbench.  He leans over and dives right into licking Dean’s cock up and down,   Pressing his lips into the fold of skin between his hips and legs, turning into his thigh to bite him, sucking hard, leaving a red darkening mark.  Dean can hear him saying something as the pleasure and pain from the bite hits him.  “what, what’d you say Sammy?”
Sam looks up at him, eyes darkened with desire and more, “Mine. You’re mine.”

Dean looks at him, startled at the bald statement and without thinking too much, just telling the truth, “Yeah, Sammy, yours, always yours.”

Sam goes back to licking him, biting and suckling anywhere and everywhere he can reach, and only stops when he hears Dean gasp.“Shit.”

“What? Did I hurt you?”Sam looks up worriedly.

“No, um, just, Bela and that kid, Jesse just popped up right over there.  They saw us Sam.”

“Bela, what? How? And Jesse? Where are they?” Sam rests his head against Dean’s thigh, still kneading his ass gently, not wanting to stop no matter what’s happening.

Dean groans, as all the pleasure slows down, “They uhm, they went up into the house.”

Sam looks up at him, slowly licking his lips and grinning, “Want me to stop?”

Dean moans, desperately ignoring how needy he sounds to himself, “Oh god no, don’t you dare stop, they’ve already seen us, please Sammy, need your mouth on me again.”

Sam grins crookedly, “alright then.”

As Dean comes hot and bitter into his mouth not too long after, Sam sighs with contentment, truly not caring about what Bela will have to say about what she’s seen.  He cleans Dean up with soft, adoring licks, and lifts him down off the workbench, rearranging his clothes for him.  Dean feels so boneless and sated; he accepts all this manhandling and takes Sam into a hug holding onto his neck tightly.  “I don’t care what she says, what anyone says, this, what we just did, this is what I want.”

Sam hugs him back, pressing a kiss to his temple, “Me too, I don’t give a damn what that bitch says.”

“Let’s go see what the hell she’s doing here then.”

They walk back to the house, close together, arms brushing, just like always, as if nothing has even changed.  Dean grins to himself and
Sam catches it out of the corner of his eye. “What are you grinning like a fool for?”

“Just, you know, this is my just got laid twice grin.”

“Oh, right, guess I should have remembered seeing that one at some point.”

“Well, I hope you’ll be seeing a lot of it in the near future.”

Sam stops walking suddenly, pulling Dean into him, bending down to brush his lips against his ear “anytime, anyplace Dean, I’m yours to have.”

Dean’s eyes widen and close with the pleasure of those words, sighing he turns into Sam, reaching for his mouth again, kissing him deeply, leaning back to smile at him with his true smile, the one only Sam ever gets to see.  “That’s good Sam, real good.”  They come apart reluctantly and walk up the porch, going straight into the kitchen.


Popping in unexpectedly is always entertaining, but never as much as what Bela gets to see this time.  “So they’ve finally gone and done it. Good for them.  I wonder if Dean is off the market then? What a shame. “She thinks to herself.  Those lads who were so strange around each other back when she’d first met them, she could never figure out their whole story, what was going on between them, it seemed a near thing, especially given the obvious signs of mutual affection they unconsciously showed and she could tell they were closer than any other brothers she’d ever met.  But this was a whole new definition of close, wow.  She covered Jesse’s eyes and they turned and walked loudly and briskly back into Bobby’s house to wait a bit. 

“Well, ahem, that was quite an interesting landing Jesse.  Guess you never do know what you’ll interrupt arriving without calling ahead.  What do you say we go see if there is anything to drink in the house, I’m a little thirsty after all that popping about?”

Jesse is staring around the cluttered kitchen into the living room, eyes widening at the piles of books and papers, “Yeah, that was, pretty unexpected.  I don’t want to talk about it, ‘kay?  So, whose house is this anyways?”

“Friend of the Winchesters, you’ll meet him soon, his name is Bobby Singer.  I used to know him a little too, back when I was human.  He’s a little like their surrogate dad.  He knows a lot about a lot of things, so he’ll be useful for what we’re going to try and do.”

“I’m thirsty, is there anything to drink besides water?”

“Take a look yourself.”  Bela settled into one of the kitchen table chairs, looking out the window towards the salvage yard.

Jesse rustles around in the refrigerator coming up with two store-brand soda, and passed one to Bela as he sat in one of the other chairs. 
“We just waiting for them to come inside then?”

“Yeah, I think that’s probably best, especially since we’re here asking a favor.”

The door shut loudly as Sam and Dean entered the kitchen, “What favor would that be?” asked Dean in his best attempt at a commanding voice.

Bela looked up at him and over at Sam, “Well, isn’t it nice to see you two have finally gotten it together.  Pleasure to see you lads again.  You remember Jesse I’m sure.”

“Hey Jesse, how’ve you been.” Sam smiles and reaches out to shake Jesse’s hand. 
“Not too bad, hi Sam.”

“Remember me Jesse?” Dean asks in a nicer voice than he’d used on Bela.

“Yeah, sure, hey Dean.  I guess it’s nice to see you again or something.” Jesse shrugged in that noncommittal pre-teen way that Dean had gotten used to with Ben.

“Well, I think it is great to see you Jesse, we always wondered what had happened to you, we’re glad you’re okay man.”  Dean pats him gently on the shoulder giving it a little squeeze.

Jesse looks at him and smiles tentatively “Yeah, sorry about running away like that, but I was just really freaked out, you know.”
Sam smiles, “Don’t worry about it, we understand, it was a heavy load to drop on you like that.  So where have you been?  What was it in your room? Oh yeah, Australia, did you end up going there?”

“Yeah, I figured I knew a lot about it since I’d just done a big school project on it, that I’d be able to find a good place to hang out.  Pretty much went from beach town to beach town, Tasmania was beautiful, I was loving it there.  Sure do miss my parents though.”

“I bet they miss you too buddy.” Sam gives him an empathetic smile.

“Well, aren’t we all too cute here, are we done with the pleasantries then gentlemen?” Bela smirked.

“Sure, whatever Bela, how about telling us why the hell you’re here.”  Dean practically growled.

“We are here to enlist the help of you Winchesters since you have an “in” with Castiel.  I know that he doesn’t really listen to you or anything.  But I do know that he’ll come occasionally when you all call him.  Especially if you make the necessary offerings and sacrifices first.  What was it, let’s see if I remember this right, you have to pay a whore to stop whoring and go back to school, get some counseling for her daddy issues that sort of thing, and then something to drink and eat like the contents of a good liquor store and perhaps three bags full of White Castle are the usual going rate you end up paying.  He doesn’t always come, but sometimes he decides to put in an appearance.”

Dean and Sam look at each other, barely hiding their surprise.  “Yeah, that’s about how it goes.  Why would you want to contact Cas?  You do know he’s gone a little what would you call it, mental?”

“Of course I know that he’s barking, that’s the main reason I’m here.  Crowley sent me.  He asked me to find Jesse first and then to come see you two, what did he call you, “denim-wrapped nightmares”.  Bela giggled.

“Crowley, of course, who else. Well what does he want?  He got pretty screwed over by Cas, is this some sort of revenge plot?”

“Nothing of the sort, all about evening back up the scales, everything’s gone too out of whack and the stability of the world is in jeopardy.”

“And this is our problem because?”

“Because world-saving is sort of your gig, right?  And you know the guy, at least what he was before he went wrong.”

“Why would we want to help Crowley, maybe an unbalanced world in the favor of Heaven over Hell would be better for humans.”

“Doesn’t quite work like that, up here in the real world everything will be torn apart by the imbalance that’s getting worse every day.  The way Crowley described it, to humans it will seem that reality is slowly tearing itself apart, until there will be nothing left.”
Sam and Dean stare at each other, not bothering to hide their surprised and concerned expressions.  “Let us have a little second here to discuss, would you mind?”  They go upstairs to their room, sitting as close together as possible on one of the twin beds, instinctively twining their hands together.

Of course, the Winchesters don’t trust Bela one bit more than they did the last time they saw her.  Which is to say they don’t trust her at all.  But they know they like their chances of stopping Cas with Jesse on their side, that kid has the most mojo of anyone they’ve ever encountered, except for the angels.  And he seemed like a good kid too when they’d first met him, but how he’s handled these last couple years on his own is anyone’s guess and he isn’t talking about it yet.

At least the reason for Crowley sending Bela on this mission makes a lot of sense to Sam and Dean.  Which causes Sam to suspiciously question it, maybe more than he should, but still, Crowley is such a slippery bastard.  And over the years, the two people who have tricked Dean and Sam the most are Bela and Crowley.  According to Bela, Crowley figures to re-set everything back to normal before Purgatory was breached which will make it all easier for him to keep on ruling in Hell.  Sure he won’t be as powerful as he’d planned when he was scheming with Cas to have half of Purgatory’s soul power, but it will be so much less uncertain an atmosphere to operate in, knowing that the unpredictable Godlet that Castiel has turned himself into is not there to worry about any more.  Sam and Dean have found no other avenue to be able to get ahead of Cas, Bobby hasn’t been able to turn anything else up either. 

“Guess we’ve got no choice.” Sam concludes, a bit sadly, feeling a lot of apprehension about working with demons again.

“Seems that way.  We owe it to Cas to try, for old time’s sake or something.  He wouldn’t be happy about what GodCas is doing to the world.”  Dean replies, trying to sound as upbeat as he can.  They stand up and let themselves have a few minutes to embrace before heading back downstairs.

 “Guess we’ll have to do it, even though we don’t trust you or Crowley, Bela.  But if Jesse’s on board than that’s good enough for us.”  Dean looks over at Jesse and smiles as genuinely as he can.  Jesse smiles back and nods.

So the main plan they hatch out with Bela and Jesse is for Dean to summon Cas, and have Jesse freeze him and then pull out the Purgatory souls and put them back where they belong.  Dean suggests turning him back into an action figure temporarily since they know Jesse can do that.  But whether he’ll be able to even affect GodCas in the same way, now that he’s filled with all the extra soul power is one of the known unknowns you have to deal with when you go into battle. 

“That’s our M.O. isn’t it Sammy, preparing for battle as much as we can, and then just winging it the rest of the way.” Grins Dean.

“Hey seems to work for us, at least most of the time.” Sam grins back.

“Do you idjits think you can invite just anyone into my house?” Bobby interrupts, slamming the kitchen door.

“Hey, um Bobby, you remember Bela right?  And this is Jesse Turner, we told you all about him, he’s just come all the way from Tasmania to see us.” Dean says placatingly, hoping Bobby’s not really too mad about them being there.

“Pleasure to see you again Bobby, let me fill you in on why I’m here.”  Bela links her arm with Bobby’s pulling him into the living room, pointedly avoiding the devil’s trap painted on the ceiling.

Dean looks to see that they’ve gotten out of earshot, and leans over to whisper to Jesse, “hey Jesse, now that we’re alone, are you really okay with all this?” 

Jesse looks at him with big eyes, “Yeah Dean, this is what we need to do.  I’ve gotten a lot of extra powers since you last saw me and one thing I know is that things are getting really out of whack.  I can sense it, can’t explain it to you, but it’s not a good thing.  I know we shouldn’t trust Bela or Crowley, but maybe between us all we can figure something out.”

Sam raises his eyebrows in surprise, all this coming from the still quite small boy, “Jesse, we trust you.  You were able to step away from all that power and not get pulled into the angel demon war.  Just doing that is amazing, especially since you were so young.”

Looking up at Sam in amazement and some awe even, Jesse says “Sam, you’re the amazing one, you saved the whole world.”

A bark of laughter escapes Dean, “See Sammy, it’s just like I keep telling you!  Thanks Jesse, maybe he’ll listen to someone else if they tell him enough times.”

Bobby and Bela re-enter the kitchen, Bobby scowling at Dean, “what’s all the laughing for, this is serious.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, just, aw, never mind.”  Dean grumps, hating to be interrupted when he’s getting to tease Sam.

“So Bobby has some ideas to add to what we’ve already planned on trying, one of them involves Jesse learning a spell, so you two get that going, I’m going to talk with Sam and Dean for a bit.”  Bela dismisses Bobby and Jesse, Bobby rolls his eyes and steers Jesse into the living room, grabbing a big book off of one of the bookcases.

“Bela, Bela, Bela, so how was Hell?” asks Dean, voice laced with sarcasm and disgust.

“Just lovely Dean, as both of you would know, thanks ever so much for asking.  Now down to it, lads, I know you don’t trust me, and I don’t blame you, but Crowley has me doing this on pain of Hell’s worst torment if I don’t succeed, so you can count on me not wanting to screw up and endure that again.”  She shivers at the thought. “Just know that if you need to ask something, I’m going to tell you the truth now, I’ve changed believe it or not.”

“Sure you have sweetheart, just like everyone that goes to Hell does.  Fine Bela, we trust you as far as we can throw you, which Sam here could probably manage a pretty far distance now.  Just know that if you fuck with us, we’ll find a way to end you, permanently.”

“Fine Dean, you do that.  Now let’s talk about how we get things ready to call upon Castiel.”

Sam stands up abruptly from the table, patting Dean on the shoulder,”you don’t need me for this part, do you? I’m getting too tired, going up to take a nap for a bit.”

Dean rests his hand on Sam’s for a second, just to feel him, concernedly looking up into his tired face.  “Okay Sammy, I’ll come get you when dinners’ on.”

Sam slowly walks up the stairs, disappearing from view, Dean tracking every quiet footstep until he can’t see his brother anymore.  “It was hard, yeah?  Being without him all that time?” Bela asks softly.

“Yeah, harder than anything I’ve ever done.  What do you care?” Dean sneers at her.

“Dean, I’m a demon, not an inhuman monster, well maybe to you I am, but I still have some feelings, and now I have the extra demon mind-reading skills, so I can see right into your memories.  I’ll admit that I’m impressed that you’re both still standing.  And I too appreciate Sam’s saving of the world.”

They spend the next couple days preparing to call on Castiel, and for what they’ll do if and when he shows up.  Jesse practices the spell work over and over again with Bobby until he can do it perfectly.  Sam cooks dinners with way too many vegetables for Dean’s taste, but usually he cleans his plate anyways with only a little complaining.  Bela orders them all around and generally is the stuck-up bitch they remember so fondly.  Sam and Dean are constantly going off together on short trips for “supplies” in the now-fixed Impala, but otherwise keeping their hands off each other in front of everyone else to Bobby’s great relief.

Late one night, after everyone else has given up on finishing the bottle of Hunter’s Helper; Bela tries to seduce Dean who completely rebuffs her. Her reminders of how they’d agree to have “angry sex” at one point are laughed off by Dean who is just no longer interested in anyone but Sam.

 “I told you not to objectify me, remember? Besides one Winchester screwing a demon is one too many.”  He tries to just blow it off, hoping she’ll drop it.

 “Well, you can’t blame me for asking, right?  You know, I could make you do me.”  She says with a barely constrained much more demonic sounding voice than she uses normally.

“Naah, you won’t, you’re still too much of a lady Bela.  I know I’m still a fine specimen of manhood and all, but you’ve figured out by now that I’m taken. Besides you need me to cooperate for your plan to work, Cas won’t come if anyone else calls him but me.”

“Well, a girl can try.” She smirks at him.

“True, but a guy can say no sometimes too.”  He returns the smirk right back at her.

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