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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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dean shadow

Benny Speculation

8.09 bennydeanI was thinking about Benny.  Specifically about Dean and Benny.  And how Dean's got Benny up on the perfect person(vampire) pedestal and how we'll most likely see him fall off of that sooner rather than later.  What would be the most delicious (plot-wise that is) way for that to happen?

8.09 bennyMy first thought is that I would love love love to see Benny turn Sam into a vampire.  For so many reasons.  Not the least of which is that long long neck of Sam's getting bitten,(unf).  I'm not sure how big Ty is compared to Jared, but I have a feeling he could still get some good looming in.  And Jared does such a great evil Sam, I'd love to see his version of Vamp!Sam since we got to see Vamp!Dean in season 6.deanvamp

Just something about the dramatic element of seeing the whole turnabout is fair play for Sam to experience what being a vamp really does to you.  Because something tells me he and Dean didn't talk about Dean's experience all that much. And you know they've still have got that extra pair of vamp teeth lying around the makeup trailer somewhere.

And maybe Dean could learn the lesson that this is what happens when you trust a monster, the absolute worst thing possible,   Sure he's seen ultimate betrayal happen with Sam and Ruby.  Sure he experienced that himself with Cas, ultimate betrayal by a non-human you've trusted, but both he and Sam seem to have forgiven and forgotten all that.  So Dean doesn't know this by personal experience, the whole thing about going out on a limb, trusting a monster which you've been spending your whole life hunting and killing just to have said monster turn around and well, surprise surprise be a monster...

Dean would have to hunt Benny down to get the blood to turn Sam back, he'd have to restrain Sam until the potion was ready somehow (oh the possibilities yum).  Maybe he'd even have to kill Benny himself to save Sam somehow.  But that way he wouldn't be mad at Sam for having to kill his friend, he'd feel guilty instead.  Dean's much more comfortable with feeling guilty (add it to the endless list) than being mad at Sam.  

And if it ends up being Sam that has to kill Benny, then how is Dean going to react?  What are the chances of him being as understanding as Sam was when he killed Amy?  Slim to none I'd say.  So that would extend the brother angst and separation even longer, which I really really don't want to see.

alphavampMy second thought is the involvement of the AlphaVamp.  I would love to see that somehow, because that character is really intriguing to me and brings a lot to the show.  What did he say as his last line to Sam and Dean in the second to last episode of season 7, "See you next season."  Well, it's next season...[Spoiler (click to open)] thought I remembered there being a spoiler about him being in this season again, but it could just be purely wishful thinking on my part.  Come back Rick Worthy, we need you!  I could see something like, maybe he calls to Benny through their vampire mind link thingie and gets him to attack Sam and Dean for some reason? Like they're getting too close to the tablet and Crowley has some leverage over the AlphaVamp to get him to throw Sam and Dean off the trail.  They've got to bring Crowley back into the story somehow, why not like this?

Or maybe they are planning to keep Benny around for the long haul as a character vying for third-wheel status with Cas? Sam and Dean have to decide if having an angel or a vamp around as a hunting partner is the better choice.   But honestly having a cage match with Benny and Cas might be good tv depending on how they do it.

I guess I'm just looking for more scary from Supernatural right now, and vampires as they do them, are in that category for me.  Plus, all this unresolved mystery about Benny needs to get wrapped up.  Like whether he was the real killer in the last episode (before Martin), and whether Dean still feels he can trust him after seeing what Benny did to Martin, and whether Sam vs. Benny is still on, and oh yeah what would Cas have to say about Benny hmmmm?

What do you think yes more vamp action or no I'm sick unto death of those bloodsuckers.

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I love the way SpN does vampires. They're much more interesting than most vamps. I'd love to see Rick Worthy come back--he's the kind of opponent they need. I'd love to see Sam turned and see how it plays out as opposed to Dean. Don't know if I could take angst if it was Benny. ;)

I do too, the SPN vampires are really well done. They have a lot of potential with Rick Worthy, so I really really hope they use him and his character. Oh man an arc of Vamp!Samp could be very cool. But yeah, the angst potential is definitely there. I suppose we'll see in a few weeks...

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