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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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dean shadow

Friending, End of Hiatus, And the Rest of Season 8

Come join us! Meet people who are just as excited as you are! at:

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Thanks so much for hosting      lavishsqualor!
Yes, there are still people here on LJ that are maybe as excited as you are about hiatus almost being over, go find them and friend them.  
I just did and I'm looking forward to having even more people to talk to about Show over the next few months.  
Things I want out of Season 8, none are spoilery, just speculation-y based on aired episodes, I'm not basing anything off of those little clips, nope, uh uh, ignoring:
  1. I know I'm being stubborn, but I really want there to be a twist to the reason Sam didn't search for Dean as it still doesn't make sense to me (or Dean).  Barring that, Sam at least has to tell Dean why, in detail, face to face, preferably with messy crying. Otherwise a complete Samn'Dean conversation about everything, clearing up all the major stuff so they can move on together. Yes they may be more "mature", but I need my psychotically, irrationally ,erotically co-dependent brothers back.
  2. Sam to tell Dean about the whole story with Amelia, including the Don complication, and Dean then apologizing straight up for sending that text.  Because I don't think Dean knew, and I refuse to believe he'd have sent that message to Sam if he had.
  3. Dean to tell Sam all about Purgatory and Benny and how exactly they got out, so that Sam can be even more suspicious and jealous of Benny.
  4. If there isn't anything supernatural about Amelia, to end her part of the story asap, as it is dragging down the forward momentum of the show, especially being told in flashback.
  5. Dean to remember that he was very very suspicious about Cas being out of Purgatory.
  6. Benny coming back and having to be taken out in some dramatic fashion, either by Dean in order to save Sam from him, or vice versa.
  7. Meg returning and helping the boys beat Crowley (and finally getting to become Queen of Hell).
  8. Kevin and Mrs. Tran getting to close the Gates of Hell themselves in some unexpected heroic craziness, Chuck coming back to reward them, Kevin having to choose between Yale or being a hunter. (That may just need to be a fic at some point).
  9. That Naomi's plot is a final test for Cas, and if he passes this time (makes the right choices for the right reasons), he won't be brought back again by (I assume God) and made to try again..

That's all, not much.

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Oh my God, I couldn't agree more with you on most of those issues, love! I'm somehow fond of Crowley while not having too much love for Meg 2.0 so 7. wouldn't be in my list, but especially 1.-6. HELL YES. Definitely. *nods*

Plus I keep irrationally hoping they'll bring the Samulet back eventually. *sighs* At least we've got your wonderful fics for that since on Show they don't seem to care about things like that anymore. And also, as I'm really stubborn as well, I can't help but still being slightly pissed that they never gave us Phone Call!fix-it after the whole freeing Lucifer business. But I guess that's all water under the bridge by now anyway, what with all those other issues piling up and everything.

I'm still somewhat ambivalent about the whole Cas thing, especially since I haven't actually watched all the already-aired episodes yet, but from what I've heard so far I'm a bit disappointed that it all seems to be manipulative angels crap all over again. So yeah, maybe Cas shouldn't just keep coming back.

In any case, I'm so glad someone else sees things the way I do. :) How great that we're already friends, my lovely. *grins and hugs you*

I go back and forth between Crowley and Meg, but I'd love to see them together, I seriously love their antagonism and a battle between them would be great.
Is it it irrational to hope that the Samulet will ever come back? Yeah, probably, but I'm okay with that. And I'm not planning on giving that up. If Sam is ever possessed again, (like Dean this season) and tells about his long-held issues, I'm sure the phone call would be something he'd bring up. How could you ever forget something like that?

I'm not that into the Cas thing myself, just not excited about angels and their schemes any more, kind of a been-there-done-that sort of feeling.

I'm glad we're already friends too!

Yes, some actual conversation between Sam and Dean definitely wouldn't go astray!

Yes please, real live actual conversation. They've been putting it off too long by this point.

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