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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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dean shadow

Bingo Bango Bongo

So be on the lookout for more bingo fic fill writing from me, because I've signed up for two more bingo challenges.  Trope-Bingo and    longfic-bingo These are pretty long-term and open-ended, but they had lots of irresistibly inspiring prompts that I thought I'd be into trying out.  The randomness of being assigned a certain 25 to choose from is interesting to me.  Narrowing down choices is good for how my mind works.  My thought for how in the world to write all this fic is to first of all not pressure myself to do it perfectly or even score more than one bingo, but to use the prompts as inspiration and if it works out then cool, (ie don't get competitive or stressed-out or feel like I have to go for a blackout, this is supposed to be fun), Then secondly is to combine these two bingo cards with my    spn-pairing bingo  card when at all possible.  I think an Excel spreadsheet will likely be involved at some point to keep track of all of this.

First is the trope-bingo card.  And wow, since I decide to take a chance and be brave and didn't opt out of anything, I ended up with some tropes I've always either wanted to write but haven't gotten around to it quite yet since I haven't been writing in fandom all that long (hello au:daemons) or never considered writing or don't even particularly like reading (slavefic yikes!).  So this will be interesting, and will be a fun challenge to make a bingo.  But now I have a license to commit kidfic, so watch out!
Thanks to  all the advice on dreamwidth, I went with OpendID to sign up and it seemed to work just fine.

poker/strip pokerau: steampunkau: neighborskidficgame night
accidental marriagehandcuffed / bound togethersnowed inhuddle for warmthau: daemons
fusionanimal transformationFREE

locked inday at the beach
cross-dressingkiss to save the dayau: otherau: were / vamp / supernaturalimmortality / reincarnation
au: historicaltelepathy / mindmeldslaveficsoul bonding / soulmatesfuck or die

And so since I was on a signing-up roll, I figured why not, add another bingo, to combine with the others.  This one is for   longfic_bingo  where the fills have to be at least 5,000 words, and has lots of interesting scoring methods for combining your fills.  I was brave again and didn't opt out and got some real doozies, some of which I had to look up since I haven't ever read it at all (regency) ,and one that I never even admit to reading, although of course I do sometimes (m-preg), but none of the ones I was truly worried about. So yeah, maybe some Winchesters in Space?  My first thought is: The Gate of Heaven must be closed and the only way to even get to it is for Sam and Dean to get on the Virgin Galactic spaceship.With Celebratory Wincest in zero-G to finish things off. Can I spin something that crackfic-ish into 5,000 words? We'll see...

De-agingRegencyBand!ficArranged marriageHidden pregnancy
Crossover - AnyM-pregPre-canon event changedIn SpaceThreesome / moresome
Presumed deadHazingWILD CARD Friends with benefitsBroken bone
Hiding an injury / illnessCuddlingMinor illnessD/sFantasy world
Double penetrationTrappedSecretly a virginUnexpected allyVampires

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I'm quite excited by these and all the fic they will inspire...goodluck :)

Thank you, I'm excited too. I'm going to need the luck, so thanks.

Ohhh those both look fun.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Yes, fun is a good way to describe them!
Thanks, I'm looking forward to writing as many of them as I can come up with.

Oh man!!! You are so much more ambitious than me! LOL! This is my first bingo ever, and I'm just gonna stick to it.

That being said, I DO think the idea of combined bingo stories is excellent and sounds really fun! SO I would definitely try that next time!

Two of my spnpairings are done, 3 to go!

I don't know about ambitious. Maybe overly fond of the whole idea of bingo fic? I'm glad you're doing a bingo too though! Yeah, I saw other writers doing the combining fills thing and thought it could maybe work if I can track it well enough.
That's great that you've got 2 of your spnpairings done already, go you!

Two absolutely lovely bingo cards with so much potential. And mostly I must say - slavefic yay! Although, kidfics are awesome too and you can totally spin your crack fic into a long fic!

I hope I do right by the potential you know? You would say yay for slavefic! I'll have to read a few more to see how it's done because I'm honestly not real clear on the motivations involved. Yeah, kidfics can be great, definitely have read quite a few that have been enjoyable. I have a few plotty ideas for that one already. We'll see about the crack fic becoming long enough to count for a longfic though, space may be my final frontier or something.

(Deleted comment)
I know right? I feel like I lucked out with quite a few of these prompts. Thanks, I look forward to writing for as many as i can manage.

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