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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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dean shadow

Add another one onto the pile

Well, I couldn't resist.  They were so cute, and pretty, and I liked the font (I'm a sucker for nice fonts).  
WILD CARD attacked by a creature
corporal punishment disappearing

Go get yourself one at    hc_bingo    The game is to use all of the prompts in one story.  
The first one that easily comes to mind for me is a Wee-chesters one where little Sam disappears on pre-teen Dean when John is away on a hunt,  Dean gets hurt in an attack by a creature because he's being reckless searching for Sam. He decides that spanking Sam is not necessary since he feels so guilty for getting Dean hurt.  But when John comes back he follows through and wails on Sam.  But it's making me too saaaad just writing this little idea down.  I don't know if I could do that.to wee Sam. Wee Dean can take a creature injury, but the hurt he'd feel on behalf of wee Sam would be just as bad. I guess it is H/C bingo, and that's kind the idea of course.  But it's kind of a been done a million times story, so I'm hoping I can come up with something alternative, there is a Wild Card square after all, Plus I've never written Wee-chesters before...

Working on finishing touches on the   spnaubigbang nbsp;story,which is posting on the 9th, eek! Hopefully some of you will enjoy it, it's basically my version of season 8, mostly written before season 8 started.

I'm also fleshing out the good start I have on my  genteensybang   Ruby2//Anna story.  It started veering too much into a Sam/Dean, what a shocker huh?  So I have to yank it back on course (and maybe have a follow-on, alternative POV on the story afterwards using the stuff I wrote that was too Sam/Dean focused).

I've got so many things started right now and nothing finished and it's honestly kinda driving me crazy.  There's a lot that's ***this close**** to being done, so I've just got to get myself talked out of the writing doldrums and keep working.

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That is so cute a mini lil' card.
You can do it all.

Isn't it cute? I love the mini-ness of it. Thanks for always being such a great cheerleader.

Oh you vixen! Flaunting your flirty little stamp! :-D

Yeah, I signed up for one. I'm all giddy from completing my bingo LOL!! MUST WRITE BIG BANG!

...after this ;-)

Flaunt flaunt! Glad you got one too, yay for more fic from you. And super big congrats on the bingo, you winner you!

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