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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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dean shadow

Off to the Cinema

Claims for authors, artists, vidders, podficcers and fanmixers go up March 1st!

You still have time to sign up until March 6th.  Come on you know you want to, there's still so many great movies out there that haven't been chosen.
 I'm doing The Adjustment Bureau

Yes I signed up to do it last year and completely failed and have felt bad ever since, so I solemnly swear to do it.  I'm glad the mods don't hold grudges and/or believe in second chances.
I loved this movie, it was basically the same love story we see played out in Supernatural with all the stuff about destiny, fate and free will and the meddling of angels.  Oh and Kripke was involved in it too!  There were so many things that you can point to and say "that's definitely from him!".  So yeah, getting a little bit more excited about this one again.  And hope to get going on it soon now that I've got a good start on my bigbang story.

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Yay, what a great choice!

I signed up for Looper, which has great spn parallels--time travel, telekinesis, sacrifice, becoming something you don't want to be. I'm very excited... and I hope I can pull it off!

Thanks, I really hope I can do justice to it. Looper is an awesome choice, loved that movie, kept me thinking for a long time after seeing it. I wish you good luck, it's a tricky/twisty story, but I bet you can pull it off. Just noticed that both our films have Emily Blunt starring!

Haha, that is because Emily Blunt has been in basically every movie since 2010! Busy gal.

That's really true. Honestly,, I didn't like her too terribly much at first, but she's grown on me. She's certainly played a diverse choice of characters.


I'm doing The Breakfast Club. Little nervous about juggling it with Big Bang, but YOLO, right?? :-D

Edited at 2013-03-04 06:27 pm (UTC)

Oh cool, Breakfast Club is one of my favorite movies, I bet it will turn out great, there's a whole lot of story and great characters to work with. But, yeah, it's going to be tough going with the BB schedule, but we'll cheer each other on right?

Absolutely!!! It's a little scary, but not un-doable! *waves pompoms*

It is a great movie - I just watched it last night and made a bunch of notes. I can see it - I just have to DO it, right??

It is a little scary, I think that's what stopped me last year from attempting it. But yes, not un-doable! Waves pompoms back at you! If you can see it, you definitely can do it.

And oh god I forgot to say your icon is awesome, I love it! (Oh if only...)

i signed up for upside down - which i think has great promise for a j2-au, even if i've no idea how exactly i'm going to adapt it. and i'm fairly certain that i can't finish both this and big bang, but i wasn't going to let anyone else walk away with this film.

it'll be my third entry for the cinema-challenge. i feel so accomplished.

i haven't seen the adjustment bureau yet, but i've been meaning to watch it for ages. anything with matt damon in it can't be bad. good luck with the writing!

I had to go look up UpsideDown, as it hasn't even been released in the US yet,, looks like next week. Ooh, Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst, love both of them. It sounds like a perfect J2 story to me as far as the synopsis goes that I read. And thanks for pointing it out, I really enjoy this sort of movie, (goes off to put on Netflix queue so I don't forget).
Wow, your third movie fic, that's great. It seems like a very well-run, organized challenge community, and I've read many fics from the past years and enjoyed them.
Really recommend The Adjustment Bureau, it's a sci-fi,romantic thriller with politics thrown in, something for everyone. And Matt Damon in a very sharp hat, yum.
Your icon made me actually lol, startled my dog a little bit.

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