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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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dean shadow

Five-Minute Warning Challenge

 I don't know if any of you are on the prowl for a prompt/game, but here's a fun one, thought I'd put it up and see if there are any takers (or procrastinators like me who need a jump start to begin):

From elliemurasaki
The Five-Minute Warning: A multi-fandom fanwork challenge


+ Clear your schedule for five minutes (or longer if you have time, I'm not gonna turn down more fic).

+ Look under the cut tag, where you will find ten prompts, all of which are song titles, selected at random from my mp3 player.

+ Choose one of the prompts, and using whatever fandom, characters or relationships you want, create something. Ficlet, micropodfic, doodle, meta, etc. Go where ever the prompt takes you.

+ Reply with your creation in the comments to this post. If someone takes a prompt that you wanted, who cares? Double, triple, quadruple fills are welcome!

+ Repost this in your journal and make your friends create for you!

  1. So Fast, So Numb (R.E.M.)

  2. Feel Me/Happy Families (Blancmange)

  3. Golden Years - (David Bowie)

  4. Charity Case/The Odd Couple - (Gnalrs Barkley)

  5. Black Country Woman - (Led Zeppelin)

  6. Everything's Ruined - (Fountains of Wayne)

  7. Universal Highness/Sounds From the Thievery Hi-Fi (Thievery Corporation)

  8. Wasted/So Tonight That I Might See - (Mazzy Star)

  9. Castles Made of Sand - (Jimi Hendrix)

  10. Birth of the Truth/Knife - (Aztec Camera)

Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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Re: Everything's Ruined, Sam/Dean, porn strongly implied

:D so glad it appealed to you! I badly need to get my writing-fu back online and this couldn't be passed up.

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