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8.18 - Freaks and Geeks

SPN818 sdincarThis episode, well it wasn't the worst of the season by a long shot.  Sam and Dean as characters at least made sense to me, I knew who I was watching, there weren't any moments of no way would Dean do that, or no way would Sam do that.  I thought that the story was way too predictable though and easy to figure out, not enough tension, not nearly scary enough (I miss SPN being scary).   The villain is the third person associated with hunting they've encountered this year who went completely crazy,  (Martin Creaser from Citizen Fang, and Fred Jones from Hunter Heroci).  That's got to have something to do with the increased desire for normal that Sam keeps expressing, he knows it's going ot end badly for them if they don't get out.
Krissy coming back was kind of cool, she sure grew up in a year.  I liked her interactions with Dean and wonder why Sam had to leav, right after he handed over her mom's necklace.  So strange, there was no reason in the story for him to go out the door at that point.  Plus, he was the one who initially made contact with her when Dean blew her off, plus she saved both of them and her dad from the Vetalas. I wish they would bring back more of the young people that they encounter.  Wouldn't you love to see some of the kids they've interacted with over the years and what they've turned out to be?  Would Michael from "Something Wicked" be a young hunter in his twenties now? Maybe with his brother?  (jotting down fic idea!)
SPN818 sam necklaceFor a heart stopping second I thought Sam was digging out the amulet to give back to Dean.  No, not really.  But, I thought that it was good that he was the one in charge of making sure than sentimental and terribly important jewelry that means something to someone actually makes it back to them.  Hopefully foreshadowing. (Comebackamuletwe need you!)
SPN818 dean in rvmirrorGratuitous Beautiful Dean picture.  I have a collection of these rear-view mirror shots on my tumblr.  Love it when they do that!

For the next episode, based on the previews I've seen, I'm tentatively excited about what's going to happen.  The second trial, saving an innocent soul from Hell, and Bobby's there just on Crowley's say-so, Dean going to Benny for help to get Sam out (how in the world could Benny help?).  hmmmm. could be good.  
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