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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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hurt sam

Taxi Driver - 8.19

I really wish that had been a two-part episode, with the cliffhanger being Sam just finding Bobby in Hell.  They could have spent more time on how hard it was to get in and get out, it’s supposed to be A Trial after all.  Not a milk-run.  There were so many great ideas and plot points in this episode, but it was way too rushed, and the characters didn't get enough time to react.
So we’re meant to believe that Crowley and the angels had no idea about this back way into Purgatory/Hell? hmmmm. Doesn’t seem likely to me.
Hell was scary and creepy, and as much as I loved Crowley's make them stand in line thing (I really loved that) we saw in season 6, this was more how I always picture parts of Hell.

Why leave your watch behind Sam since it was crucial to getting out?  Why does your watch even work though, doesn't time run differently in Hell?

I’m worried that Sam left the gateway to Hell open down in Purgatory.  So when they go through everything and close the gates of Hell there will still be a way for demons to get out into Purgatory and then back to Earth somehow.
How did Sam find Bobby so easily? Seriously, there’s got to be millions of souls down there.  Since Crowley brought Bobby there specifically wouldn't he have been keeping track of him closely?.  Since Crowley knew Sam was down in hell, surely he would have guessed that Sam would be looking for him.  Why wasn't there a confrontation with Crowley IN Hell?  Bobby as an innocent soul could have saved Sam or something.

Was the girl who was talking to Sam in Hell saying she'd been praying for him to come and save her, as in Sam as The Boy King?  That idea was terribly exciting to me, I wish they had taken the time to explore that, had some demons bowing down to Sam or giving him a hard time or whatever.

Are the Winchesters at least a little concerned now that they know that there are *innocent* souls stuck in Hell, that will be there forever when they shut those Gates?

That brother hug was something wasn't it?  The way Dean looked so completely wrecked when he spotted Sam and he was okay: SPN819 dean sees sam And then he freaking launches himself at Sam, holding him so tight it looks Sam is in pain, just loved it: SPN819 dean hugs sam

So, the only two times a crossroads demon has been a guy has been when Sam has done the burying and calling. hmmmm. just saying. Well I'm not sure what I'm saying, but it's funny, and that Dean complained about the lack of hot chick crossroads demons was funny.

I liked the Dean and Benny convo and head-choppage, it was a decent send-off, and Dean's emotion at asking that of a friend came off as genuine.  It was good for him to see that yes he did have that good of a friend (besides Sam) at least once in his life. Add another thing to the list of How Far Dean Will Go To Save Sam. I'm glad that Sam came around a little on Benny but not all the way.  We still don't know how Benny knew where the portal was and how to get out through it in Purgatory.  That detail still seems important to me.

So now Dean, Kevin, Garth, Meg and Bobby  have given Sam crap about not looking for Dean while he was in Purgatory.  And Sam's still got no answer. Not really.  Still not giving up on there being a twist of some kind (just look at my recent fic for a solution.).

If Naomi was able to find and mess with Kevin, why did she wait until now? Wouldn't she have scooped him right up as soon as the Heaven tablet got found/lost? But hey, doesn’t she want the hell gates closed?  He can’t translate the third trial and give it to Sam if he’s disappeared/crazy.

I was glad to see Bobby again, they made him look very haggard and his reaction to being in Purgatory and reticence to go to Heaven seemed very in-character, and his soul escape was beautiful.  Think Sam's his favorite now since he rescue him from being stuck in Hell?  Here's a lovely family picture of Sam and Bobby:SPN819 sam and bobby

Isn't it great how fast the Impala still is?  1,500 miles, approximately 23 hours driving from Missouri to Maine.  Not bad Dean, guess nothing stops you when you're on a Sammy/Benny retrieval run.

It seemed to me in the first trial that Dean was able to see Sam's red glowing hand, but this time it did not, so does he or not, and has Sam described it to him?  I hope they explain more about what the trials are really doing to Sam, maybe he'll turn into something cool, some kind of heavenly warrior or something?  Funny that Sam had so much going on with his arms this episode wasn't it?  And yay for more brother touching with the concerned Dean's hand on Sam's shoulder:SPN819 samtrial2

This show is giving me fits trying to figure it out, I probably should just give up and enjoy the pretty and the bro hugs, etc.  But I want it to make sense.  This show used to be so amazingly cumulative, every episode built on the ones previous to it, and that just isn't true anymore.  I'm not going to quit watching or anything drastic like that, but it's getting harder to just immerse myself in it when there's all this huh? and wha? stuff every episode.

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So with you - I do enjoy the pretty and the epic love, but it keeps throwing me out of the story to constantly have to slap my forehead and exclaim "WHAT??" *goes back to rewatching the Sam/Dean hug....*

Glad to hear I'm not the only one I guess. sigh. Good idea, back to re-watching the bro-hug.

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