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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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hurt sam

Writing Proceeding But Not As Planned

Season 8 decided to get kinda interesting and inspiring again (thank you BatCave), so that's gotten me writing a lot of stories, some of which have been posted. I seem to be obsessed currently with getting the boys back together again post-Purgatory, they just seem so in-sync and happy (despite everything) on the show, and I guess that's making my muse happy.  Unfortunately that's meant I haven't been doing much at all on the spnpairingbingo  stories that I'd started.  The call of Sam/Dean is hard to resist.  But reading over several of the stories I'd begun and rewatching a little of season 1 and 2 on TNT is getting me re-engaged with some of the characters I hadn't seen in a while.  Really hard to write about Gordon if you haven't watched season 2 in ages you know?  So several of those are whole lot closer to being done and posted.

I'm having fun writing a story for the SpringFic exchange at spn_bigpretzel, the summary is: Dean's sleepwalking, and Sam investigates, discovering the fairies that are supposed to clean the BatCave are using him in his sleep to do their jobs.  A renegotiation of terms of service ensues. A little cracky, non-serious, just for fun story.

22761 / 30000

My Sam/Dean story for this year's spn_j2_bigbang is progressing well, it's going to end up pretty darn long in the end I think. When I started writing, I had it all planned out, but then I wrote the ending first for some reason, and I am now having a hard time forcing myself to go back and write the casefic the story's supposed to begin with because the ending turned into something I've always wanted to write but had never got around to it.  So I'm just letting myself sink in and thoroughly enjoy writing that bit and then will have to restart the casefic bit in my brain, hopefully the two will fit together and not seem like two completely separate stories by the time I'm done. That's my current word count (get yours here thanks to snickfic for the counter idea), my end goal is to finish at around 30k, so that's why it's set at that number and not 20k..

I finally started on my spn_cinema a version of The Adjustment Bureau, and am trying to recapture all the Sam/Dean feelings and parallels I thought of when I first saw the movie.  So far it's slotting together well.  I've never written a story like this, trying to fuse SPN together into another existing story and it was harder than I'd thought to figure out which SPN characters to use for which movie ones.  Some were obvious, but others not so much.  But now that I've got who's playing who nailed down (and re-watched the movie).it's coming a little easier.  This is a lot like writing an AU, but with really specific story constraints that aren't necessarily all my style or my choice.  In all honesty, I'm not sure I really like it, that it isn't mostly coming from me.  Probably time to not overthink that though if I want to finish the story.

Hope if you're writing it's going well too!

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I am so looking forward to all your new fics, hon, especially the Big Bang, I think. :) Though the spn_cinema one sounds intriguing as well despite my never having heard of the movie... I just really appreciate all the amazing long Sam/Dean fics coming our way thanks to you. It's gonna be great! *is excited*

You are so sweet, thank you for all of your encouragement. I truly appreciate it! And I really hope you like the fics I'm working on.

It's a lot to juggle!!! But it sounds like it's all going well :-) good work! I'll look forward to all the fics!

I enjoyed the bingo so much ore than I expected. It was really fun and challenging to come up with the stories to fit the squares.

I can see the end in sight for the big bang...a light in the distance...

It is a lot to juggle, but with so many things going at once, if I get bored writing on one thing, there's always something that I can jump to and work on. I'm enjoying the challenge of the pairing bingo too, for the same reason. It's fun to spend a little time with characters I don't usually think about too much.
Glad your big bang is working out. It's really rewarding getting through such a long story.

spn_cinema is tough, isn't it? I was having the same trouble with Looper, trying to fit spn characters into a very intricate story. I ended up stripping out lots of movie plot to get closer to what I wanted to develop between two brothers just meeting each other for the first time.

Go you for managing all those projects!

Edited at 2013-04-06 11:45 am (UTC)

Yes, I was having the same problem and solved it pretty much the same way. If people haven't seen the movie they may not really get the story, but I'm more interested in saying more about Sam/Dean.

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