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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Into A Bar

This sounded like way too much fun not to try out.  You choose a character to walk into a bar from your favorite fandom that you write in.  You give the mods up to four other fandoms you'll write in, they randomly choose a character for you and you write at least 500 words about what happens when those two characters meet up.   For example, I picked Sam Winchester and BtVS,Firefly, LOTR and Walking Dead (TV). Can't wait to see who Sam gets to meet up with...

Sign up at intoabar by May 13th.

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I picked up Dean Winchester meeting someone from Dr Who, Castle, Dexter or Harry Potter.

This is exciting and sounds so much fun!

Ooh, those are good ones, so many interesting combos are possible. Can't wait to read it!

I chose Sam Winchester engaging with someone from either X-Files, Farscape, Queer As Folk (US version) or Quantum Leap.

This does sound like heaps of fun and will make a nice distraction from BB edits/re-writes.

Oh nice, all of those are great. And yeah, I thought the same about it being a good little diversion during BB editing time. Hope it works for you!

Could be a real challenge. Although I listed my four fav fandoms after SPN, I've only written in XF, so kinda hoping I get a character from there.

I've only written in SPN, so it's definitely going to be a challenge. But hey, it's short as far as word requirements go. I hope you get an XF character, that would be fun to read.

intoabar is so much fun!! I did it last time it ran and had a blast.
I didn't realize it was also on LJ.

I picked Han Solo but listed Supernatural, Firefly and Stargate SG-1. I couldn't choose a SPN character *lame*
Something tells me it's going to get cracky!!!

Oh cool,, glad to hear it is a good challenge.. Han Solo, wow, I'd love to see him meet either Sam or Dean honestly, but in your other ones too there's lots of cracky potential.

That looks like a a lot of fun.

I hope so! It's hard to just pick a few fandoms. Go for it!

Sam WInchester cries after sex I MEAN in a bar with either BtVS, SPN RPF, NCIS, or SG-A.

Haha, I bet my Sam will be crying at the bar...Hope you get a good combo to write!

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