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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Another BigBang

Sign ups open Sunday, May 5 for the first round of wincest_bigbang.
A fanfic and fanart challenge dedicated to the Winchester family!!!

Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups

Come on, you know you wanna write another long one this year! At least that's what I told myself as I signed up.  Hey why not? Now that I've written 3 long form stories, I know I can do it.  And hey, it's Wincest which as you know, you can't spell without W-I-N.

Writer rough draft isn't due until September 1st which might as well be next year it seems so far away at this point.

As of this writing I am planning on a Sam/Dean (who here is surprised? Really?) but I haven't a clue about what...and there's the fun isn't it?

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It's kinda tempting me, though I have absolutely NO idea of what I'd write as the only Wincesty thing I've written (my cowboy fic) I don't know if I can write more on after the failed Sam/DeanOTP MiniBang last year

Good, you should be tempted! We need more Wincesty stuff, so get writing. (sorry I'm feeling bossy this morning for some reason).
Can you maybe finish/extend the fic you tried to write for the minibang since you've already got a start on it?

I'll think about that, I just want to finish my J2BB before I even think of other crazy plot ideas

have fun that looks great!

Thanks for the cheer! Yes, I think it will be fun, give me something to work on over the summer. Maybe even keep me out of trouble.

I have an icon for people like me you.

Haha! I totally accept it. Hey we get stuff done.

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