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The End of Season 8

I really really enjoyed the last episode, Sacrifice.  Honestly, it moved me to tears in several places which was a real surprise.
That final brother scene in the church was almost too much to bear.  I am counting it now as one of the best brother scenes in the whole show and it went a long way for making up for the beginning part of this season. But I have to say I hated that whole part where Dean just rattled off Sam's top few "sins" to be helpful, and then joked right afterward.  Just let me kill your heart dead Sammy and then I'll just joke haha.  He really is either terribly mean or totally clueless.  It had me yelling at the TV and alarming the dog.  And the way that Sam just "took it", his shoulders almost visibly bending under the weight of Dean unloading on him for the third time this season.  Bad timing Dean.

That's why the scene at the end was such a relief to me!  I loved the shock on Dean's face, he truly had no idea Sam felt that way.  He was utterly blind-sided which was perfectly done and in character  to me.  Because Sam holds everything in and acts for him all the time and never lets Dean know how badly he's doing.  That's their deal, they take care of each other, but they don't spill the details of how they're actually feeling.  Maybe that will change a little in season 9, I would love to see some follow up on that.  Dean's got to be wondering how he knows his brother so deeply, but somehow completely missed this.
I found almost Human Crowley was very moving, and I wished we saw what happened to him, hopefully that will be covered in season 9. I don't think he was cured, but he seemed like he was most of the way there.  So maybe he'll be a super cranky almost-ex-demon who is on the run from Abaddon and other assorted demons who he messed with when he was King of Hell..  Which could be entertaining I suppose. I'd like to see another iteration of that character, and Mark Sheppard has the acting chops to pull it off. I liked that they left it very ambiguous as to his physical well-being at the end,(as was Sam's), maybe they'll have to give Sam some of Crowley's blood to cure him, wouldn't that be something?  The Boy Formerly With The Demon Blood giving his blood to a former demon.
As much as I hate the whole angel storyline, the ending with them all falling out of heaven, was visually beautiful and just stunning.  But I'm trying to square it as shown with how Anna described falling, and it doesn't make sense to me.  She said she fell and experienced the falling and burning, but she didn't physically land like the angels did with their splash down near Sam and Dean outside the church.  I thought it meant she'd burned up on entry through the atmosphere and then was reborn as a soul in a human baby.  I know, II know, after the problems with continuity this season I shouldn't even bother trying to make sense of this stuff at this point.  But it's the story, of the show, it's supposed to be Cumulative..
I guess the main thing to me is, will the angels have memories of being angels, will they be like Cas was with half-powers or will they be like Anna?  I hope it's the latter.  I really hope they don't end up as having all of their powers and memories and taking over earth or something.  Honestly, I hope Cas has no memories or powers or just wanders back to one of his wives, "Hi Honey, I'm home."  But of course that won't happen.

My best case scenario is that all the fallen angels will give Cas something to do besides hang out in the batcave or (perish the thought) the back seat of the Impala.  I don't think I could take a season of Hunter Heroci or Cas-fails-with-eggs.  Just no.  Been there done that, please please do something different.  Maybe they could pair Kevin and Castiel off to translate the Heaven tablet to figure out how to get the angels sent back upstairs.  Speaking of Kevin, will he be there when Sam and Dean come back to the batcave? He was leaving with his backpack when the alarms went off.  Hope he leaves the key under the doormat.  But if he's there, he's going to be upset that the job didn't get done.  I hope he's not so mad that he never works with them again though and that his mom turns out to be alive.  So if he hangs stays, I really want an episode where Sam and Dean: Show The Dungeon to Kevin just to mess with him. Like an initiation to the MOL or something.

I kind of am looking forward to a changed Crowley, move him into the batcave, he and Cas can figure out how to be human together  and Kevin can put chili pepper in his underwear or worse.

I'm really glad that Jody didn't die (at least I think she didn't), wish she had burned up the hex bag herself though, hilarious that she was on a date with the king of hell (who she says is hot).

Losing the actress that plays Abaddon is really unfortunate, I really loved her evil-ness, and her interactions with Crowley, they lit up the screen together.  But since she burned up I kind of doubt it.  Maybe since she's a higher level demon she can manage it like the higher level angels (Anna) were able to reconstitute their vessels.
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