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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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SpringFling & Mini-Whoop Whoop

It's a mini, it's a bang! Artists and writers needed! Sign ups through June 4. Only 10,000 words.

FYI What you create does not have to be Sam/Dean, it can be Gen, as long as it is focusing on the bond between the two brothers.

Check out the masterlist from last year's mini-bang, so much quality fic in one place, it's a treasure trove.

Yes I signed up again, it was so much fun last year working on Gift Box and getting to work with the fabulous colls
Hope you sign up too!

Isn't this banner fabulous? lightthesparks , the artist who created the incredible art for my recent story Cream of Negotiation did it, another home run!

 And quick go sign up by Friday the 24th  for spnspringfling it's so fun, and you never know what you're going to get as prompts/pairings to write or what you'll receive in return. Last year I wrote Spoonfeed if Necessary for verucasalt123  and I received the completely awesome "Say It Loud" by checkthemargins

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Woohoo *\o/*

I resigned up for the samdean_otp this year as well. We shall encourage each other. ;)

I always look forward to a vexed cheerleader, she cracks me up (the word vexed + happy cheerleader=hilarious) and makes me smile every time. Yes, we should encourage each other, are you starting up a new story? I'm deciding between a few I have going and starting up something that carries on immediately from 8.23.

I am thinking about an A/U version of after Cas fixes Sam's wall. Or the trial ended differently.

One of those plots that have been rolling around in my head. We shall see which way I can make it work better. ;)

Extra cheering is always good.

Edited at 2013-05-22 04:25 pm (UTC)

Both of those sound great. I love AU's from that time, because show didn't do too much on the post-fix Sam. And yeah, the trial ending differently has so many great ways it could go. Good, you have something to start with!

It depends on how my Dean works out which way I go poor poor Sammy is going to be in trouble either way. :( Poor Poor Sammy.

I have this and a new m'preg BB to plot over at spnmpregbb.

Poor Poor Sammy (love those fics). Who's getting pregnant in your new mpreg fic?

John then I will have a verse for each of the three of them. :)

Ooh John, interesting!
Now I'm thinking of doing the spnmpregbb, since they have the 10k version, and I have a plot bunny already started and worked on. Darn you! But joining these writing challenges and bb's get me to actually finish stuff.


We both shall be dirty rotten enablers in the best possible way. :)

Who is going to have a baby?

Both Sam and Dean, as a result of the same situation. So they can be crabby together and snark about who's got it worse, etc.

SAM&DEAN MINIBANG!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ One day I may try writing, in the meantime I'll just read/graphics stuff. :)
The springfling was also a blast - last year was my first for BOTH challenges and both were so much fun!

You're doing minibang again right? right? I hope so! And springfling too!

yes and yes!! I'm doing both!!!
*crosses fingers that our paths cross on one or the other*

The SamnDean minibang was so much fun I even dived in as an artist for the spn_j2_bigbang this year -- NGL, I'm still INTIMIDATED by that one!

Yay for Mini Bang!!! I'm planning on signing up but hoping that I can write both it and the Wincest Big Bang at the same time... got an idea for the BB but no idea what-so-ever for the MB... AHHH!!

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