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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Recs and Comments

I was reading a thing by cherie_morte about how we all ought to consciously make an effort to comment on and recommend fics and fanworks that we're enjoying.  That's so true, I know that as a writer, any and all comments I do get are really appreciated.  And recommendations are great, especially from those on your f-list with whom you know you share similar tastes/interests with.
And so I thought I'd recommend two things that I consumed this week (and commented on) that I really enjoyed and maybe you will too.  I'd love to hear what you're reading/watching/consuming and commenting on too.

An ongoing pleasure is reading paper_storm88 great series "Deleted Scenes". , An episode by episode Sam/Dean Wincest with a  capital W, re-telling of  canon events.  Season 1 and 2 are done already and the fics for season 3 are breaking my heart already, I don't know if I'll be able to survive reading Season 4.

A great enjoyable short read with beautiful artwork is an spn-cinema story reworking Free Willy as a J2 tale Finding Our Way Home by sammycolt24 the whale is named Castiel, and the drawings of him are so beautiful, It's presented in a wonderful art journaling style that is fun to read.

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I just discovered "Finding our way home" yesterday and it is so beautiful and the story is a fun format to read. Really, a little treasure. I left a comment.

I make tremendous efforts to comment on each fic I read -or art I look at- that I enjoy. I'm trying to make up for my two years as a lurker before I finally managed the courage to create my LJ page. Still, sometimes I come across fics I've read in the past years and didn't comment on. I should do more recs at my journal and will try to do it on a regular base.

I'll pass the word on my next post because yeah, as a fanfiction writer, comments can be really motivating and a source of accomplishment. I know I constantly try to improve myself as a writer because I know some people appreciate my stories and I want them to keep on appreciate them.

I started out as a lurker too, and now that I've been writing, I realize how important those comments are to writers, so I try really hard to comment on things I enjoy.
Recs is whole other thing entirely, which I've only done a few times, but I have committed to doing in the future.

I agree comments really are love. I always thought it was interesting that the Fullmetal Alchemist have/had ( not sure at this point) a com that was just for leaving reviews. Was cute if memory serves me right you pledged to leave X amount of reviews and they had to meet a certain criteria and then you made a post and linked your monthly reviews. You get a banner for completing it. Cute idea but kind of odd.

As far as rec's I keep meaning to add to this comminingforgold it is cute but to small. It needs people.

As far as personal recs go I have a pinboard account here.

Multifandom, games and music and tv as well.

That's an interesting idea that the Fullmetal Alchemist fans had, I wonder if that would work in the SPN fandom? Pinboard looks pretty useful, more so than the lj memories function which is what I've been using to keep track of stories to not forget to read, to re-read or finish reading.

I love pinboard. I also use Diigo that is research. All my fandoms and original.

The com was cool. You signed up for the month and then the mod made a post that said something like smalltrolven post for the month of June.

So you would just come back to it and link to all your reviews for the month.
To make it easy on the mods to count.

You had leave a decent review like I enjoyed this because you______.

The only reason I didn;t join is it was just FullMetal. I think a multi fandom one would be awesome. I would be all over that :)

Thanks for reccing the Deleted Scenes series. I've seen it around forever but never gotten around to reading it and now I think I will!

I saw that post too, and I try to always leave comments for fic/art/vid/podfic I've enjoyed. I'm going to try to do better at reccing things that I like.

Edited at 2013-06-02 03:54 am (UTC)

I hope you like the Deleted scenes series, I usually do not read series unless it's finished, but this is too good to put off reading. Yes, the more comments and recs, the better for all!

I couldn't decide if I should leave a comment here or not? LOL....I should make it my business to rec, you are so right, I mean I read ALL the time. I just clicked on Finding Our Way Home, it looks darling, thank you.

My comments would be more frequent and detailed but I have a keyboard situation. It's soooooo brokedown, I poured coffee on it, well spilled, so I have a usb keyboard to type with, but the "a" "q" "z" and #'s don't work. So for those I must go to my mouse and on-screen keyboard. It's all very complicated. I have a list of descriptive words that do not have "a" 's in them :)

Hee, you're in the right place bb. You are really good at commenting (much appreciated!), and hey why not rec too! I think if you read a lot, then you have more to draw from as far as reccing one thing over all the others. But yeah, get a new keyboard first, that sounds incredibly frustrating, hope you can work that out soon.

I'm hoping on cherie's commenting/rec love train, too!!! Whee!!!!!
I'm happily bookmarking those two for future reading. THANK YOU!

Actually had been meaning to do rec post for a while and I always make it more complicated than it needs to be, like I feel I need to gather ALL THE BEST and pull out old bookmarks and start from the begining and..... really.... that's so not the point.

Welcome aboard the love train! I hope you enjoy the things I rec'd.
I know, I do the same thing with rec posts, I did it on this post, trying to remember another five things to put in *to be more complete and informative*, but finally I just said screw it, here's two! Maybe that's better than a long list that no one reads all the way through, just a couple gems at a time.

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