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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Trelawny - Ch 6 of 10 (Sam/Dean, NC-17)

trelawny ch6

Kevin calls them up a couple weeks later, when they’re down at the riverbank fishing and having a little lunch. (Don’t call it a picnic though, Dean had insisted). Sam puts his cell on speakerphone, and Kevin tells them he’s arriving in two days, giving Dean not a lot of time to stress and worry and try and hide it from Sam.  Dean’s most worried about how the potential rejection will affect Sam, that it might make him question what they’re doing, maybe want to go really find normal somewhere else instead of sticking with what they’ve got.

“Dean, I wish you’d quit worrying about it, you’re driving me crazy.” Sam says, throwing his re-baited hook out into the river.

“Can’t help it, ‘m sorry.”

“Is it something else, besides just Kevin finding out about us?  Because I swear to you, I’m going to be fine either way.” Sam asks, too perceptive for his own good like usual.

Dean’s been hiding this fear for a while, holding onto it like the last rung of the ladder in the deep end.  Letting go of it isn’t going to be easy, but he knows he needs to if Sam’s picking up on it like this, “Yeah, there is. I’m worried that he’s going to hurt you.”

“Yeah I know that already, we talked about that before.  There’s something else.  Wait, are you worried that if Kevin rejects us that I’m going to think he’s right or something?”

Dean ducks his head down, found out like always, “Yeah, I guess.”

“I can’t believe you sometimes Dean! How many times have I gone over this with you? You listen to me now and you listen good, because I’m not saying it again: I love you, I want to be with you, I don’t want anything else, You are what I want, not “normal” or whatever shit you’re going to come up with.  This, right here, you and me, it’s everything.”

“Sammy I know.”

“No, Dean, you don’t, not if you’re still worrying that what someone says or thinks about us is going to be enough to get me to leave you.  I can’t even conceive of it okay?  And I don’t want to. Period. End. Of. Story.” Sam finishes up emphatically.

“I’m sorry.” Dean says quietly, searching Sam’s face to see if he understands.

“I know you are.  And I know that a big part of this is believing you’re not worthy, but I can’t fix that for you Dean.  Lord knows I’ve tried.  You’ve got me, you’ve got us, it’s up to you to figure out how to believe it.”

“I’ll keep trying.  Don’t give up on me okay?” Dean asks.

“You don’t make it easy, but I never have, never will.” Sam says with a firmness that is tangible.

That glimpse of stubbornness, gives Dean a sudden flash of a long-ago Sam, in Bobby’s old panic room, sitting on the desk talking to him about how Cas and Bobby don’t think it’s a good idea, but Sam’s decided he’s bringing Dean with them to try and get Adam out of the angel’s Beautiful Room.  He remembers that now so clearly, how Sam had never given up faith in him even though he’d given him so many reasons to, and more importantly that faith was why he was able to kill Zachariah, and resist becoming Michael’s vessel.  He remembers how it felt, deep inside, knowing that Sam believed in him made everything possible again.

“Sammy.” He chokes out, overwhelmed with the memories, not able to stop the flood of emotion, but he can’t express it with words, only his body like always.  He pulls Sam to him roughly, kissing him so fiercely and suddenly.

Sam pulls back gasping for air, “Dean, what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

“Yeah, just want to show you.”

He pulls Sam back down until their lips touch briefly, Sam immediately opening up for Dean’s exploration. Dean wonders, is there something else he could do to show Sam what he means? ”Want you Sam.”

“What here?”

“Yeah, I need you. Need you in me now.” Dean answers with urgency.

Sam’s look of surprise pleases Dean.  Because they haven’t switched in a long time, and usually it means something big is happening with Dean.  Sam’s eyes widen and he looks very satisfied with himself all of a sudden, “I’m sure that could be arranged.  We got anything?”

“Just this.” Dean reaches into the fishing hamper and pulls out the Vaseline they use to coat the hooks so they don’t rust after they’re done using them.  He hands it to Sam, waggling his eyebrows. Dean lays back on the wool blanket and starts undoing his pants.

“Let me.” Growls Sam, suddenly moving to straddle him.

Sam takes over then, removing all of their clothing, running his hands all over Dean possessively.  Finally opening Dean up with Vaseline slicked fingers.  Dean’s in awe of him, of his brother, his lover, towering over him with such steady power and grace.  He can’t stop smiling at Sam, it’s like his heart is overflowing with that remembrance of Sam’s steadfast belief in him.  When Sam finally enters him, it’s like that memory is on constant replay, in addition to all the physical sensation of being taken by such a skillful lover.

Dean can’t help it, when Sam’s gotten him here to this place, finally letting go, releasing it all.  Feeling filled up, completed and perfected somehow just by their joining.  He can’t help unclenching the last little bit of his heart to let in the hope that Sam meant what he said.  Letting himself hope that, much less accept it isn’t something Dean ever thought he could do.  But when Sam’s got him like this, it seems possible, like he could almost get there.  He just needs to relax the hold he’s got on that last shred of self-protection, cutting it off and letting his whole heart fall into Sam’s waiting open hands.

Sam sees all this emotion passing over Dean’s face as he thrusts into him, can feel Dean’s body surrendering like it never does for anything or anyone else.  There’s got to be something there that Dean’s telling him with his body.  He can’t pull the words out of Dean, he knows that, but at least he gets this;  his brother tight and hot around him, letting him in, deep inside, making him feel like he’s the one protecting instead of the one being protected.

Dean can’t say anything, he’s barely conscious of Sam moving in and through him.  There’s nothing better than this, why doesn’t he do this more often with Sam?  Let him take over like this.  He’s awash in the sensations and the emotions they’re bringing up.  Nobody has ever made him feel like this.  So much, or so deeply.  Sam’s everything, all, everything.

Sam hears Dean as he faintly says “everything, yours, all, nobody, everything.” and then Dean’s coming hard on him, clenching down so firmly that Sam can barely even move, feeling the shakes and pulses from Dean’s body going through in waves.  The words that he heard and the feeling of Dean’s orgasm gives him brings him off too, letting go so deep inside Dean, filling him.  Sam catches himself from slumping down on Dean in a boneless heap, but just barely.

Dean hasn’t moved or said anything, his cock is still a little hard, and so Sam strokes it gently, coaxing a little more come to blurt out.  Dean moans brokenly, “Done, I’m done Sammy.”

“Okay, okay, I got you.”

“No.” Dean says in a hurt voice.

“Dean, you okay?” Sam asks, worried that he’s hurt his brother somehow.

“No.  Yes.  I think so.”

Sam pulls out as gently as he can manage, flopping down next to Dean and nuzzling into his shoulder.  “That was a nice surprise, thanks.”

“Yeah, uh, we should do it like that more often.  I know I always say that.  But really. I’d like to if that’s okay with you?”

Sam looks at him more closely, something’s changed in his brother, but he doesn’t want to push and ruin the afterglow, “Yeah, sure, I wouldn’t mind switching it up a little more than normal.”

“Good.  Sleeping now.” Dean mumbles, drifting off to sleep, knowing that he’s safe with Sam next to him.

Sam looks at his now sleeping brother, wondering what is really going on in his head.  Their discussion about Dean still being worried about him leaving is replaying in Sam’s mind.  The sex, this kind of sex must have been Dean’s answer for what he couldn’t bring himself to say out loud.  If there’s one thing he’s always known about his brother is that Dean communicates much better with his body  He lays down, snuggled up next to Dean in the afternoon sun, just listening to his brother’s slow breathing and the sounds of the river, feeling the breeze on his naked skin.  It’d be so easy to drift off just like Dean has, but he needs to be on alert, Dean having given up the protector role for just this small time.  He props himself up on one elbow, surveying the area, as their father taught them, methodically checking all quadrants, using all his senses.  No threat detected.  He grabs one of the napkins out of the picnic basket and wipes himself off before leaning over to clean up Dean too.  It’s always better not to hear Dean bitching about how itchy dried come is.

Dean mumbles a little and then resettles, Sam can’t make out the words this time, but he thinks he heard everything again.  Why does Dean keep saying everything? He’s almost drowsing off again when he feels Dean waking up a little next to him and asks quietly before he can stop himself, “What’s everything Dean?”

And it isn’t at all fair, Dean’s in that in-between haze of floating satisfaction, bliss, sleep and wakefulness so he answers, “you are.”

He hears Sam’s indrawn breath of surprise and squints up at him, groaning.  “Not fair bitch, asking me questions at a time like this.”

“Gotta get them answered somehow don’t I?”

“Yeah, yeah take it where you can get it I guess.” Dean grumbles, smiling anyways.

He’s not going to fuss about it, Sam knows that anyways, shouldn’t be new information or anything.  But when they walk up from the river, Sam takes his hand and he doesn’t let go.  Not like anyone’s going to see them, and besides they were just naked and fucking on the riverbank just a few minutes ago.

“You are too.” Sam says, not elaborating further.  And it’s not necessary, Dean knows.  He might not believe it, actions being what he prizes as reality, not people’s thoughts or intentions. He just squeezes Sam’s hand a little tighter in his in silent answer.


Dean picks Kevin up from the bus stop, and drives them back up to the house, telling him the shortened version about how they acquired it, Kevin’s interested, but he’s most interested in how different Dean is, how relaxed and even happy he seems while he tells the tale.

“Dean, you seem really happy, you must like it out here.”

“Yeah, I do.  There’s been a lot of changes for us, but Sam and I are happy together.”

“Wait, like together together?” Kevin stammers out, flushing a beet red at asking such a rude question of his friend.

“Yeah, you gotta problem with that I’d like to deal with it before we get to the house.” Dean says shortly, his emotionless hard face gone suddenly fierce.

“No, no problem.  Of course not.  I already knew that you were together Dean, I’m a prophet remember, the Winchester Gospels are not writing themselves. I just didn’t know if you’d ever say anything to me. That’s all.”

“You mean, the whole downloading our story thing is still happening? Like it did with Chuck?”

“Yeah, it’s been going on the whole time.  I just didn’t really understand it at first, why I knew everything about you two, and how I was compelled to write down all the new stuff, all the time, even when I didn’t see you.  And then I was mostly concentrating on the tablets, I’m sorry, I should have said something.  I just assumed we weren’t saying it out loud, to be polite or whatever.”

“Uh, yeah.  Okay.  Don’t be sorry, Kevin, I know it’s not like you wanted to be Prophet so you could spy on us or anything.  Well, Sam’s going to be just as surprised as I am I bet.”

“He won’t be mad will he?”

“Naw, he was going on about how we had to be honest with our friends, so he’ll be glad it’s not an issue.  I mean it’s not right?  Just because you know our story doesn’t mean you’d really understand why we’re, uh, like we are.”

“Dean, I know this will be hard to hear, but I’m just gonna say it straight out.  Understanding your story so completely like I do, I can’t see any other way you two could be.  Honestly, it’s the most beautiful, moving love story I’ve ever read in my life, and I’ve read a lot of books.”

Dean hesitates, it’s his turn to flush with embarrassment, “I uh, don’t know what to say.  But thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Hey. Would you mind telling Sam that? What you just said.”

“Sure, of course, he need to hear it too?” Kevin asks.

Dean nods and smiles slowly, “Yeah, I’m pretty sure he does.”

They ride the rest of the short drive in silence, pulling up through the forested drive until it opens up at the beginning of the meadow.  The house comes into view, up on the hill, and just like always whenever he sees it, Dean gets this happy, excited, ball of joy forming somewhere deep inside.  Because Sam’s there, in their home.  “Here it is.” Dean says proudly, getting out of the Impala where he’s stopped at the front of the house.

Kevin gets out and looks awestruck at the huge size of the place, “Wow, this is even better in person than I’d imagined it from the visions.”

“Oh yeah, of course, you’ve seen it.  And you let me tell you that whole story too.  Just tell me to shut up wouldja, I don’t want to go over stuff you already know and bore you to death.”  Dean says, holding the back of his neck with one hand in embarrassment.

“No, no it’s okay, I like hearing the way you tell it Dean, it’s better than I’ve managed when I write it down.  You’re a great storyteller.” Kevin answers, smiling wide and bright at his friend’s embarrassment as being complimented.

“Enough of that, let’s go see where Sam is hiding.”

The front door opens and Sam steps out, grinning widely at both of them, he gathers Kevin up in a welcome hug and pats him on the back, “Kevin, so great to see you!  You’re looking well.”

“Uh, you too Sam” stammers Kevin, a little overwhelmed at the sheer size of Sam Winchester enveloping him in a bear hug like that, he’d forgotten how freaking big the guy is.

Sam steps back from Kevin, putting himself closer to Dean, within touching distance like they usually are, but not greeting him like he normally would.  Dean laughs and pulls him in for a hug and kisses his cheek.  Sam goes a little red and tries really hard not to shrug off Dean’s arms, he didn’t think they were going to tell Kevin right away and the sudden PDA is surprising.

“Relax Sammy, he knows.  Everything.  He’s just like Chuck remember?”

“Oh. Ohhhh. God, I never thought of you…oh… I’m uh sorry Kevin that you have to, well, uh..” Sam trails off, at a loss for words, because while he’s not sorry about his life and what he’s done, he is sorry that someone he considers a friend has to know every little detail of it, bare asses and all.

“Hey, it’s cool.  I’m used to it now, and like I was telling Dean in the car, I feel privileged to get to see the Winchester story so completely, it’s the most beautiful, moving love story I’ve ever read. It’s an honor to get to write it.  And when the world reads it eventually, they’ll agree with me.”

Sam’s not sure what to say, so he buries his face in Dean’s neck to hide, feeling like he’s about a second away from just bursting into tears.  Because he’s always felt this, known it so surely, having lived it his whole life.  That what he and Dean have is no ordinary thing, it’s something completely unique.  And here’s The Prophet of the Lord standing on their front porch confirming it all.  He lets himself cry a little into Dean’s shirt while Dean holds him close, soothing his hands on Sam’s back.  Finally he straightens up and looks down into Dean’s concerned face and sees that Dean knows exactly what he’s thinking, sees the unshed tears glinting in Dean’s eyes.  He moves his hands up to hold Dean’s face gently, and says “told you so.”

Dean bursts out laughing, his tears finally getting a chance to fall too and pulls Sam down to kiss him. Laughing into his brother’s mouth, sharing this joy with him, finally knowing that they’ve been right about each other all along.

Kevin clears his throat and shifts from foot to foot, “So, uh, I’m just gonna go inside and use the facilities, long bus ride you know?”  He disappears into the house.

Sam moves to follow him, but Dean pulls him back into his arms, Sam protests, “But Dean, we’re being bad hosts.”

“Sam, believe me, Kevin understands.  And I do too now.” Dean says, knowing Sam gets what he means.

“’bout time” Sam says smiling down at him.


“Thanks Jody, that’s great, we’ll see you soon then.”  Dean hangs up his cell as he’s walking back into the kitchen from outside.  Whoops, there’s Sam eating his lunch at the enormous table, and he’s likely heard that whole conversation.

“Were you talking to Jody? How’s she doing?”  Sam asks after he’s done chewing his bite of sandwich.

Dean sits down at the table across from Sam, trying to act as nonchalant as possible, hoping Sam didn’t hear the whole conversation.  “Uh, yeah, she’s doing great.  Thinking of coming for a visit. Pretty soon maybe.”

“Wow, really?  It’ll be so great to see her, it’s been way too long.”  Sam looks really excited by the idea, he had truly bonded with her when she’d helped him bring Dean back to the right time.

“I was telling her you’d be psyched if she visited.  Glad I wasn’t lyin’.” Dean grins at Sam across the table, hoping that he’s off the hook from elaborating, it all depends on whether the Sam Detector is on full-alert or not.

“What were you thanking her for?”

Crap. Crap. Crap. Dean thinks to himself, but says out loud, “Oh, she was looking into something for me, using her sheriff-mojo you know.”

“No I don’t, are you working on a case that I don’t know about?”

“Uh, no, nothin’ like that, just something that I asked her to do, you’ll see when she gets here, okay. Just drop it Sam.”

“Alright, alright, no spoiling surprises, I get it.  But now I’m curious.” Sam says, finishing the last bite of his sandwich and pushing the plate away.

“Yeah and I know exactly what you’re like when you’re curious.” Dean teases with a raised eyebrow.

Sam tilts his head, examining his brother, trying to see if he means it or not, “How’s that?”

“Sneaky, you’re uh…sneaky.” Dean says, and then looks away quickly, he can’t meet Sam’s gaze for much longer.

Sam stands up slowly, eyes never leaving Dean’s face, like he’s working on cornering a scared rabbit, “Uh huh, what else?”

“Underhanded.” Dean says, wide-eyed and a little frozen at Sam’s slow, stalking approach.

“Same thing, what else?” Sam asks, slowly coming a little closer.

“Uh, persistent, way too persistent.” Dean says, mouth going dry as his brother moves to trap him.

“Always, anything more?” Sam asks as he firmly puts his hands on the table edge on either side of Dean, boxing him in, looming over him.

“Yeah, annoying!” Dean shoves up at Sam’s chest.

Sam’s face crinkles up into a grin and he leans down and kisses Dean until he relaxes and has his arms around Sam’s neck.  Sam finally pulls away from the kiss to say, “Fine, I’ll try not to annoy you too much, but no promises.  When’s she thinking of visiting?”

“Early next week, I think she said Monday.” Dean answers, still a little dazed from being stalked and kissed breathless by his brother, relieved that he seems to have forgotten the surprise thing he’s supposed to be curious about.

“Wow, that soon?” Sam says, standing up quickly, breaking Dean’s embrace and moving back to his side of the table.

“Yeah, you got plans or something?  Seems like we’ll have enough room to put her up unless you’ve invited the Harlem Globetrotters over again.” Dean watches his brother carefully, because he can tell something’s up.

“Ha, ha.  No, no plans.  But how is she going to . . . you know? Well, aren’t you worried about what she’ll say Dean?  When she sees us together like this?” Sam asks as he takes his plate over to the sink, back turned to Dean.

Dean gets up from his chair and is at Sam’s side in a moment, bumping his hip companionably, “Thought we worked this out already Sam.  With the whole Kevin thing, remember?  Oh, is he still going to be here next week?  I kinda promised Jody that she’d get to see him again.”

“Yeah, he’s enjoying it here.  We were even talking about University of Vermont.” Sam says, quickly looking over at Dean to gauge his reaction.

“What, for you?” Dean asks quickly, unable to hide the strong reaction he’s feeling.  Just the idea of Sam and college reminds him of all that Sam’s had to give up to live this life with him.

Sam pats him on the shoulder, knowing how mentioning college still upsets Dean, “No, him.  And also the plan of him maybe living here.”

“With us?”  Dean asks, surprised that Sam’s made an offer like this without talking to him first.

Sam shrugs, “Yeah, why not? It’s only twenty miles away. He’d mostly be at school, or studying.”

“I’ll think about it okay?”

“Huh, I thought you’d be all over the idea.” Sam says, a little worried at Dean’s hesitant reaction.

“No, it’s not that I don’t like it, just, seems a bit like...” Dean trails off without finishing his thought, not looking at Sam.

“A bit like what?”

“Like a family or something.” Dean practically whispers, as if he’s worried something will happen just by saying the word out loud.

“Yeah, I guess.  Not as if it would be permanent or anything. But yeah, maybe family is what it would be like.  Thought that was what you wanted Dean?” Sam asks softly, rubbing his hand on Dean’s forearm.

“Never thought it’d really be anybody but just you and me here.  Just let me get used to the idea, okay?”

“Okay, sure.” Sam says, knowing that this of course means a yes will be coming from Dean shortly.

“Which room do you think she’d like?” Dean asks, trying to change the subject as he’s still absorbing the whole idea of having Kevin around maybe permanently.

“One of the ones near Kevin’s.  I can’t remember which ones have been really cleaned.  Kevin says he likes his window-seat, that he’s always wanted one.  He’s always sitting in it reading.”

“No wonder he wants to stick around.” Dean muses, although he’s happy that they’ve made their friend happy so easily.

“Yeah and your great welcoming company too apparently.” Sam teases.

“Shut up.” Dean hits Sam’s chest with the back of his hand. “Let’s go look at the rooms and see if we have a lot to do to get one ready for Jody or not.”

Dean follows Sam up the back kitchen stairs towards the second floor, not able to resist that perfect ass right in front of his face, he pushes his hands up to feel the flexing muscles as Sam ascends the stairs.

“What? Are you goose-ing me on the stairs now?” Sam asks, a funny quaver in his voice.

“So? You love it. Don’t deny it.” Dean says, loving that he’s gotten to Sam so easily.

Sam stops near the second floor landing on the narrow staircase and turns to look back down at Dean.  His brother’s got that reckless twinkle in his eyes that says Sam can have anything, anywhere, anytime.  He leans down and pulls Dean up a step so he’s in his space, and kisses him deeply.  Sam’s mind races with images of taking Dean on the stairs, but Kevin’s here, so that’s a no.  “Let go up to our room first.” Sam says, voice a little thickened with the sudden desire.

Dean shakes his head and steps back down one step, looking up at Sam, he silently undoes Sam’s belt-buckle and the top of his jeans, pulling the zipper down slowly.  Sam’s almost gasping with the flood of want and heat that hits him as Dean strokes him through his boxers.  Dean pulls him out and Sam groans, it almost hurts, he’s gotten so hard so fast.

Without a word Dean leans in and takes him into his mouth, sucking and licking at the perfect height and angle for it. Sam barely manages to think, why have they never tried this on the stairs before? Sam holds onto the railing with one hand and the back of Dean’s head with the other, pulsing his hips forward with as much control as he can muster.

So far they’re not making a lot of noise, but there’s a thrill of the possibility of discovery that Sam’s almost ashamed to discover he feels.    Sam’s panting hard now, Dean taking him in all the way, nose buried in his short curly hair on every bob down, inhaling him deeply.  Sam can feel the back of Dean’s throat against his tip, the softness and give unlike anything else, along with the pressure of the suction and Dean’s hand rolling his balls gently tugging and pulling, fingers exploring between his cheeks to his hole.  Just that one touch is all it takes, Sam goes off, exploding down Dean’s throat in a gush. Knees bending under the weight of that overwhelming feeling of passion’s final result.

Sam opens his eyes to see his brother looking up at him and stroking at his own crotch through his jeans. Dean’s eyes still have that you-can-have-anything twinkle and Sam wants that, but not on the stairs.  “Come on, let’s go up to our room.”

Gingerly tucking himself back in, Sam continues up to the third floor, which they’ve converted into their master suite, Dean following behind him with his hands planted firmly back on the globes of Sam’s ass.

“I could follow you up the stairs all day Sammy.” Dean says with a voice a little hoarse from his recent efforts.

That voice kills Sam, the thought that his cock, was deep in there and changed his brother’s voice to this gravelly growl, almost makes him change his mind about not finishing up on the stairs right here.  “Come on hurry up, get in here.” Sam answers, barely able to speak normally, he’s so turned on.

They get into the sitting room of their suite and close the door, neither sure if they’ll make it to the bed or not.  Sam pushes Dean up against the door roughly and takes his mouth over again, kissing him quickly and hard, licking the taste of himself out of all the corners of Dean’s mouth.  Dean sags against the door, so Sam takes advantage, undoing his jeans and pulling them down as he sinks to his knees on the floor.  Sam returns the favor Dean just did on the stairs and gets to work right away, sucking Dean in as far as possible and beginning a steady rhythm of bobbing up and down holding the backs of Dean’s thighs in each hand so that Dean can hardly move.

Dean’s hands find the top of Sam’s head though and anchor themselves in his hair, twining and pulling and pushing.  “Sam, don’t you wanna?” Dean breathes out.

Sam pulls off and looks up at him with hooded eyes, “Yeah I do, but this first.”  Dean gulps and nods, when Sam gets so insistent like this, it’s like being overridden by a tidal wave, no point in even holding on, he lets himself get swept away in Sam’s path.  Sam finishes him off with two fingers in Dean’s ass pumping in and out and taking him as deeply down his throat as possible.  Dean can’t help but cry out in surprise when his orgasm hits him.  He feels drained and only manages to stay standing because of Sam’s bulk propping him against the door.

“Can I get my shoes off for the next one at least?” he teases, breathless with coming so hard.  Sam chuckles and unties Dean’s boots since he’s down there, helping take each one off.  Dean steps out of his jeans and boxers and pulls Sam back up to standing, holding his body tightly against his own.

Sam feels a little ashamed now for having been so rough, “You okay?” he asks, holding Dean’s face in his huge hands.

Dean nods, not able to come up with any smart comebacks because he sees the concern in Sam’s eyes, “Yeah, of course I’m fine.”

“I just worry that I’m too rough sometimes.  I don’t ever want to hurt you.”

“Well you don’t need to worry, I trust you.”

“It’s so good like this Dean.  Being so impulsive and going for it wherever and whenever we want.”

“Yeah, that’s one thing to consider about having Kevin live with us. We’ll have to limit ourselves.”

“Can I confess something?” Sam asks hesitantly as they walk through the sitting room into their bedroom.

“Sure of course.”

“I kinda got turned on by the idea of him catching us on the stairs.”

“Oh Sammy you bad boy you.” Dean swats at Sam’s ass.

“Shut up. Not like I want him to watch us or anything like that.  Just the idea of…”

“I get it, just the idea of getting caught.  That’s cool, I feel that sometimes when Cas and Meg are staying here too.  I don’t want them sitting there watching or anything, but yeah it’s a turn on, the idea of someone catching us like that.”

“Okay, good.  Glad I said it then.”  Sam says, pleased that they’re thinking so similarly on this potentially touchy subject.

“So no crazy sex orgies with Jody and Kevin and Cas and Meg huh?” Dean teases.

Sam slugs him in the shoulder, hard, “Uh no. Not on my list.”

Dean squeezes his hand pulling him towards their bed, “Good, me either. You’re more than enough for me.  So you said something earlier about something else besides just a blow job.”

“Not satisfied huh?”


“We’ll just see about that then.”  Sam pulls Dean’s shirt off and pushes him down onto their bed.  He stands up and takes off his clothes slowly, loving how Dean’s eyes never leave his body.  The desire and heat flickering as he reveals more and more skin.  Dean’s got a little while before he’ll be hard enough again, but until then Sam’s going to tease him mercilessly.


Masterpost ~ Chapter 7