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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Trelawny - Ch 7 of 10 (Sam/Dean, NC-17)

Chapter 7

They awake to the sound of knocking at their room’s main door and they hear Kevin’s muffled voice.  “Sam, Dean?  There’s someone here to see you.”

Dean gets up and stumbles to the door, grabbing a blanket to wrap around himself, he opens the door a crack and peers through, “Who’s here?”

Kevin flushes as he sees Dean’s undressed and very mussed state, “Sorry, but he insisted.”

“No worries man, who is it?”

“Some skinny guy, you better come see.” Kevin says with a mischievous grin.

“Sam too?”

“Yeah, sorry.”  Kevin says, turning to leave.

“Dude, it’s okay, we’ll be right down.”  Dean answers and shuts the door.

Sam’s heard all this, so he gets up reluctantly and they both pull on their clothes.  Not much time to really clean up more than that.  “Freshly-fucked is a good look on you, don’t worry.” Sam says, looking Dean up and down.

“Very funny, move your ass.” Dean swats at him but misses as Sam scoots down an extra step as they head down the main stairs.

“Good thing we’re going downstairs this time.” Sam grins back up at him saucily.

Then they hear it, that hee-haw laugh. Both stop in their tracks and look at each other.  “Did you tell him where we lived?” they ask simultaneously.

“Nope.” Dean says, shrugging.

“Huh. Me either.  Guess he’s gotten better.”  Sam answers, returning the shrug.

They round the final staircase corner where they can see into the entryway, and there he is, a tall skinny guy in an enormous cowboy hat standing in the doorway laughing with Kevin.

“Garth! Hey!” Says Sam, approaching with hand outstretched.  Garth shakes and then pulls him into a big hug.  Dean knows he’s next and submits to being hugged, even giving back a small one at the last second. Knowing Garth has gotten him used to receiving random hugs from people other than Sam.

“What a surprise this is, we’re glad you found us.”  Sam says.

“Didn’t take too long, once I talked to Kevin here.”  Garth answers, poking a thumb over at Kevin.

Dean asks Kevin quietly, but loud enough for Sam to hear, “Kevin did you?”

“No, I swear Dean, I didn’t tell him.” Kevin says, hoping that he’s not really in trouble.  Sam hits Dean between the shoulder blades to get him to cut it out, so Kevin knows he’s okay.

“Well, he gave me enough clues to figure it out.  But I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d come check this place out.  It’s amazing, you really lucked out.” Garth says, peering around them into the rest of the hallway.

“Whoops, sorry, we’re still not used to this having a house thing. So come on in then, make yourself welcome and all that.” Sam laughs at himself for apologizing like this, but it is funny, because he and Dean really have no clue what they’re doing with this whole house guest etiquette.  Dean rolls his eyes and motions Garth into the living room.

They all sit down, Garth and Kevin in big easy chairs, Sam and Dean on the couch, “So what brings you up this way Garth?” Dean asks, hands clasped between his legs and leaning forward, interested for some new tales of the hunt.

“Just took care of a haunting in New York, just over the border.  Went pretty well, only had to burn down one of the rooms.” Garth drawls.

”What?” Kevin asks in a shocked voice.

“Well, it was one of those blood-drenched floorboards cases.  I handled it though, only had to take out the kitchen.  The homeowners were happy, they were going to do a kitchen remodel anyways.”

“Guess that worked out then.” Dean says, trying not to laugh out loud.

“You two are looking well, and you Kevin, you look like you’ve recovered a whole lot.”  Garth says, looking at all them in his friendly, open manner that sets everyone at ease and even after all this time still gets on Dean’s nerves just a little bit.

“We’ve been kicking back here for a few months now.  Kevin just got here this week.” Sam says, pointing over at Kevin.

“My mom and I tried living together again, but we weren’t able to make it happen.” Kevin says, sounding pretty sad.

“Too bad, I know she probably misses you a lot buddy.” Garth says, leaning over and clamping a hand over Kevin’s knee.

“I guess, it got pretty heated there for a while.  It’s probably good we’re having a break. I’m really grateful that Sam and Dean are letting me stay here.” Kevin says looking over at them with a thankful look.

“So what about you two? Hunting anymore?” Garth asks, looking over at Sam and Dean unconsciously snuggled up next to one another on the couch.

“We’ve done a few ghost hunts around here locally, but we’re taking a breather for a while.  Sam’s set up an online business selling antiquarian books. And I’m doing training to be an EMT.” Dean answers, looking at Sam with naked pride on his face.

“Far as I’m concerned, you guys deserve it, everything, the time off, this house.  I’m glad you made it here together.  It’s good to see my friends end up so happy.”

“You are a mushy son-of-a-bitch aren’t you?” Dean says, laughing.

“Yeah well, being around you two, it’s kind of hard not to be.” Garth says laughing his delighted hee-haw laugh again.  Kevin joins in, because he knows exactly what Garth’s talking about.

Sam and Dean look at each other and raise their eyebrows slightly in silent question.  Dean asks, “How do you mean Garth?”

“Well, I mean, I haven’t been around two people so in love since way back when I lived with my parents.  It’s cool though man.  Like I said, I’m happy that my friends are happy.” Garth says with a big grin.

“Thanks Garth, glad we could make you happy.” Sam says with relief, that Garth’s accepted them, and that he’s not making a big scene this time like he did with Kevin.

“So you gonna stay with us for a bit Garth, rest up before you get back out there fighting the good fight?  We had a room in mind for Jody who’s coming in a couple of days, but we’ve got other ones upstairs.” Dean asks, with relief that everything’s copasetic for now and that Sam’s not doing an instant replay of his earlier reaction with Kevin.

“Yeah, just for a few days if you don’t mind.” Garth answers, looking happy to be invited.

“Hey, the more the merrier, why not? I’ll go look.” Sam says, throwing up his hands just to be extra dramatic and heading upstairs to figure out which room makes the most sense to stick Garth in.  They’ve got the one next to Kevin ready for Jody, so that leaves the three across the hall.  One of which has bed linens that have at least been washed, so that’s the one he picks.  He makes sure that there’s not too much extra stuff in the room and plugs one of the lamps in next to the bed and opens up the window for some fresh air.  Sounds of laughter and several people talking all at once filter up the stairs, and he’s cheered by the feeling that there are people in their house, people that they care about, and that really know them and their story.  It’s so different than anything he’s really ever had.  And he likes it.


A few days later, there’s another knock at the front door, and this time Garth answers since Sam and Dean are once again ensconced in their third floor get-away. They’ve found that ignoring their house-guest’s presence for a while each day is pretty much key to them maintaining their sanity.  Having both Kevin and Garth around is fun, but it’s not the solitary life that they’re used to leading where it’s just them in the car.

“Hey, you’re Charlie right?”  Sam hears Garth exclaim, the sound floating up through the window they’d inadvertently left open this afternoon in all the excitement of finally being in bed together.

Sam sits bolt upright in bed and thwacks Dean on the ear to get his attention.  “Dean.  Get up.  It sounds like Charlie’s here.”

Dean mumbles into the pillow, nvrmndgetbackdownhere.  Sam picks Dean’s head up roughly and pulls up one eyelid, “Dude, wake up.  We have another guest.”

“Alright, but you promised after we napped we were going to switch.”

“Tonight okay?  We can’t be going at it when someone arrives and let our other houseguests take care of them.”

“Why the hell not? They know where everything is by now.  Been here long enough.” Dean grumbles.

“I don’t think I can concentrate.” Sam says.

“You know I can help you with that.” Dean answers, sliding a hand slowly down Sam’s torso, flicking at his nipple.

Sam breathes in sharply at the sensation, “I do.  I know that.”

“You’re just going to put me off tonight, I can hear it now, ‘there’s too many people, I’m embarrassed.’ Or something stupid like that.” Dean complains.

“I won’t, I’m not, oh okay.  Just, we have to be quiet okay, the window’s open.” Sam gives in, Dean’s just irresistible when he’s so insistent like this.

Dean pulls him down and arranges him the way he wants Sam, face down, ass up in the air, he moves behind Sam and bites him hard on the ass cheek until Sam squirms.

“Don’t want anyone seeing this huh, or maybe even hearing us.  Is it just the possibility of someone knowing?  That I’m going down on you right now.  Licking you ‘til you’re so wet and ready I can have my turn fucking you wide open.  There’s nothing you want to say about that huh?” Dean moves his hands up the back of Sam’s thighs, pulling them apart and licking at his balls.

“I can’t.  Oh Dean, no please.” Sam pleads in a breathy whine.

“Please what Sammy?” Dean teases, holding Sam’s ass cheeks apart with both hands, breathing out warm and hot, over Sam’s hole.

“Please, just, c’mon do it.” Sam orders, suddenly on board with the whole thing now that Dean’s about to lick him.  And Dean does, he goes to town on Sam, getting his whole tongue and several fingers inside Sam until Sam’s shaking and begging loudly into his mouthful of pillow.  He kisses Sam’s ass gently one last time as he pulls his fingers out, and flips him over.  Sam goes over bonelessly, just looking up at him in a sweaty daze, face so red from struggling to keep quiet through all the intense pleasure.

“Alright, I’ve gotcha, here you can have these to keep you quiet.”  Dean laughs quietly and feeds him two of his fingers to suck on.  Sam sets to, licking and sucking greedily, making noises all around them as Dean pushes in and starts moving inside him.

Dean hitches his brother’s legs around his waist a little higher and fucks in harder and harder.  Sam’s noises increase around Dean’s fingers in his mouth, his body opens, taking Dean in further and further.  Dean’s hitting him in the right spot, he can tell how Sam’s eyes are rolling up in his head and his breathing is changing from a quick breath to a pant, like he can’t even control it.  Sam’s hips start to stutter and he arches up off the bed, holding Dean where he still moves in him, steady and deep, the clenching down on Dean is all he can feel, like Sam’s body is trying to take him inside and not ever let go,

“Sammy” he croaks out as he comes, folding over his brother until he’s bent him almost in half.  His hips finally stop moving and Sam makes an unhappy sound because he can’t breathe.

“Dean, can you get off?”

“Just did.”  Dean says.

Sam shoves him for that crude comment, but he just flops off to the side, pulling Sam in close with an arm around his waist.  “There, that was pretty quiet, see.  Now let’s shower and we’ll go greet our new guest.”

“Dean, why’s Charlie here?” Sam asks as they shower together.

“Oh, I’ve been emailing with her about some of the computer stuff we were talking about doing for your business. Networking, VPN’s, other things like that. Forgot to tell you she might be stopping by.”

“You have any idea what a turn-on it is that you know all this stuff now?” Sam asks, licking his way up Dean’s wet neck to nibble on his ear.

“Ha, I’m just glad it’s working.”  Dean’s so relieved that Sam’s not pursuing being curious about why all their friends are showing up one after another.

“Hey bitches!” Charlie yells as a freshly-showered Sam and Dean make it down the stairs twenty minutes later.  She jumps up from sitting in the living room with Garth and Kevin all of them apparently drinking beer.

“You started drinking without us, no fair!” Exclaims Dean, giving her a hug.

“Hey, I was told we couldn’t disturb your ‘private time’.” Charlie says leering at Dean.

Sam goes red and elbows Dean, but still moving in for a short Charlie hug.

With a laugh, Dean slaps Garth on the shoulder making him quake from the force, “Thanks a lot Garth.”

“No problem-o Dean.” Garth says, saluting Dean with his beer bottle and rubbing at his shoulder.

Sam rolls his eyes and turns back to Charlie, “So Dean tells me you’ve been talking networking stuff for my business?”

“Yeah, I’ll go over all that with you tomorrow okay?  I’m beat from the drive.”

“Oh, you’re staying over?” Sam asks.

“Hells yeah, Dean said it was cool, it is right?” Charlie asks, looking like she hopes she didn’t misunderstand.

“Oh, yeah of course, he just didn’t you know, warn me.  I’ll have to go fix up a room for you.  We’re still working on getting all the rooms in this place cleaned up.” Sam answers looking over her head pointedly at Dean.

“Don’t go to a lot of trouble okay?  I just need a semi-soft place to lie down at night and a plug for my laptop.” Charlie says.

“Well, we’ve definitely got that covered.”   Sam heads off upstairs to figure out which room is closest to a fit state for Charlie.  The one across the hall from Kevin only has a bed but no other furniture.  He drags in some incidental stuff from two of the other rooms they aren’t using, a sitting chair for by the big picture window, a small desk and chair, and a low table and lamp for next to the bed.  They’re almost out of already cleaned linens, so he strips the bed and carries them down the back stairs to the laundry off the kitchen.  Once he gets that going he heads back into the living room, bringing a beer to Dean as well as one for himself.  He hears a lot of what sounds like giggling and someone making shushing sounds as he comes in.

“Hey, where’d you go? “ Asks Dean, accepting the beer gratefully and pulling Sam down next to him, snuggling him in close on the end of the couch.  Sam tries to scoot away, because he doesn’t quite know what has or hasn’t been said to Charlie yet, and Dean’s acting so strange, being so demonstrative in front of all these people.  But Dean doesn’t let him get far, pulling him back in and kissing him quickly near his ear, whispering, “Don’t worry, it’s cool, she knows.”  Sam’s shoulders relax and his face softens at the thought of Dean handling that conversation without his prompting.  So he wraps his hand around Dean’s and settles back, pulling him close and clinking their beers together.

“So Dean says we’re having a barbeque tonight.” Charlie says brightly, smiling at her two friends snuggled up on the other end of the couch together.

Sam answers, “Yeah, Dean’s had a big steak marinating all day and I’ve made a couple sides.  Don’t worry Kevin we’ve got some vegie patties in the freezer.”

“Oh, I’m not vegan anymore, hope there’s enough steak for me.”  Kevin answers smiling broadly.

Dean laughs, “Hah! I was wondering how long you’d last ‘til you broke the news.  Pretty sure we’ve got enough Kev.”

Sam looks fake-mad at Kevin, “You mean I’ve been cooking vegetarian stuff for you all week and you could have eaten anything?”

“Dean told me you’d like a chance to cook healthy stuff for a change.” Kevin protests, not really sure if Sam’s pissed at him or not.

Sam thwacks Dean on the neck with his fingers sharply, “Cute Dean, real cute.”

“Well you did didn’t you?” Dean mock protests, rubbing at his neck, grinning that Sam’s gotten good at taking this teasing from their friends.

“Yeah I did, it was nice cooking healthy stuff for someone who’d actually appreciate it!”  Sam says, grinning in mock-outrage.

The room busts up into laughter, everyone catching onto the brother’s fake fighting, because it’s pretty much just plain adorable.  Sam goes quiet then and looks around the room, letting the conversation flow around him, Garth and Kevin and Charlie all here, and Jody on her way.  All they need is for Cas and Meg to show up and they’ll have all their friends under one roof.  Kind of amazing.


Kevin finds Sam out in the garden the next day, planting out the herb starts he’d bought at the garden center yesterday when they were showing Garth around their new town.  “Hey Sam?”

“Yeah, hi Kevin, what’s up?” Sam looks up shading his eyes against the bright sun.

Kevin sits down across the dirt path from Sam to make it easier on them both, “Uh, I just got off the phone with my mom.  She wants to come visit me.  Something about wanting to make sure those Winchesters didn’t have me tied up in a sex torture dungeon again.”

“What have you told her exactly?” Sam asks, only half joking.

“I was just kidding.  Remember when I was so scared at that cabin you took me to first when we found the demon tablet?  But yeah, I’ve told her pretty much everything.”

“Even about Dean and me?”

“Uh huh, not the gory details, but she’s cool, don’t worry.  She said something about how she understood not getting to pick who you ended up falling in love with.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I think it has to do with who my real father was.  I’ve never been able to get it out of her, and Crowley was teasing me about it the whole time he had me.  Must have been something juicy for him to even care.  But I’ve given up on ever knowing.  I get to know every single thing you and Dean ever do, but not who my biological father is.”

“Wow, I’m sorry Kevin, that really sucks, and it’s uh kinda wild too.  So, she wants to come check up on you. Since you’re going to live with us and go to school and all?”

“Yeah, she says it’s her job as a mother or something.”

“I don’t know much about mothers but I suppose it is.  So when’s she going to be here?” Sam asks.

“She’s taking the train up, and getting in tomorrow, late morning.” Kevin answers.

“Well, cool.  We’ll be glad to see her.  How about you pick which room she should stay in and fix it up for her?  You’d know more what kind of stuff she likes than I would. Use any of the furniture or linens in the other unused rooms up there.”

Kevin stands up to go in and get started, “Thanks Sam.  For everything.”

Sam stares up at him, his face shadowed in the bright sun, “Of course Kevin, we’re really glad you’re sticking with us.”

As Kevin leaves, Sam thinks that he’s really lucky to have this kid around still, like a younger brother in a way, not as hurtful as the appearance of Adam was in their lives.  They’re so much alike, Sam muses, he and Kevin, the whole wanting normal and college and all those dashed hopes because of some Supernatural destiny or unwanted legacy.  Kevin’s changed since his time with Crowley, and the months spent all alone deciphering the tablets.  He’s not just a scared, high school student like he’d been when they’d met him, but a young man with a lot more confidence and experience.  Sam’s pretty sure he’s going to kick ass at college, and wistfully wishes that he could join him.

“Whatcha thinking about? You’re a million miles away, didn’t even hear me coming up.” Dean says, suddenly standing right behind Sam’s back.

Sam cranes his neck backwards to look up at Dean, “Oh hey.  Just doing some non-thinking gardening. Getting these starts in before it rains tonight.”

“Need any help?” Dean asks, ruffling his hand through Sam’s hair.

“As usual you’re just in time, I’m almost finished. So no.  But you can stay and talk to me about why we have so many people in our house all of a sudden.”

“What do you mean?” Dean asks warily, sitting down in the spot on the gravel path Kevin had just vacated earlier.

“Just seems a little strange don’t you think?  First Kevin and Garth, then Charlie yesterday.  Plus, Jody’s coming and now Kevin’s mom too in the next two days.  All we need is Cas and Meg showing up again and we’ll have a full house and pretty much all of our friends.”

“That is weird.  Maybe it’s just spring time? People on the move?  I don’t know, it’s nice though isn’t it? Having all our friends around, like a reunion no one planned on.  It’s not going to be forever or anything.”

“I know, just thought maybe something was going on that I don’t know about.”

“Like what?” Dean asks, crossing his fingers behind his back that Sam hasn’t figured anything out yet.

“You’ve been different lately.”

“How so?” Dean asks carefully not wanting to give anything away.

“Uh, more demonstrative I guess.”

“Thought that was okay with you, was what you wanted.  I’m finally okay with us being honest with everyone, just thought I’d prove it to you.”

“Oh, I didn’t…” Sam starts and doesn’t finish, not wanting to say it out loud in case it’s true.

“What you didn’t think I really meant it?”

“No, well, uh…I guess.  I don’t know, I’m just still getting used to it or something.  It is what I want though.” Sam says firmly, reaching out to hold Dean’s hand.

“Is this a case of now that you’ve got what you thought you always wanted you’re not sure you still want it?”

“Nothing like that, no.”

“Well what is it then Sam?  This is a big deal to me too you know.”

“I do know that, that’s why it’s important.  Here, sit over here next to me, would you.  I’ll tell you.” Sam clears away the empty plant containers and his hand trowel.

“Fine, scoot over.” Dean says, scooting over next to the spot Sam indicates right next to him.

“Okay, so yes, I do want us to be honest with our friends.  And I’m really glad and pleasantly surprised that it’s going so well so far. It’s just all happened so fast you know?  You’re right that I always wanted this, and for you to be showing it with how you’re touching me in front of them, don’t get me wrong.  I like it.  That they can see it like that, so they really know what they’re saying they’re okay with.”

“So what’s the issue then?” Dean asks.

“Just come here, hold me, and tell me it’s still going to keep going so well.” Sam answers, his face looking like he’s about to start crying at any second.

Dean sighs and enfolds Sam in his arms, holding him tight, “Are you worried that Mrs. Tran and Jody are going to say something about us?”

“No…yes…I don’t even know.  It just seems too good to be true somehow.”

“Pity the man who gets everything he wants.” Dean chuckles.

“Something like that.  Shut me up already.” Sam pleads.

Dean leans in to kiss him so sweetly he almost wants to shout out with joy.  Under the spring sun, down in their growing garden, smelling the newly turned soil, and Dean.  All around him.  Filling up his senses until they both can’t take anymore.


The next couple of nights are spent wrapped up in each other, and everyday seems like a new configuration of friends around their dining room table.  Dean’s enjoying going on beer and food runs with each of them in turn, showing off the newly detailed Impala interior and the beautiful forest-lined roads.  Sam’s having fun finally having an excuse to show off his database and library to people who will care.   Kevin decides to start using all the fancy dishes and silver that came with the house.  He and Charlie spend a couple hours looking up the different pieces online to figure out their uses.  Salt cellars, lobster forks, caviar spoons, and fish knives.

“Sam, ya know if ya add all this up, you could sell all this and pretty much not have to ever work again.” Garth tells him over lunch.

“Really? It’s worth that much? I never thought about it.  Not sure how Meredith would feel about us getting rid of her family’s stuff.” Sam says, thinking about Meredith and how she’d feel.

“Well, she’s off with her faery dude right? I bet she probably wouldn’t care.” Charlie adds.

“I guess . . .  I just don’t feel right about it, but it’s good to know just in case we need a lot of money.” Sam says, filing that tidbit of information in the just-in-case file.

“We can still use the stuff though right?” Kevin asks, hoping that Sam doesn’t mind.

“Why, you like all the fancy dishes Kev?” Charlie teases.

“So what if I do, they’re quality!” Kevin protests, throwing a linen napkin over Charlie’s head. She leaps up and chases him out the kitchen door screaming something about how dare he assault the queen.

“It’s like having a couple of kids all of a sudden.” Sam muses.

“You’re good at it Sam.” Garth observes.

Luckily everyone is pitching in and helping with doing the dishes and cooking.  Garth shows off his gumbo skills one night, Kevin makes a noodle fish dinner that he’d learned from his mom, Charlie protests that she doesn’t know anything about feeding a bunch of people, but finally wows them all with a lasagna that practically makes Dean weep for how good it is.

Masterpost ~ Chapter 8