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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Trelawny - Ch 8 of 10 (Sam/Dean, NC-17)

Chapter 8

Jody and Mrs. Tran show up on the same day, Jody pulling up in her Jeep, both of them getting out and joining Sam and Kevin who are waiting on the front porch.

Mrs. Tran doesn’t even look at Sam, just makes a beeline straight for her son, enveloping him in a hug worthy of a tiger momma.  Kevin looks pleased and embarrassed and unable to breathe all at once.

“Jody, god it’s great to see you again!” Sam exclaims with real joy, picking Jody up off her feet in a giant hug.

“Wow, uh, good to see you too Sam.  Hi Kevin, how are you?” Jody says a little breathlessly after Sam sets her back down.

Kevin unpeels his mother a little so he can catch a breath and holds her tucked under his arm, nice and close, “I’m good, hi Jody, have a good drive? Thanks for picking mom up from the station.”

“Sure no problem, we had a nice chat.  Yeah the drive was quite a haul, but it sure is pretty country up here.” Jody says.

“Nothing but a day trip.” Says Dean, joining them all from inside the house.

“Dean, oh look at you.” Exclaims Jody, hugging him in an enthusiastic embrace.

“What?” Dean asks, worried that he’s got something on his face.

“You just look, I don’t know, five years younger or something.  How do you do that? What’s your secret?” Jody asks.

Dean puts his arm around Sam’s waist and pulls him in close, looking up at Sam’s face, “Sam here, keeps me happy.”

“You got any extras stashed that I could borrow?” Jody asks, not commenting at all that he’s holding Sam so closely.

“Nope, sorry, find your own.” Dean grins, pulling Sam in closer.

“Jody, Mrs. Tran, you want a tour?” Sam offers, stepping out of Dean’s embrace and pushing the front door open wider.

“Yeah, absolutely.” Jody says, following Sam through the door.

“Kevin, you show me your room first.” Mrs. Tran says as the two of them go up the stairs.

“Sure mom, yours is right down the hall.” Kevin answers, the dutiful son, playing put-upon but everyone can tell he’s really glad she’s there.

“I get my own?” Mrs. Tran asks, sounding more than a little surprised and maybe a little impressed.

“Yeah, Sam and Dean’s place is like a hotel, so many rooms.” Kevin answers, liking that he gets to brag on his friends.

“Humph, we’ll see about that.” Mrs. Tran says, not allowing as Sam and Dean are all that, quite yet anyways.

Dean and Sam share a concerned glance, wondering why she hasn’t really greeted them or said anything yet. They silently shrug at each other and hope Kevin will intervene for them if necessary.

Sam takes Jody into the living room and shows her the rest of the downstairs while Dean stays out on the porch settling down in his favorite Adirondack chair.  Charlie and Garth pull up in Garth’s ride, and they get out laughing about the music choice that Garth had insisted upon.  “Kool and the Gang still rock.   Don’t give me none of this Ani Difranco bull.”

They see Dean on the porch and join him, both sitting on the swing.  Charlie leans forward a little and says quietly, “Dean we’re ready for Friday.”

“Sssh, not sure where he is right now.” Dean says, giving them the universal keep it quiet gesture of zipped lips.

“Okay, sorry. Just wanted to know if Cas and Meg are going to make it.  Trying to make sure we have the right number of chairs and stuff.”

“Last I heard, yeah, they’ll be back here Thursday.”

“How you feeling? Getting nervous buddy?” Asks Garth, slapping Dean on the knee.

Dean looks askance at Garth’s hand on his knee and shrugs.  He’s not talking about it, not with Garth and definitely not if there’s a chance Sam is around.

“Well, you come find me if you want to talk, okay?” Garth offers in his friendly drawl.

“Me too Dean, you know I’m a good listener.” Charlie chimes in.

“Thanks guys, I’m good for now.” Dean demurs. “But wouldja just shut up please?” he pleads.

“Dean, are you being rude to our guests?” Sam asks through the open living room window.

Both Charlie and Garth make the same lip-zipping gesture and try to school their faces into mock outrage for Sam’s benefit.  “You’re damn right he is, you need to keep your man in line Winchester!” kids Charlie, winking at Dean.

“Yeah Dean, if you want us to leave, you should just say so already.” Garth joins in, stifling a laugh, just barely.

“Ha-ha, you guys are killin’ me here.  Don’t worry Sam, I’m being a good host, they’re just kiddin’ you.  Right guys?” Dean makes a pleading face somehow mixed with a glare.

“Okay, but you better be ready for lunch soon.  Jody is going to show me how to make her version of tuna salad.” Sam answers, heading back inside.

Dean makes a yuck face and then cracks up once Sam’s out of earshot.

“Dean, so I don’t screw up, who’s in the know?” Charlie asks in a quiet voice.

“You two, Jody of course she’s gotten us the legal stuff organized so we’ll be legal, Cas and Meg, but who knows if they’ll actually be here or not.  They’re not real reliable now, not that they ever were before now that I think about it.  I haven’t talked to Kevin or his mom, but he might know since he’s a prophet.”

“What do you mean since he’s a prophet?” Charlie asks, completely out of the loop on the whole prophet thing.

“Oh, part of his job as The Prophet of the Lord, is writing down our story.  The prophet we knew before him told us it would end up being the Winchester Gospels in the future, pretty weird huh?”

“He knows everything you guys ever do?” Charlie asks, with more than a little wonder in her voice.

“Yup.  So it’s pretty likely that he knows what’s up, not sure if he’s told his mom or not though.” Dean answers.

“Wow, sucks to be him.” Charlie observes.

“Hey!” Dean says.

“Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys, but knowing all the details of your lives would be… Well, it would be a bit much for anyone.”

“Don’t I know it!” Dean exclaims.

“Guess so since you’ve lived it.” Charlie says with a little admiration.

“So really it’s just Sam that doesn’t know.” Garth adds in quietly, amused by the back and forth between Dean and Charlie.

“Doesn’t know what?” asks Sam, appearing in the doorway holding a basket.

“Doesn’t know what he’s getting for his birthday and some people just don’t know when the hell to shut up!” Dean says, throwing up his hands to make a bigger distraction. Hoping against everything that this isn’t where all his secret plans are found out.

“Well it better be something good this year.” Sam teases, leaning over to pull Dean up off his seat with his free arm, holding him tight.

Dean sags in relief against him that the birthday dodge was enough to get Sam off the trail, “It is, I promise.  Something I’m pretty sure you’ve always wanted.  What’s in the basket?”

“Stuff that Mrs. Tran baked for us.  Here everyone help yourself.”  Sam sets the basket down on the table and everyone dives in to grab a cookie or muffin.  Dean finds a big chocolate brownie.

“Wow, Mrs. Tran can stay for as long as she wants if she keeps making this stuff.” Dean mumbles through a crumbly mouthful.

“I’ll only stay if you call me Linda.” She says from the doorway, smiling to see everybody munching on the stuff she brought.

“Deal.” Dean says, standing up to shake her hand.

Linda laughs, “Dean, I had no idea you were so easy.”

The whole group erupts in laughter at that comment and Dean blusters a little before finally joining in.

Dean comes into the kitchen several hours after lunch and finds Sam trying to make three things at once to prepare for their dinner.  “Hey, where did your helpers go?”

Sam’s response is a bitch face and a small sigh, “I don’t know, everyone disappeared before we finished. I’m not sure I can get this all done.”

“Dude, calm down already.  It’s just a dinner, and it’s just our friends.”

“I know, I’m calm. I just want it to be good.” Sam says.

“Well, I do too. So what can I help with?” Dean offers.

“How about you stir the beans and then wash the lettuce.”

“Aye aye captain!” Dean salutes and sets to work after washing his hands.  They do the kitchen dance in the large space, it’s pretty easy to get it all done quickly. Dean still finds opportunities to crowd into Sam and press him up against the counter.

Sam turns off the water and puts down the last pot he was washing and leans back into the warm weight of Dean behind him.

“You’ve been working too hard Sammy.  Need to relax.” Dean breathes into his ear making Sam shiver.

“I know you’re right, I just can’t stop once I start. But we’re done now, it’s all good.”

“Just close your eyes for a minute.” Dean purrs against the side of Sam’s neck.  He starts rubbing Sam’s shoulders which are up around his ears in a tense hunch.  “Relax.” He says softly, and Sam does, he melts into Dean’s familiar touch, the warm hands a steady weight on his skin, pushing his muscles back into shape.

Sam can’t help but groan with pleasure when Dean works out the biggest knot under his shoulder blade. Then he feels embarrassed because the window is open and Jody and Linda are right out there in the herb garden just a few feet away.

“Think they heard you Sammy?” Dean teases.

Sam can’t think coherently for a second to come up with an answer because Dean is now massaging his chest, teasing his nipples through his t-shirt until he thinks he’s going to go crazy, he knows it’s bad when rubbing up against the counter is a welcome friction.  “Maybe.” He finally says, a little breathless.

“Oh I think they did.  What else are they gonna hear?” Dean’s hands travel further south down to the top edge of Sam’s jeans, rubbing at the skin just under his belly button, fingers teasing their way under the waistband.

He hasn’t gotten this hard this fast in a long time and Sam feels his head go so light and airy all of a sudden, almost like when they were dealing with the fairy.  “I think we should go upstairs Dean.” Sam manages, turning around and grabbing Dean’s hand, tugging him towards the servant’s staircase.

Dean just laughs and follows him, “But what about the dinner?”

“We’re all prepped and ready, we’ve got a couple hours to kill, c’mon already.” Sam pulls him up onto the first flight of steps.

“Sure you don’t want to go for it on the stairs again Sammy?” Dean teases.

There’s a small growl and barked laugh, and Sam just tugs him harder up to their floor.  Once they’re through the door, Sam pulls him through the sitting room into the bedroom and pushes Dean down onto their bed.  “You make me so crazy.”

“I know, I like you that way.” Dean smirks, looking up at Sam standing over him.

“What way?”

“When you lose control a little like this, it’s hot. I never know what you’ll do next.” Dean admits.

“Yeah?” Sam asks a little hesitantly.

“Uh huh.” Dean nods, eyes darkening as he sees his little brother processing that thought, wondering just what he’ll come up with.

Thinking of what else Dean might find hot, something he wouldn’t normally do, a little out of control, Sam begins swiveling his hips and dancing.  He turns around and does a lot of booty shaking which gets a laugh and a whole lot of attention from Dean.  Slowly he starts stripping, first the t-shirt inching up his torso then over his head, keeping his wrists bound for a while.  Dean reaches for him, looking like he wants to tug him in and keep him bound but Sam dances away.  Dean lies back propped up on his elbows completely entranced.  “Keep going Sammy.”

“I plan to, all the way.” He keeps the bump and grind rhythm going with his hips, and starts undoing his jeans, first just the button, running his hand up and down his chest, circling his nipples, gasping a little when he pinches them.  Sam looks over and sees Dean bite his lower lip.  He dances closer and brushes his lips over Dean’s gently, just barely touching.  He pulls back and looks at his brother, full red lips shiny, eyes closed in what looks like bliss, he’s so beautiful like this.

Dean looks up at Sam, blinking and focusing on his brother still dancing for him, “Don’t stop.” He says, hoping that’s the plan, because this is all kinds of hot having Sam dance for him like this, he never would have thought to ask.

Leaning over and sticking his ass out, Sam pulls his jeans down slowly, revealing tight grey boxer briefs. He runs his fingers over the seams and hears a strangled groan from the bed, Dean’s stroking himself through his jeans, the hard bulge unmistakable.  “Want you Sam.”

“I know.” He says, continuing to dance, feeling this free and out of control is such a novelty, he never would have thought he’d enjoy it this much.  But Dean’s eyes on him like traces of hot fire moving on his skin is more than enough to make it worth the embarrassment of shaking his ass like an idiot.  Finally he starts touching himself through his briefs, timing his strokes to Dean’s, their eyes locked onto each other.

“Sammy, c’mon.” Dean almost begs.

“Not done yet.”  Sam continues the slow strokes until he gets himself as hard as he ever can on his own, his briefs have a big wet spot and can’t contain him now, the red head poking up above the waistband, shiny with wetness.  Dean’s practically drooling all over himself at the sight.  Sam dances over to the nightstand and picks up the lube that’s of course handy.  Dean’s eyes go wide, wondering what he’s going to do next.

First he inches down the briefs, bending over and presenting his still moving ass to Dean as he takes them off over his feet.  While he’s bent over he reaches around with two lubed fingers and starts opening himself up, still moving his hips to the rhythm he’s been dancing to all this time.  He looks around himself at Dean and sees him frantically taking off his own jeans until he’s naked and still sitting on the bed, stroking his very hard cock a little faster.

Sam takes a little more lube from the tube and tosses it back on the nightstand, he turns around and dances back in close to Dean and reaches down to stroke his cock, getting him nice and slick.  He kisses him hot and dirty and then turns back around, kicks Dean’s feet out wide and starts lowering himself.

Dean gets the picture pretty darned fast and holds his cock steady guiding it towards Sam’s entrance. The feeling is different at this angle for both of them, they both gasp in surprise when Dean’s all the way in.

Sam stills for a moment getting used to it, leans back over his shoulder and pulls Dean into a quick dirty kiss, mostly just tongue fucking as he can’t reach too well.  And then starts the rhythm back up, the same hip swaying to the beat with a pelvic thrust thrown in now and then, just enough variation to keep Dean on edge.

Dean’s got his hands on Sam’s waist, steadying him, gripping him strong and sure.  His hands shaking a little with anticipation.  When Sam really starts grinding down onto him Dean groans loudly, “Sammy, too good, this is too good.”

Sam looks over his shoulder so he can make eye contact, “Never good enough for you. For us.”  He speeds up the rhythm until they’re both gasping, Sam’s angling himself so that Dean is hitting him in the sweet spot on nearly every shattering thrust. Dean reaches around to take Sam’s cock in hand, but Sam bats it away.  “No, just like this.”

“You gonna come just on my cock Sammy?”

“That’s . . . The . . . Plan.”

And he does, arching back into Dean’s chest, burying his face against the side of his neck, crying out his pleasure, Dean keeps thrusting a few more times, and comes hard, deep inside Sam.   He flops back onto the bed, pulling Sam with him and rolling to the side.  They’re still joined together and he can’t help thrusting a little more, especially with Sam still grinding back into him.  Sam’s gripping him hard and rhythmically deep inside, and he’s getting harder again.

“More Dean, c’mon.”

“Not sure if I can Sam.”

“Just try.”

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

Sam cracks up, almost shaking so much from laughing that Dean falls out of him.  But Dean grips his hips tightly and pulls him in. “Shut up Sam, c’mon.”

“Just, no more quoting from kid’s books, okay?”

“Fine, turning back on the porno dialogue.  Baby, you’re so hot writhing on the end of my cock, never gonna stop.”

“Shut up Dean.”

Dean kisses the back of his neck and then bites him hard as he reaches around to see what state Sam’s in, just from the contact and the bite he’s growing harder and harder in Dean’s hand.  He starts stroking him in time with the small thrusts he’s managing.  Sam begins moving back and forth between Dean’s hand and cock.  Almost mindlessly writhing now, with incoherent sounds pouring out of his mouth, Dean only manages to catch random words, the usual Love You’s and Mine and All yours and so good’s, but then there’s also a few news ones like: never again, can’t help it, and most interestingly, forever.

Sam doesn’t even know where he is at this point caught between the hard and the soft of Dean, surrounded by him, impaled and controlled and it’s never been like this, letting go, letting Dean have all this control.  But he still feels so safe, and he completely trusts that Dean will get him there.  No way will he leave him hanging or stop or something.  They’re both getting there again together and it’s going to be even better than the first time.  Sam regains a little more control of his body and starts participating a little more.

Dean feels Sam’s body re-engage and doubles his efforts on thrusting into Sam, aiming for the spot that he knows will help Sam lose it.  When Sam’s moans hit that higher pitch he knows he’s got it.  Just the sound of Sam starting to get close is almost enough to get him there himself.  He licks the sweat up off of Sam’s neck and nuzzles into the back of his hair breathing deeply, immersing himself in all things Sam, his body, his scent, his taste, the sound of him, all his senses attuned to his brother, his lover, everything so in sync and perfect and he feels Sam tighten up further deep inside which always means he’s about to come.

Sure enough Sam does, shouting out Dean’s name, loud and strong, heedless of all the company in the house.  And that’s what does it for Dean this time, the thought that he’s made his brother lose so much control that he got that loud even though their house is filled with people that will give them no end of shit about it.  That’s what gets him, that he did that to Sam, for Sam, with Sam.  Dean joins him in coming hard, yelling out Sam’s name, so that fair’s fair and no one will be able to tease just one of them.

Sam’s laughing gently, the movement enough to finally dislodge Dean from him.  They both groan a little at the loss of contact.  It was good though, no a whole lot better than good Dean thinks, they’ve never managed to go twice in a row without stopping like that.

“What’re you laughing at, thought that was pretty damn awesome.” Dean asks.

“What’d you take your Viagra today or something?” Sam asks.

“No, what? Viagra? I don’t need fucking Viagra, shut up!” Dean splutters.

Sam’s laughing again, “I was kidding, God, Dean, sorry.  I was laughing to myself about how noisy we were, I’m embarrassed that’s all.  Just imagining what people were going to say.”

“I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s our house, they’re guests, and they’re probably as embarrassed as you are. Just get over it, you’re an exhibitionist Sammy.”

Sam rolls over and gathers Dean into his arms, kissing the side of his head, ‘When’d you get so damn smart anyways?”

Dean soaks up the compliment like the low self-esteem loser he knows he is, “Always have been, you just never noticed.”

Sam slaps him on the back hard, “The hell I didn’t. You’re smarter than me in a lot of ways Dean.  I’ve always known that.”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

Sam flips him and pins him under the weight of his body, face lit with fierce intensity, “You are Dean.  You’re one of the smartest people I’ve ever known.”

“Even when you add in all those college people that you knew back at Stanford?”

“Yes. Hell yes!  You’d blow them out of the water man.” Sam insists.

“Alright, alright.”

“You gotta quit saying stuff like this, talking yourself down.  I want you to finally get it, that you’re fucking brilliant.  You could have done anything, been anything you wanted.  But we got stuck on world saving duty and you’ve made the best of it you know?”

“Come on Sam, cut it out.”

Sam relents at the near-begging tone in Dean’s voice, he can see that he’s made Dean deeply uncomfortable, so he leans down and kisses him roughly until they’re both breathing hard again.

“Wish I could go again, fuck some sense into you.” Sam says.

“Who knows, maybe it’d work.” Dean laughs.

There’s a loud, obnoxious knock at the door and then they hear steps running back down the stairs and some excited talking and a burst of laughter.  They both look at each other in surprise, but Dean’s the one who gets up, too curious to just stay there wrapped up with Sam, no matter how hard it is to untangle himself.  He pulls on a robe as he walks over to the door, just in case there’s someone still out there, and opens the door slowly.

Down on the floor there’s a piece of paper that says GO LOOK IN THE DUMBWAITER.

Dean picks it up, looks down the stairs and doesn’t see anyone, so he heads back in their room and kicks the door closed.  He heads over to where the dumbwaiter door is, lifts it, and sees a tray with a small vase of flowers, a carafe of lemonade, glasses and a plate of snacks and a folded piece of paper with Sam + Dean in a heart written on the outside.  He takes the tray out carefully and turns, walking back to the bed he stops because Sam’s still lying there just how he’d left him. Sprawled out and absolutely debauched, legs open wide, softened red cock and belly covered in drying come, hair a crazy tangled wild mess and his lips so red and wet.  Mostly though it’s Sam’s eyes watching him that stop him and hold him there.

“You are so beautiful.” Sam says in this reverent tone that Dean knows he shouldn’t screw around with too much.

“Shut up, I was just going to say that.” Answers Dean with a grin. Finally he restarts and walks the rest of the way to the bed setting the tray down next to Sam. He takes off his robe and sits down, waiting for Sam to say something or read the note.

“So what do you think this is supposed to be?” Sam asks, pointing at the tray.

“No idea. Who knows what those assholes are up to now.” Dean admits, but he grabs the note and unfolds it, “I’ll just read this out loud so we both hear it at the same time.”  Sam nods looking at him with a small worried crease between his eyes.

Dear Dean and Sam, We couldn’t help but noticing that you’ve been rather active up here this afternoon.  Here is a restorative snack so that Sam can have his turn next.  Love, Your Thoroughly Entertained Houseguests.” Dean barely finishes before bursting into a full-body laugh.

Sam joins him, so delighted that their friends are so nice about all this, and still embarrassed too, but enjoying the uninhibited joy of his brother beside him.

“That’s a hoot now isn’t it? Bunch of pervs, all of ‘em.” Dean says on a last gust of laughter.

“Yeah, and they’re right too.” Sam agrees.

“Oh yeah? Your turn now?” Dean asks.

“Oh yeah, but later after dinner.” Sam says.

“Three times in one day, what are you trying to kill me?”

“Why not?” Sam says, popping a strawberry into his mouth and holding one out for Dean.  Dean sucks it into his mouth and licks Sam’s fingers clean of the red juice left behind.  Tongue teasing between the fingers.  He’s watching Sam’s reaction, and as soon as the heat starts turning up in his eyes he sucks the finger into his mouth, licking around it quickly.  Sam lets out a little gasp and then puts another finger into Dean’s mouth.  Dean sees how intently he’s watching him suck those fingers and lets himself really get into it, imagining that it’s Sam’s cock instead.

“God Dean your mouth.”


“The way you look when you’re sucking something, you have no idea what it does to me.”

“Oh I think I have some idea.  Probably the same thing you sucking anything does to me.”

“Is there anything you won’t suck?” Sam asks, still intently focused on Dean’s mouth.

Dean licks his lips slowly, “Not on you, no.”

Sam can’t answer, his mind racing with all the possibilities, and yeah they’ve probably already done them all, but still, just the idea of it is such a huge turn-on.

“You like that huh Sammy?”

“Uh huh. Here drink this.”

Sam hands him a glass of lemonade and Dean drinks it as suggestively as he can manage.  Which judging by Sam’s eyes works pretty damn well.

“It’s gonna be hard to take a nap now that you’ve got me thinking.”

“What about?” Dean asks, hoping that he’s got some idea already of what Sam’s thinking about.

The other food on the tray is good for feeding to each other, there are some juicy blueberries in a small bowl, Sam bites them in half and rubs them over Dean’s full lips until they’re purple and sticky, licking and sucking them gently until it’s all gone and clean again, Dean’s lips even more full and puffy than usual.  Someone thought it would be funny and put two bananas on the tray so of course they have to deep throat those, Dean holding his out and Sam leaning over to take it all the way in and then playfully biting off the tip.

“Ouch, glad that’s not me.” Dean says, seeing the tip separate and disappear into Sam’s mouth.

“I’d never.” Sam says through his mouthful of banana.

It’s too fun playing with the food and staying in this state of teasing arousal, especially when they’re so well-sated from earlier.  Finally they clean up in the shower, and head back down to finish cooking.  The kitchen is full of people who all applaud sarcastically when they come down the kitchen stairs.  Sam turns bright red and Dean just scowls at everyone, the tips of his ears a little pink.

“We think it’s awesome, don’t worry guys.” Charlie says, waving a wooden spoon covered in baked beans.  A few of them hit Garth in the neck and he wipes them off, grinning, “It’s a beautiful thing, nothing to be embarrassed about.  Except maybe those.” And he points with the spatula he was turning the fritters with at Sam’s long exposed neck which is covered with bite marks and dark hickies.

“I think I’ve got a scarf you could borrow Sam.” Jody teases.

Sam blushes even deeper red, not able to meet anyone’s eyes.  Dean sees this and pulls him in close with an arm around his waist, with the other hand he points at all of them fiercely, “You all need to just give it a rest. Or we’re kickin’ you out.” Dean threatens.

Kevin and Cas come in from outside, “We’ve got the barbeque going finally.” Kevin announces.

“Oh, you are done with this afternoon’s exercises I see.” Cas says, looking closely at Dean and then Sam.

“You’re here! But not you too Cas, c’mon give us a break.” Sam pleads.

“What do you need me to break Sam?” Cas asks, clueless or maybe kidding this time, no one can tell.

Meg gets up from the kitchen table where she was peeling oranges for the fruit salad, and crosses to his side, where she elbows him sharply in the ribs, “Clarence, he wants you to stop talking about their afternoon delight. Remember what we discussed?”

Cas smiles that small smile that he gets when he remembers something that he feels is important, learning about these humans that are his friends is an ongoing thing, he mimes zipping his lip as Meg had shown him and nods at her silently.   Everyone in the room cracks up and that breaks the tension and brings the focus off of Sam and Dean.  Sam’s blush fades and Dean’s scowl disappear as they dive back in to getting the dinner ready.  Dean’s got the steak and vegie skewers going outside with Cas and Kevin.

“You humans love to burn things don’t you.” Cas observes.

Kevin and Dean laugh, “Yeah Cas that we do, and we’re good at it too.” Dean says.

Sam’s got most of the side dishes ready, and someone was nice enough to set the table.  The barbequed stuff is brought in and everyone serves themselves in the kitchen, carrying their loaded plates into the dining room.  Jody had mixed up a big batch of sangria earlier so there are wineglasses on the table full of the deep red beverage. And Mrs. Tran had dug out the candlestick holders and found white candles, so those are arranged up and down the table.  With the lights turned off and all their friends around the table, so many eyes twinkling in the candlelight, Sam and Dean look at each other from either end of the long table.  Communicating as usual silently, but completely.  Dean watches as Sam stands, raising his wine glass, “A toast! To the friends that join us around our table. To the ones we’ve loved and recently lost and wish could be here to join us tonight.  To a future filled with such joyful gatherings.”

Sam and Dean smile a little sadly at each other, thinking of Bobby, and how much they miss him.  They both catch Jody misting up a little too.

Dean interrupts the descent into sadness with a hearty, “Hear, hear!”  Everyone repeats it and clinks glasses together.  The table erupts into loud talking, with occasional pauses for more toasts made as the sangria is consumed.  Cas says one in Enochian which he swears is hilarious, Meg shares one in one of the demon tongues, Mrs. Tran says one in Vietnamese which she promises to translate, and Charlie comes up with one in Elvish.  After all the food is eaten and the drinks drained dry, they all drift into the living room, arranging themselves on the couches, chairs and the floor pillows.  Stories of the last few years are shared, plans and hare-brained schemes for the future are cooked up.  Finally it’s down to just Sam and Dean finishing up the dishes in the quiet kitchen.

“This was one of the best days ever.” Sam says, drying his hands on a dish towel.

“Yeah?” Dean turns to look at Sam, to see if he’s kidding, but of course he’s not because this really was a great day.

“It’ll be hard to top.” Sam says pulling Dean in for a hug.

“You’re probably right.” Dean murmurs into his collar.


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