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Trelawny - Ch 9 of 10 (Sam/Dean NC-17)

Chapter 9

The next day arrives, it’s finally Friday, and they’re all here, all of their friends in one place.  That has never happened, in the history of ever. Dean feels like that’s quite an accomplishment if nothing else happens today.  And to top off his good feelings, Sam still doesn’t seem to know a thing.  He’s so busy keeping up with all the guests, making sure they’re all taken care of and that someone’s doing the dishes.  And he’s been spending as much time as possible with Sam up here in their rooms, so that they have enough physical contact as usual.  He didn’t want Sam to be suspicious if he slacked off in that regard.  That and he seems to still really be getting off on the almost getting caught thing still.  Which cracks Dean up, Sam getting all worked up like that, just because someone might see or hear them doing nothing more exciting than them enjoying their version of mostly plain vanilla sex.

But now, it’s finally time to get the proceedings underway.  Sam’s out on a made-up reason for a supply run, Jody sent him out for toothpicks, gin and garlic stuffed olives.  Something about making the perfect martini for cocktail hour (whenever that is).  Dean’s got his best suit on and is as cleaned-up as he ever gets these days, Sam’s suit is laid out on the bed, ready for him to jump into it when he gets home.  The plan is that Cas will escort Sam up here through the back kitchen stairs, avoiding the rest of the house and garden where the festivities are set up.  Cas has orders to not let Sam go anywhere else but straight upstairs.  He also has orders to follow Sam and make sure he reads the letter Dean’s left on the bed with Sam’s clothes.  It explains everything, at least Dean thinks it does.  He gulps to himself, hoping that he’s done the right thing here.

Jody did most of the food with a lot of help from Garth, and it’s laid out in the dining room on all the fine china and linens. Linda and Charlie were in charge of the flowers, both choosing beautiful smelling blooms from the nearest flower market over in Stowe.  Some are arranged inside and the house smells amazing, a lot are outside being used where the main event will take place.  Dean doesn’t honestly know what any of the flowers are besides the roses, but he hopes that Sam likes at least some of them.

Dean had gone into town and ordered a cake from Susan earlier in the week. Once she figured out what it was for, she got a big grin on her face and assured Dean she’d make the best cake Sam had ever had. “I’m a pie person, so I don’t know what kind of cake to get.  But I know he’d want the traditional one, something with chocolate.”  Dean had said.  Susan delivered the cake this morning while Sam was out, just like they planned, setting it up on a side table that someone had put a table cloth over, and next to it she placed a beautiful mixed-berry pie.

Dean of course doesn’t miss it, “I didn’t order a pie Susan.”

“I know, but it’s a tradition to have a little something on the side.  This one’s for you Dean, I know Sam would have ordered it.”

“You’re the expert, thanks Susan.  You’re staying right?  Sam would want you here, plus we need someone to help us serve this cake, I have no clue and I don’t want to ruin it.”

“Of course Dean, that’s why I’m dressed up.” She waves at her non-flour covered Susan’s Bakery t-shirt and clean jeans.

Garth and Kevin pitched in earlier that morning and set up the chairs out at the end of the flower garden under some of the blooming fruit trees.  They found an old red and very long carpet runner in the basement that they rolled out between the small assortment of chairs to make an aisle.  Luckily the forecast for today is clear and cool, so they’ll have sun and no rain, or god forbid any more snow.

Cas and Meg took over and made an altar, bringing in elements from all their combined years of living and experience.  One of the large side tables was brought out onto the lawn and they covered it in one of the many white tablecloths that they found in the linen closet (who knew there was such a thing as a closet just for linens, or that people would own more than one white tablecloth?!).  They’ve drawn symbols all over it, some that Dean recognizes, and many that he doesn’t.  Cas has assured him that all of them add up to blessings for a long happy fruitful life together.  Dean’s down with all that.  Especially the long and happy part, he’s not so sure about the fruitful thing because that doesn’t make much sense since they’re both guys after all.  But when has Cas ever really made that much sense?  Meg just laughed when he asked for an explanation, so he hopes it isn’t some sort of trick.

Dean hasn’t stopped to think about what Sam will say or do, well no, that’s not exactly true.  He’s been thinking about it pretty much nonstop once he first started this thing in motion.   There’s no way he’ll say no.  That much he’s sure of.  There might be some crying happening, and well, he can deal with that.  It won’t be fun of course, and hopefully it’ll be the happy sort of crying.  The only thing he’s truly worried about is Sam being mad that he did this all himself.  That they didn’t do it together. But he hopes that Sam will get why he’s done all this in secret.  It just seemed like the most perfect way to prove to him, once and for all, that he’s not ashamed of them, that he accepts that he’s what’s best for Sam, that he’s not a second choice, that he’s always been Sam’s first choice and vice versa.

He’s realized that’s what’s really important to him, that Sam knows this for sure, never doubts it again.  Because after all they’ve been through in their lives, and in this kind of quiet settling down thing that they’re doing now, that is never going to change.  Ever.  Dean looks at himself in the mirror one last time, making sure his clean-shaven face doesn’t have any nicks.  He tries to see what Sam sees, but all that’s there is the same old Dean, just without stubble for once.  But, he admits, there is a different sort of general happiness that looks good on him.

The rumble of the Impala breaks into his thoughts and he takes a deep gulp of breath.  Showtime.  He touches the letter he’s left for Sam on the bed and heads down the main stairs, clapping his hands.  “The Eagle has landed, I repeat The Eagle has landed.”  Cas pokes his head out of the kitchen and gives him the thumbs up.  Dean thinks back to when they first met and can’t picture that Cas ever using such a thoroughly human gesture.  Meg yanks him back into the kitchen and winks at Dean.  As long as Sam goes in the kitchen door as usual, all will go according to plan.

He pauses at the front door and hears the Impala’s engine shut off, the familiar door squeak and slam and the rustle of bags and clink of bottles.  Sam’s steps are heading in the right direction, away from him and towards the kitchen.  Pshew!  So Dean heads quickly down to the garden where everyone else is assembled.

All their heads turn in unison, and on each face he sees a different sort of smile.  Susan sits with Mrs. C and Celeste, all three smiling at him happily.

“Dean we’re so happy to be here today. Mrs. Callahan and Susan and I are all thrilled for you two.” Celeste says as he passes.

“Thanks, it’s great that you’re here. Sam will be really pleased.”

Charlie looks excited sitting there next to Garth.  Garth’s just grinning, wide and goofy with those soft caring eyes.  Linda and Kevin are both giving him the same look, like proud parents almost, maybe Kevin’s spoiled the ending for both of them already.  Sometimes his visions come with advance glimpses of the future.

Jody’s adjusting something on the altar, and is wearing a lavender dress, she turns and sees Dean and whistles appreciatively, her eyes sparkling with mischievousness.  “Looking good Winchester.”

“Yeah, well, wait till you see Sam.”

Charlie gets up and comes over to Dean, she’s holding some sort of flower thing in her hand.  “Here, we made you both one of these boutonniere thingies.”  Dean stands still as she pins it over his heart on his suit jacket.  She pats his shoulder and looks up at him, “there, now you’re ready.”

Dean takes another deep gulp of air, and blows it out, “I hope so.”

“What you’re nervous?  What do you think he’s gonna do? Say no or some bull like that?”

“No, god I hope not!  I’m just.  I guess I’m just regular nervous for someone about to do this.”

“How about that, Dean Winchester is a mere mortal after all.” Charlie jokes, standing up on tip toes to hug him and kiss his cheek.  “You’re doing the right thing Dean, it’s all gonna be good.”

Dean laughs, “Yeah, I know, hope he doesn’t take too long to get out here before I lose my nerve.”


Sam bustles into the kitchen with his crinkly recycled vinyl eco shopping bags, a recent gift from Cas and Meg, and sets them on the table.  Speak of the devil (well demon and angel), Cas and Meg are sitting there drinking what is most likely tea.

“Welcome home Sam.” Cas says, his formality still hanging in there even though he’s been with Meg for a while now.

“Uh, thanks Cas.  Where is everyone?”

Cas momentarily thinks about answering truthfully, but remembers his promise to Dean, he stands up and reaches out to grip Sam’s wrist, “Sam, Dean asked me to escort you upstairs, please come with me.”  Cas gestures for him to go up the back kitchen stairs, pulling on his wrist.  Sam looks over at Meg for confirmation, she’s still the one that monitors Cas’ mental state, which they’re all aware is still a changeable thing.

Meg nods at Sam, “Clarence knows what he’s talking about this time Sam, go up with him and check it out.”

Sam shrugs and follows Cas up the small staircase, wondering what it will take for him to let go, sometimes Cas doesn’t know his own strength and his wrist is kind of starting to hurt.  “Cas can you let go, I’m following you, okay?”

“I promised Dean that you would go straight up here when you returned home.”

Sam sighs knowing that these days, there’s no budging Cas from a promise and tries to keep in step with him so that Cas isn’t yanking on his arm so much.  Finally they get upstairs to Sam and Dean’s rooms, and he enters with Cas still holding him tightly.  But there’s no Dean as he’d expected.  All their rooms are empty, and Cas leads him to the bed, pointing at a folded over piece of paper with Dean’s handwriting scrawled on it, Sam Read This First.

“Dean said you were to read this and I will wait in the sitting room.”  Cas finally lets go of him and removes himself to the sitting room, closing the door behind him.  Sam’s left alone in their bedroom now, with his best suit laid out on the bed, no Dean and a mysterious note, and an even stranger than usual Cas.  He hears Meg in the sitting room now, talking with Cas.  None of this makes sense, he sinks down on the bed next to his suit and opens the note.

Dear Sam,

Please make yourself as pretty as you want (but don’t take too long) and put on the suit and meet me in the garden.



What the hell? Sam thinks to himself, tracing over the Love, Dean written in his brother’s neat scrawl with one finger.  Has Dean ever written that down before?  No, no he hasn’t. Because Sam would definitely remember that, and he sure as hell would have kept it. Like forever.

What the hell is going on?

He reads it again and shrugs to himself.  Dean’s playing some sort of game here that he’s roped Cas and Meg into, he guess he’ll humor Dean and play along.  He goes into the bathroom and takes a quick shower, and then shaves.  He looks at himself in the mirror and fixes his hair the way he knows Dean likes, a little up off his face, but combed out and flowing over his neck.  He gets his suit on and sees how nicely pressed everything is.  Someone ironed this for him?  Do they even have an iron in this place?  Knowing Meredith there’s probably more than one.  Sam just hasn’t been looking for one lately.

He checks himself out in the mirror on the back of the door to the sitting room, suit looks fine.  He hasn’t worn this in a long time, months.  And he looks good, a little tan from working in the garden, and that happiness that he feels inside is showing in how relaxed his face is.  Hoping that this is pretty enough for Dean, whatever the hell that meant, he opens the door and surprises Meg and Cas who are wrapped up tight in a pretty serious lip lock.  Sam clears his throat.  “I’m ready.  You coming down to the garden too?”

Cas and Meg separate slowly from their embrace and Cas answers him, with a heavy-lidded look that wasn’t meant for him, “Yes, we are to escort you there Sam.”

Meg looks him up and down and whistles a little, “You clean up good for a human Sam.”

“Uh. Thanks I guess.” Sam says, blushing a little at the compliment.  Cas and Meg thread their arms through his on either side and escort him out the door and down the larger main staircase.  Sam can see there are vases of flowers in the entry way and in the dining room.  And what’s on the table?  There’s all these covered platters of food.  “What’s going on guys?” Sam asks, “What is all this?”

Cas and Meg keep propelling him toward the front door, “You’ll get your answer soon enough Sam, keep going. Dean will kill us if we take any longer.” Meg insists.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming, you don’t have to pull me so much.”  Both the demon and the angel still have some of their inhuman physical strength left and are using it to pull Sam along faster than he’d normally go, soon they’re on the front porch and down the stairs heading down the wide gravel path through the herb garden.  Sam can hear the bees in the mint and all the birds in the fruit trees.  They round the corner of the house to where he can see the rolling lawn and flower garden and Sam stops dead in his tracks.  And Cas and Meg let him.

He can’t process what he’s seeing, it’s like something out of a dream or fantasy that he’d never have told anyone in a million years.  Sam skips over all the details of everything because Dean.  There he is in the center of this scene, at the end of the path, waiting for him.  Sam can see from here that he’s bouncing a little in his shoes which are shined and perfect. That tell-tale bounce that means he’s nervous.  He sees that Dean’s suit is perfect too, and he’s got a flower or something pinned over his heart.  Then his face, all of this love and joy just radiating out so that it’s all Sam can see, even from this far away.

Meg and Cas get in front of him for a second, and Meg’s pinning something to his jacket, “Here Sam, you’re ready now, go get your man.” Meg says, slapping him on the ass.  Cas grabs her hand possessively and links their arms together.  “If you would please follow us now Sam.”  Cas says, and he begins escorting Meg down the red carpet towards the two empty chairs.

Sam is frozen for a moment, not sure what to do, not wanting to step into this maybe most elaborate joke or fantasy or hallucination he’s ever seen.  But then the music starts, Garth straightening up from pressing buttons on the boom box under his chair.

“The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin (of course Led Zeppelin) begins, it’s a beautiful song that paints a picture of love throughout the seasons.  Sam’s always loved it, especially when Dean would sing along to it as they drove through the night.  The notes and lyrics of this song pull Sam towards Dean down the carpet and Dean’s smile gets even wider, those eye crinkles so deep, his white teeth shining in a huge welcoming grin.  When he gets closer Dean extends his hand, Sam takes the last few steps and grasps it like it’s a rescue floatation device and he’s sinking, going under.

The long song ends on Jimmy Page’s plaintive guitar, and Sam can’t say anything, paralyzed by how wonderful and perfect this all is, but what is it? Is it what he thinks it is?

Dean turns them to face each other, clasps both of Sam’s hands in his and looks up at him, all of him and asks formally, but with a voice cracking with emotion, “Sam Winchester, will you marry me?”

No one seems to breathe for the split second it takes Sam to answer in a tone strong with conviction and somehow soft with love, “Yes Dean Winchester, yes I will.”

Dean’s face crinkles up even further with happiness, he looks like he’s going to bust wide open, “Then let’s do this thing!” Dean yells in joy.  All their friends laugh and applaud.

Jody gets up from her chair on the end and walks behind the altar.  Sam notices that she’s wearing a beautiful lavender dress.  Meg and Cas come forward and light the two candles on either end of the altar and sit back down.  Dean pulls Sam over to stand centered in front of the altar with him, and they wait there holding hands, both looking expectantly at Jody.

Jody clears her throat and starts out on a regular run-of-the-mill marriage ceremony, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today.”

Dean clears his throat with an obnoxiously loud “ahem.”

Jody stops and grins at him, “Just kidding, had to try it at least once.  Samuel and Dean Winchester, we your friends are gathered here today to witness your marriage. We all recognize that this is not the usual course for brothers to take, but we all acknowledge that this union is essential for you both and for the world.  Your love is an example to us all. What say you friends?”

“We agree.” Say the attendees in joyful unison.

“If there is an objection to the joining of these two men, speak now or forever shut the hell up.” Jody says with a grin.  She looks around at all the guests, but they’re all just smiling, no one is making a peep or attempting a joke.  Sam and Dean stand up a little straighter in relief, as if they’d been expecting at least some sort of teasing comment.

“Good, I didn’t think so, but I had to ask. There are two who would like to add something at this point.” Jody gestures at Meg and Cas.

Meg and Cas get up, holding hands and say in unison, with a sound that approaches their former power and sounds like a binding proclamation, “What Heaven and Hell attempted to part has never been rent asunder, and so shall it ever be.”  They both watch closely to see how Sam and Dean will react and once they see their words are accepted as The Truth, they sit back down together.

Sam and Dean look at each other as the remnants of power still vibrate off their friend’s words.  They both nod, acknowledging the big history they share, that awful destiny they both denied together.

“Are there tokens you would like to exchange?” Jody asks.

Garth gets up and hands something small and warm from the heat of his grip to each of them.  Sam can feel it’s a ring, but he doesn’t look at it, he can’t stop looking at Dean.  He’s so beautiful, brimming over with joy like this, Sam’s never seen him like this.  He hopes he looks the same to Dean.

“Dean you begin.” Jody prompts, seeing that the boys are getting lost in each other (again, like usual).

Dean clasps their hands together and takes a deep breath to settle his nervousness, he locks eyes with Sam and all of that goes away, he’s able to speak from his heart like this occasion deserves, “Sammy, I know this is a surprise, and if you want to do it another way, another time, that’s okay too.  I just couldn’t wait, I had to do it this way to show you what you mean to me.  With all of our friends here to witness it.  You’re the only thing in this world that’s ever really mattered to me, I’ve found out the hard way that there’s no life for me without you.  But beyond that, I love you, more than I ever thought was possible.  You’re the best thing that ever happened to me Sam Winchester and I want to spend the rest of our lives showing you what you mean to me.”  Dean puts a ring on Sam’s left ring finger and brings it up to his mouth, kissing it softly.

Sam feels like he’s about to explode from happiness hearing Dean say those words, but he quickly composes himself, drawing strength from the love he sees brimming in Dean’s eyes. He begins slowly at first, but then picking up steam when the necessary words flow through him, “Dean, today has been . . . uh, a surprise and then it isn’t really, because we’ve always been headed here to this point haven’t we?  And . . . ah, I’m glad that everyone is here so that they can hear me say this to you.  You, Dean Winchester are the only reason we’re all still alive.  There are so many points in our history where I almost gave up, but you were always there to stop me or help me make the right choice or remind me of what’s worth living for.  We’ve been pulled apart and pushed around by a lot of powerful forces, but the power and force of our love is what’s gotten us here together.  I hope that you know that you are my guiding light, my reason for being, and the only true love I’ve ever known.  I love you Dean Winchester and I want to spend the rest of our lives showing you what you meant to me.”  Sam puts the ring on Dean’s left hand ring finger and brings his hand up, softly kissing it.  Their eyes meet across their joined hands and an almost visible spark emits between them.

“Not bad for off the cuff Sam.  Well, with the power vested in me by the South Dakota police, the help of several lawyers that assisted in name changes and histories, and a reputable online ministry licensing agency, I now pronounce you married.  Ladies and Gentlemen, angel and demon, friends all, I now present to you the husbands Winchester.  You may now kiss or whatever.” Jody finishes.

Sam pulls Dean into an embrace, and Dean grasps him tightly around the neck, their lips meet softly at first, but Dean whispers, “c’mon Sam, let’s give ‘em what they really want.”

With an almost silent chuckle, Sam opens up and lets Dean in, a long exploring wet passionate kiss that they really mean.  Finally they pull apart, both licking their lips and turn towards the group which has gone silent watching the passion on display before them.

Meg fans herself with both hands, “You boys are too much.”

“Yeah really, leave something to the imagination.” Garth complains and Charlie elbows him in the ribs to shut him up.

“Thank you all for being here for us. For coming so quickly when I asked and helping with everything and most of all, for keeping it secret.  I’ll never be able to thank you enough for making this day possible.” Dean says, ignoring the comments.

“It makes it even more special that you all were here with us.  Thank you all for your friendship and support.” Sam adds.

“Next we have an offering of music.”  Jody gestures to Kevin and Linda, who rise and go to stand to the side of the altar facing everyone.  Kevin nods over at Garth who starts up the boom box again, the first notes of the Beatle’s “Blackbird”, and Sam and Dean grip each other’s hands tighter as they hear the Prophet’s voice and his mother’s rise and twine together in the song.  When they finish both Linda and Kevin bow slightly towards Sam and Dean who return the bow, and then the Trans sit back down looking very pleased with themselves.

“Mrs. Callahan now has something she’d like to share with you.” Jody smiles over at Susan and Celeste who help Maggie up and steady her across the grass between them to stand next to the altar.

“Sam and Dean. As I was the one left behind as Meredith’s representative, she asked me to give these to you when you were finally ready to receive them. From what I can tell, you are both more than ready.  You’ve seen them before, and wore them when we last saw Meredith and Mohit, but now I can give them to you and tell you what they are for.”  She holds out the two medallions, dangling on their gleaming silver chains, they both come towards her and she places one over each of their heads, giving them a quick kiss on the cheek.

“These medallions are very powerful, as you know from previous personal experience.  But what Merry didn’t tell you, is that they were made by the original Fae that came here from England so long ago, they belonged to her father, he thought they would come in handy dealing with the local Fae which they did as you saw.  But their power is not to be misused or forgotten.  Remember that if you are acting in concert together, their power will be magnified as it was when you did the spell releasing Mohit, but otherwise, they are just meant to be a reminder of what you declared to Mohit that day when your life was forfeit to him for a lie, that you love each other.  She wanted you to always remember that your honesty about your love was what saved you both.”

“Thanks Mrs. C.” Dean says, kissing her on the cheek.

“Thank you Maggie.” Sam says, leaning down to kiss her other cheek.

“Wear them in good health boys, especially on the equinoxes, just in case.” She says, turning to Susan and Celeste who escort her back to her seat.

“We done now Jody?” Dean asks, looking over his shoulder at Jody who’s still stationed behind the altar.

Jody nods, “You just have to light the last candle together.”

Cas and Meg look at each other expectantly.  Dean and Sam turn back towards the altar, Jody points at the two already lit candles and gestures so they know what to do.  They each pick one of the lit candles up and bring the flames together to the unlit fat white pillar in the center of the altar.  It’s sitting in the middle of the most ornate symbol on the whole decorated tablecloth, as he’s lighting the unlit candle with Dean, bringing their two flames together to make one new one Sam starts to realize what it is.

“Dean it’s going to…” Sam starts to say, but he doesn’t get to finish because they’re not there anymore, they’re somewhere else, a no-place sort of place, nothing to see except for Dean, standing surprised by his side.

“Where are we Sammy?” Dean asks in a trembling, surprised, trying to get it together sort of voice.

“I was trying to tell you, the altar cloth, the symbols, they were part of a spell, and lighting the candle finished it.”

“But where the hell are we though?”

“I think it’s an in-between place.” Sam says holding onto his medallion to see if it’s doing anything.

“Okay. How do we get back? Any ideas? These medallions do anything here?” Dean asks.

“They don’t seem to be activated, and I don’t know any spells by heart to try and use them.  I’m pretty sure that this is a faerie thing, or at least related to them anyways, the spell on the tablecloth was written in Faerie scripts and Enochian, so it’s probably like a cooperation thing between angels and the Fae.  This is probably supposed to be a good thing.  So relax.”

“How can I relax? I’m in the middle of getting married to you and then all of a sudden we’re just gone!”

“Dean, calm down.  We can figure this out, I’m here, you’re here, we’re okay.”

“I just wanted us to have a normal day for once.”

“Naw, that’d be boring, c’mon, it’s us, why would we get to have a normal wedding?  Which by the way, thank you for it, I was completely surprised and it’s awesome.”

“Love you Sammy.” Dean says, before he can even think about it, it’s his wedding day after all.

“Love you too Dean.”  They lean their foreheads together and just rest there, comforted to be in each other’s arms.  Dean looks up at Sam and then kisses him softly at first and then a little deeper.  The moment their lips touch a light purple glow surrounds them, when they pull apart after the kiss they seem to be in a thick purple fog.  The misty air feels good on their skin, like an all at once all over body massage.  Their muscles are a nice sort of relaxed and loose, their bodies responding to the mist, accepting it into the pores of their skin.

“Sam what is this shit?”

“Don’t know, happened when we kissed though.  Feels awesome doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it really kind of does. Is it some kind of love spell or something?”

“I wouldn’t think so, since we already love each other.  Let me try something.”  Sam leans down and starts kissing Dean’s neck, licking and biting his way up to his ear the way he knows he likes.  Sure enough the purple mist seems to concentrate there, right where Sam’s lips touch Dean’s skin.

“Does it feel different Dean? Than when I normally do that?”

“Yeah it’s like times a thousand, I can barely stand up it feels so damn good.  Let me try you now.”

Dean repeats the same experiment on Sam, with the same result, the mist swirls in and concentrates where lips meet skin.  “I can see it Sam, going into your skin.”

“Oh god, this feels so, I can’t even describe it.” Sam feels himself bowing under the weight of the intense sensations.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?”  Dean asks, waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

“Probably.”  They both laugh and start taking off one another’s suits and carefully placing their medallions in the pockets.  Once they get down to bare chests they rub against one another and groan in sync.  The feeling of hands on bare skin is almost orgasmic all on its own.  It doesn’t seem possible.

“Should we?”

“I don’t see why not.  Seems like that’s what this is for.”

“How do you want to?”

“Both ways, only seems fair.”

“Yeah, sounds good.”  Dean groans as Sam licks one of his nipples, suckling on it brings a crazy swirl of the purple mist.  It soaks right into his skin and amplifies all the sensations.

“Get the rest off, now Dean, need to see all of you.” Sam demands, getting impatient to see his brother covered in the purple mist, coming apart under his hands.  They both finish disrobing and press up against each other in an embrace touching as much skin together as possible.  Both so hard they can barely stand it.  The overwhelming prickles of energy and delight from this mist are almost too much to bear.  But they can’t seem to stop.  It’s not exactly like a sex pollen thing or a succubus spell, nothing as dire as that, it’s not even a light compulsion spell.  It seems to be a wanting your partner to have as much pleasure as they can stand suggestion, which isn’t so bad for either of them really.  Sam finally convinces Dean to lie down.

“What are we even lying on, I can’t even tell, what are we in a cloud or something?”

“I don’t know Dean, just go with it, would you?”  Sam pulls him down on top of him, so that Dean’s sprawled out on his body, their groins aligned in that perfect way they always seem to slot into whenever they get close enough.  One time Dean had told Sam, “Sammy, we’re like those magnets that always point to true north, we always line up just so.  Fucking piece of art is what that is.”

“You still open enough from this morning you think?”  Dean asks, “Cause I didn’t stash any lube or anything in my wedding suit jacket, wasn’t plannin’ on a trip like this.”

“Why don’t you check and see.”  Sam says spreading his legs in invitation.

Dean sneaks a hand down between Sam’s legs and feels around his hole, which yeah is a little puffy, but he opens up easily, the mist easing his way, “gonna be so good Sammy, wanna get in there and see what it feels like, okay?”

Sam can barely speak because of the overwhelming pleasure Dean’s minimal explorations left behind, like miniature earthquakes and tremors going off from deep within, the mist is permeating every pore that Dean touches.  “It’s everywhere you touch me Dean.  Every single pore.  C’mon, get in me now, please.  Wanna feel it.”  Sam begs, desperate to be filled with Dean and the purple mist.

Dean lines himself up and slowly enters Sam, not wanting to push it, and hurt him, but the mist seems to ease the way, they didn’t need lube after all, it’s coating him, his whole cock glowing with it as he moves in and out of Sam; Sam who is an incoherent mess beneath him, completely losing it, moaning and thrashing, babbling about the light and the perfection of it all.

Dean pulls him up to kiss him, hoping to stop the babbling a bit, and when their lips meet it’s like a circuit completing, a light switch being thrown, the whole world lights up purple and it’s all he can see, just Sam, around him, and in him and he can feel the way Sam feels, being filled, and it’s as if Sam is entering him at the same time, but how can that be?  Sam is fucking him at the same time.  It’s like they’ve separated or doubled or something.  All he knows is that he’s penetrating Sam, and Sam is penetrating him at the same time, and it’s pretty much heaven.

Nothing has ever felt this good, getting tossed back and forth between the opposite feelings, all of it melding into one big sticky, gooey, bouncy ball of energy and sex and joy and love until he’s exploding in a cloud of purple bliss, and feels vaporized, molecules of Sam and molecules of himself swirling around in a big cloud in the purple mist, swirling and mixing and joining and combining until they can’t tell each other apart.

But there’s no need to, this is how they are, really, inside, with everything stripped away, completely intertwined at a basic molecular soul level, and they both see it, and feel it, and live it.  There will be no denying it ever again.  This is what it means to be soul mates.  And this spell or whatever has given them this gift of truly knowing that.

Both of the clouds of Sam and Dean seem to reach that enlightenment and acknowledge how much they are within the other and they slowly reform into their individual whole selves.  Reappearing side by side, arms and legs tangled together, staring into each other’s blown wide eyes.  Both struck speechless for once.  Dean mouths the only word that comes to his mind, “Sammy.” And Sam answers him with a wordless “Dean.”

Then there’s nothing for a while, nothing except for them, together wrapped up in a purple cocoon that’s nurturing and comforting and the tension of the day is gone, the worry about doing the right thing in getting married, the risk of revealing themselves to their friends was silly, and they’ve got the whole future laid out before them, a maze of choices to be made together.  They can see it all from where they lie together, and they both turn inwards to each other, because that’s where they need to be right now.  In this moment, there’s no future, no past, just the now of their joining.  When they kiss for a last time, the mist starts retreating, pulling away slowly out of them, leaving behind a washed-clean feeling.

“We’re minty fresh inside and out,” says Dean. “Like we’ve been sanitized and dry-cleaned, like the suits.”

And then the suits and medallions are back on them, and they’re back. With no further transition, just back in the regular world, with only themselves as witness to what just happened, their friends didn’t notice their absence.  Only Cas and Meg seem to have a clue, Meg giving them a big wink and Cas looking a little sheepish perhaps.

Sam elbows Dean, and whispers, “You gotta ask them what that was, okay?  I just need to know.”

“Yeah Sammy, okay.”

At least, thankfully, their clothes are back on, not a hair out of place, and they’re standing up holding candles in the same position as when they’d left.  The flame of the single candle is high and bright.  Sam looks over at Dean and sees the look he imagines is on his face too.  Dean whispers out of the side of his mouth, “That’s got to be the weirdest place we’ve ever done it, huh Sammy?”

Sam winks at him in answer.  They both put their candles back on the altar and turn around to face their guests.

Masterpost ~ Chapter 10

Tags: nc-17, reunion, sam/dean, spn-j2-bigbang, trelawny, wincest
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