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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Trelawny - Ch 10 of 10 (Sam/Dean, NC-17)

Chapter 10

“I now pronounce this wedding over, let’s party!” Shouts Jody from behind them.  Everyone stands up and applauds, coming forward to hug Sam and Dean, shake their hands, kiss their cheeks, and pat their asses depending on who’s doing the greeting.  Sam looks at Dean over the crowd of people between them and sees his brother at the happiest he’s ever been.  He feels like he’s been waiting his whole life to see that look on his brother’s face.  Content, happy, surrounded by loved ones, buoyed up by sharing this momentous occasion with everyone.

Later that night, after everyone’s told them to get the hell upstairs and consummate this thing, they’re hanging out in their sitting room looking out over the garden finishing the last bottle of champagne.  The moon’s up and lighting the chairs and altar that are still down there at the end of the garden.  Dean can see that their candle is still lit.  “Look Sammy, our candle’s still lit down there.”

Sam joins him in looking out the window, “Huh, wonder how long it’ll burn for?”

“Wonder if it’s one of those eternal flame deals, might have to get a holder for it, keep it up here.”

“Did that really all happen Dean?”

“Yes Sam, we’re actually married.”

Sam hits him in the shoulder, “No, I know that.  I mean what happened, when we lit that candle and the spell took us there.  Did we really do that? It seems so unreal now.”

“Yeah, we sure as hell did.  I asked Cas and Meg about it, and they said the tablecloth with the spell written on it was in their room when they got back here yesterday.  So they suspect Meredith and Mohit had a hand in it somehow.  It really was her final gift to us.”

“To Meredith then.  Long may she love her fairy prince.”  Sam raises his almost empty champagne glass.

“To Meredith and Mohit.” Dean answers, clinking their glasses together.

Sam drains his champagne and sets his glass down on the end table.  He pulls Dean in closer to him, so that he’s practically on his lap.  “I could see you Dean.  Every part of you, inside and out.”

“I know, me too.  Pretty wild huh?”

“You’ve heard this a million times from me, but you’re beautiful, especially on the inside, now I really know that.” Sam says, kissing the side of Dean’s neck.

“That’s just because you’re in me too doofus.  So you are also.” Dean turns his head and looks at Sam’s eyes to make sure he hears him.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get over seeing that, how thoroughly mixed together we really are.” Sam says, holding Dean’s gaze.

“Probably the point of the whole thing huh? Us seeing that?”  Dean nods, smiling at the memory of seeing their dust clouds swirling together.

“Meredith really knew what we needed.”

“That she did, between this place and that spell, it’s like she was our fairy godmother or something.” Dean says.

“Maybe she was, if there’s even such a thing.”

“Or she was just another person we helped, and for once they were able to pay us back.  It was bound to happen eventually.” Dean says.

“I think a lot of the people we helped over the years gave us things, just nothing this big and permanent.” Sam observes.

“The only permanent thing I care about is you and me.” Dean says, giving Sam’s shoulders a squeeze.

“Sounds about right.  The rest is just stuff.  After a life of living out of the car, it’s weird to have all this stuff to keep track of.”

“Sometimes I get really tired just thinking about it all.  Like it would be easier to just pack up and drive away, leave it all behind, and let the Smuggler’s Notch Historical Society have the house or whatever.”

“But, what about Meredith, and what we promised her?” Sam asks.

“I know I know, it’s just a thought. She probably wouldn’t have left if we didn’t promise to take care of the place.” Dean answers.

“Houses like this really have a pull on people, the place gets its own personality and charisma.”

“If you keep the garden going the way it is, we’re going to be rolling in the stuff.” Dean says, sounding very proud of Sam’s garden.

“You saying I have a charismatic garden Dean?’

‘Yeah, it’s pretty kickass Sammy, you’ve got a knack.”

“Well, I never thought you’d turn out to be such a good cook.”

“Thanks, I always wanted to cook you better stuff, you know when we were kids.  Just didn’t have the tools or the money.”

“You did fine, cheesy mac and hot dogs got me to where I am today.” Sam says, remembering how happy he was when Dean would make his favorite.

“Yeah, I should have stuck to popsicles or something, maybe you wouldn’t have turned out so damn tall.”

“Hey Dean?”

“Yeah Sammy?”

“You know I’m tall just to bug you right?”

“Yeah, duh, of course.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever had such a good day in my life. Thank you.” Sam says quietly.

“It’s not over yet.”

“What do you mean?” Sam asks.

“Sammy, it’s our wedding night.”




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Oh honey, this was perfection and fanficish bliss and absolutely delightful! I want to roll around in this fic and cling to you and your awesome writing skills and never let go, I loved this so much. You gave us a Winchester wedding! *squees* And domestic!boys living in a beautiful house! And supportive, loving friends! And they are soulmates! *flails* I can't even...this is just too much perfection in one place, I don't even know what to do with myself. *flails some more*

This was a great balance of case!fic and then focussing on their relationship, their settling down and getting used to being in one place, owning a house, being safe and content. *happy sigh* And then the wonderful ending. Aww, this fic made me all mushy and melty inside, it was all so, so good. Plus, as always, you managed to hit so many of my buttons with this one. Definitely one of my favourite Big Bangs this year, if not ever. Thank you for making the boys and me so happy. :) You're made of awesome, sweetie. *hugs*

Thanks so much bb, I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed it so much! And yay for getting you mushy and melty and happy...as that was the goal.

Wonderful! Great case and then fabulous schmoop with all the gang together. Thank-you! :)

Glad to hear you liked it. You're very welcome ;-)

Sam and Dean ending up in their own perfect domestic bliss. What else could a girl ask for?The fact that there was a case involved in the setup made it a perfect curtain!fic. The fact that all of their friend turned up to show their support was even better. I laughed, I smiled, I laughed again and thoroughly gushed. Thanks you so much for writing and sharing this wonderful fic with us. :)

P.S. Jody officiating the wedding totally rocked!

Edited at 2013-08-06 01:56 am (UTC)

I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed it so much. Yeah, I had to make Jody do the official bit, thought she'd get a kick out of it you know?

Case!fic and schmoop and hot sex and Winchester-wedding!!! You just made me a very happy fangirl!

Thanks for writing and posting!

I'm so glad I made you happy with the fic, you are very welcome!

Gorgeous fic. Great casefic and development of Sam and Dean's relationship. I loved that they found their happy place. Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful story.

Thanks so much, it was fun writing a casefic that would go with Sam and Dean finding their happy place. Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for commenting.

I really enjoyed reading your story. It had many amazing elements to it. I loved how all there friends joined them and supported their choice. I love how Dean kept it a secret and needed to prove it to Sam. Amazing story and I loved it!!!! Hope to read more of your stories. Your an amazing writer!!!

Thank you very much, I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

I loved getting to see the boys slowly realize their true feelings, and I love that they got to have a house to make into a home and fill with their friends and family. Nice!

I missed seeing your lovely comment until just now, sorry about that. Anyways, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the story!

I just loved this!!! I loved the whole case itself, and then all the stuff that happened after i the house! Really beautiful, bb!!!

Awww, thanks so much bb, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And just think, you'd didn't have to beta that monster...

Hahahaha!! I enjoyed reading it "just for fun!"

This fanfic was the best i've read in a while. Wincest might be a little disturbing but it's pretty damn fucking cute. I loved your fanfic I couldn't stop reading it! I added this to my favorite pages of whatever because I know i'm gonna wanna come back and read this again. BTW you have amazing writing skills, you captured everybodys personality perfectly. I loved the whole storyline.

Re: Couldn't stop reading!

Thanks so much, I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the story so much.

I know I'm very late to reading this story, but I want to say I love it!

so when I read this last chapter, guess what freaking song came on my playlist? THOUSAND YEARS by Christina Perri! and no joke, the song ended when I finished reading it! by the way, awesome story, I loved how you showed the boys' personality! you are an amazing author!

What an awesome comment, thank you! That's a song that really suits the ending, love those synchronicities when they happen and get noticed.

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