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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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First half of 30 day challenge

30day supernatural challenge
To celebrate the impending arrival of season 9 (woohoo finally!), here's my answers to 1-15 today, tomorrow I'll do 16-30.
1. I will still choose Dean at this point. But after the last 3 seasons, I have to say, I'm almost equally bi-bro at this point. I think I just identify more with him as I'm an older sibling.

2. Favorite episode: This is the hardest thing on the list for me,to choose just one. If pressed, I'd have to say A Very Supernatural Christmas. I love every interaction of the boys, the flashbacks, the amulet back-story. I really love the case that they're working, so gory, and that it's two pagan gods, I even love the very beginning of the episode with that vintage special animation which I totally remember being so excited about when I was a kid. That last scene is so beautiful, with the lights shining on the snow and the Impala, framing the boys together for a last Christmas . It's my favorite because it's just the essence of Supernatural all in one completely entertaining episode.

3. Favorite season: Season three. The storyline is my favorite overall. I really enjoyed the introduction of Ruby 1.0 as well as Bela.  It has several of my favorite episodes, AVSC, Mystery Spot.  The relationship of the brothers is at such a fever pitch of intensity, just delicious. I so wish the writer's strike hadn't happened and we had the full complement of season 3 episodes (especially if they'd had Sam save Dean as planned).

4. Favorite Male Character: Bobby,I loved how he gave the boys what they needed, filled in for John's many shortcomings as best as he could, how he'd challenge them on their shit, and how he loved them both so deeply as if they were his own sons.

5. Favorite Female Character: Meg. Because she was around so long we got to see so many sides to her, I loved her fierce allegiances to whatever cause she chose, she was so pragmatic and driven and fierce.

6. Favorite SPN actor/actress: Jensen Ackles. His face is endlessly fascinating to me, how much he conveys with his expressions, I really enjoy his acting. He completely sells me on Dean, every time. And more shallowly, he is just terribly beautiful to me.

7. Favorite Angel: I have a hard time choosing between Joshua and Anna. So, I'll go with Joshua. I love the actor, his strong, yet hesitant voice, how he deals with Zachariah. How he shows the boys a smidge of sympathy and doesn't seem overawed by his getting to talk to God. Mostly I like him because he's the only angel that doesn't screw over Sam and Dean.

8. Least Favorite Character - at this point, I'm sorry to say Castiel. I enjoyed him in seasons 4 and 5, for his BAMF-ness and other-ness when his fellow angels seemed so human, I also liked the trickiness of his character, he never really tells the whole truth. But now he just doesn't make any sense to me anymore as a recognizable character. He's been pulled and pushed into so many shapes that he doesn't resemble anything coherent or compelling to me.

9. Favorite Overall Villain - I think Azazel, his long-term plan was kind of amazingly well done, and he was so terrifyingly ruthless.

10. Favorite Misha character - 2014 Cas, I like that he's just completely given up and given in to hedonism, especially that he isn't sitting around wallowing in a pile of guilt.

11. Favorite Character Introduction - Death. So stylish it almost doesn't belong in Supernatural. All of the elements they utilize in that one scene are so strong, his amazing car, his intro song, the slo-mo scene of the windy Chicago street, how he kills someone that bumps into him, leaving death in his wake just from walking down the street.

12. Scariest Episode - I'm going to pick Clip Show from season 8, the part when Abaddon puts herself back together with the creeping hand and everything, ahhh, that was super scary for me.

13. Favorite Bobby scene - In AHBL 2, when he confronts Dean about selling his soul for Sam. The depth of feeling that Bobby has and tries to communicate to a completely uncomprehending Dean (why would someone care about me like that?) is so tragic.

14. Ruby 1.0, liked the character, how spunky and snarky she was, how she fought Dean at every turn, the perfect twist of her being possessed by Lilith at the end of No Rest for the Wicked.

15. Episode that makes you cry - ahhh, there are so very many. At least one or two a season. So I'll just pick one that still makes me cry ,the end of Heaven and Hell, when Dean finally breaks down and confesses to Sam what he did in Hell. Gets me every time, Dean so broken that he can finally just confess and weep, Sam so moved and scared that it's all even worse than he'd imagined.