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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Second Half of 30 Day Challenge

Sam Dean Season 9
Supernatural 30 Day Challenge
To celebrate the end of what seemed like a very long hellatus, here are my answers to 16-30. This is a fun meme, you should try it!

16. Favorite Demon - Crowley, I liked him from the first time we saw him in season 5, and for the longest time had the feeling that he was also Chuck/God. I do think he is actually an angel. He gets the best lines, and I love the way he doesn't underestimate Sam & Dean. If I didn't know better I'd think he was rooting for them most of the time, which makes him a fun villain.

17. Favorite SPN Ship - how very interesting that my favorite is not even listed in the short list of suggestions, hmmmm. Well, duh, it's Sam/Dean, aka Wincest or the OTP to end all OTP's imo. The epic love story of Sam and Dean is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.

18. Favorite Ghost/Monster - The shapeshifter in "Monster Movie", he had style, and good motivation for what he was doing, tragically entertaining.

19. Favorite Gag Reel Moment - They're all so fun to see, it's really difficult to choose just one. How about the one that made me laugh the most from the most recent season 8 one when Jared and Jensen imitate the sirens that are interrupting filming.

20. Favorite Crying/Sad Scene - AHBL2, Dean's scene over Sam's body, kills me every time, the gut-wrenching feeling of loss and terror and duty and love that shows us exactly why Dean will go so far as to sell his soul to save his brother.

21. Favorite Sex Scene - Anna and Dean in the Impala.  Mostly because it's in the Impala. And um, the beauty of Dean's back. And the major flashbacks to high school I get including the song (ahem). The cheesy hand on the steamed-up window is even okay by me.

22. Least Favorite Episode Or Season - Most icky and unpalatable was "Man's Best Friend With Benefits", I'd rather not go into details or think about it too much.  Season 7 - so uneven, too many stories, seemed like they lost track halfway through the season where they were going, failed to capitalize on the Leviathans as the big bad.

23. Favorite Winchester Family Member -  Henry Winchester, I really wish we'd gotten more than one episode with him. Hopefully Sam and Dean can time travel to him somehow, because he was really cool and I'd like to see them get to know him better.

24. Funniest Episode - Plucky Pennywhistle, Sam's bad cop attempts, Dean and the giant slinky, the unicorn farting rainbows, it's so silly and goofy in the midst of such a season of sadness.

25. Favorite Season Premiere - "In My Time of Dying", Starting out with Dean's confusion, my favorite part- the Ouija-board scene, Azazel's hard bargaining, John's sacrifice and secret, Tessa the sneaky reaper playing with Dean, the special effects of the reaper floating, Sam not giving up on Dean or the Impala.

26. Character I'd most like to see return - Well the two I would have answered are coming back this season at least according to the spoilers I've seen. So, either Jesse the Antichrist - what happened to him? Wouldn't he be a cool addition to the new Scooby Gang at this point, OR Frank Deveraux -hey we didn't see a body, and he was hilarious and very helpful, plus he gave Dean some really good advice OR one of the kids they saved way back in season 1 all grown up (like Lucas from "Dead in the Water" or Michael from "Something Wicked")

27. Favorite Sam Quote -  From "The French Mistake" - We just don't mean the same thing here. I mean, we're not even brothers here man."

28. Favorite Dean Quote -  From "Faith" -  "May God save us from half the people who think they're doing God's work."

29.  Meg 1.0 or Meg 2.0 - Definitely Meg 2.0, I just liked that with Meg 2.0 we got to see more sides to Meg's personality than just "I'm a bad demon." Plus her strange romance with Cas was interesting and kind of sweet.

30. Favorite Season Finale -  either Swan Song - best conclusion to that storyline up to that point that I could have imagined or Devil's Trap - just a completely epic and perfect episode of TV as far as I'm concerned.

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20. The only correct answer IMO.

21. Yay, you like the Dean/Anna sex scene! It was so pretty. Dean was so tender and lovingly submissive.

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