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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Fic: Inheritance - Masterpost (Sam/Dean NC-17)

Title: Inheritance
Author: smalltrolven
Artist: dumblemop
Pairing: Sam/Dean, established relationship
Rating:  NC-17
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Word Count:   22,000
Summary:  Turns out Bobby left behind a whole lot more than a flask and a few crates of books.  Sam and Dean deal with the aftermath of what Bobby’s left for them to inherit and try to reconnect post-Purgatory.
Warning: Spoilers for season 8, set after 8.06-“Southern Comfort”, an excessive amount of schmoop

Author's Notes: I own nothing but these little ol’ words. Written for the wincest_bigbang, thanks mods this was fun!  Giant thanks to my betas stella_lost and vyperdd   this fic wouldn't have made it this far without you both!  Just in case you want to try it yourself, the Five Fold Kiss Body Blessing is based on this.
This story can also be read over on AO3.

Art Masterpost is here: Thank you so much for your awesome art for this story dumblemop, it all looks so great on the page.

*~*Part 1 *~* Part 2*~*Part 3*~*Part 4*~*

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The art masterpost is locked?

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