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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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Some Thoughts On Blade Runners

Just some thoughts on the latest Supernatural episode Blade Runners.

When Crowley jokes to Sam that they should get matching tattoos, I thought is he trying to remind Sam to go get his anti-possession tattoo re-done?  Because obviously, Abaddon will be possessing him and MoC!Dean will be trying to kill Abaddon!Sam by the finale right?
Unless, how about this, when they go get the Enochian carved into the Impala fixed (oh come on! Sam didn't know that was Enochian? Where's scholar/smart guy Sam when you need him?). So anyways, they go get Baby fixed up and while they're waiting for the body work dude to finish the painting they go next door to the tattoo place and Dean pulls his shirts aside to show the tattoo dude his tatt and says the big guy wants the same thing, in the same place. They endure the haha you're a cute couple comments and then Sam is re-inked (and maybe safer!). Okay maybe I just outlined a story I should write. Anyways, it just seems so damn clear and obvious the way it's set up right now, but I really hope that's not what's coming.  Because how is Sam going to get through to Dean without being in control of his own body?
I really truly hope that this doesn't mean that Cas will be the one saving the day when the possessed Sam and under the influence of the MoC Dean are trying to murder each other, because I really really really want Sam to save Dean this time. It's his turn, c'mon, give him a chance!  He'll finally have the chance to understand what that feels like. Sam making the big time save, he needs this, they need this.

I was really happy that Dean brought Sam a beer while he was busy researching in the War Room at the bunker. And Sam drank it. It's the little things that make me as a BiBro fan cheer at my screen when the bros are so estranged for so long.  There was no sniping this episode either which was like a breath of fresh air. They're not 100% of course, but they're closer. Especially after once again a near-death situation, and the impact of the MoC. (on both of them.) I hope that Show uses this to get them each to see the other's POV a bit better. As my daughter said as I made her watch the show with me (she used to like it but says it is just DUMB now, which yeah she's probably right, but hey I still dig it, shut up and watch.) "Mom, you've got this all figured out, why aren't you writing for this show or something? Your stories would be way better." (Awww crap, she better not be reading here! Gulp!) But really, so many things seem so obvious to a lot of us here on LJ and over tumblr, and if the writers don't take this opportunity since they've set up this huge conflict (however contrived it may be) to actually have them learn something about each other and about *them* it will be very disappointing. I'm honestly not expecting much. Certainly not in the way of consistency.

I really loved seeing Crowley hitting rock bottom, being "helpful", trying to ingratiate himself with Moose and Not Moose, and then in the end turning a bit reluctantly back into the Crowley we all know and love to hate. He did seem a bit sad that he couldn't trust Sam. Is it some sort of stale hero-worship for the boy who was supposed to be The Boy King, or is it from his trek through Sam's mind while possessing him, or was he just trying to manipulate Sam so that he wouldn't put up a fuss with how he's planning to utilize Dean as his new SuperNukedUp weapon? Or did a one-way bond happen because of the blood ritual in Sacrifice? Probably a little bit of all of those...

The cougar museum lady was super creepy, maybe worse than Magnus even. And Sam's protective reaction, trying to get her business card while she's handing it to Dean was very cute. Their silent conversation was pretty hilarious.

When Magnus was threatening Sam with "what's Dean gonna do about it?", was I the only one hollering "Pretty Much Anything!" at my TV? Just me, ohokaynevermind.

So now the boys have another secret hideaway in case something happens at the bunker! That magical doorway was so beautiful, although I yelled at them for just going through it, at least they went together. And hey, is anyone going to go back and take care of the contents of Magnus' zoo? If I was Sam I'd want to combine the collections of Magnus and the MoL. Shoulda been a librarian.

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"When Magnus was threatening Sam with "what's Dean gonna do about it?", was I the only one hollering "Pretty Much Anything!" at my TV? Just me, ohokaynevermind. " Nope, definitely not just you. Magnus. Dude. To paraphrase Crowley: "Am I the only one left on the board who doesn't underestimate those denim clad nightmares?"

Oh good, glad I wasn't the only one! Yeah really, Crowley at least shows them the respect of not underestimating the brothers. Magnus had noooo idea what he was getting in between.

I don't think Sam has ever shown how much he cares for Dean--or I should say, Show hasn't really shown us how much he cares--until lately. It's completely obvious how much he loves his brother. Do you think Dean sees it like we do? It better not be anyone but Sam who saves him so that Sam can finally put any feeling he's had that he failed Dean to rest.

Yes, a little bit of all of those. Crowley seems like he was testing how far he could get manipulating Sam but at the same time, seemed to really not understand how Sam couldn't feel *anything* about what they'd been through. Sam really learned something from that Ruby sitch...naaaah. He just hates Crowley.

I thought the same thing about the Invisible Castle! What a great extra base--it must be chock-full of helpful/awful stuff! There's a couple of stories right there. I hope they don't waste it.

And hey, is anyone going to go back and take care of the contents of Magnus' zoo?

RIGHT? I was thinking that too!

Oh, I think we as the audience have seen plenty about how much Sam cares for Dean through the whole show. Sam's concern, his "nagging" is mostly what Dean sees though. But lately yeah, not so much while they've been fighting, Sam's been holding back. Except for caring that Dean's in immediate physical danger.

I liked that the Crowley and Sam interaction was so murky, full of possibilities.

Hey, maybe they can get Jesse the AntiChrist to do the Magnus zoo cleanup for them? That'd sew up two plot holes at once! I'll add that to my tatto/painting the Impala fic, fix it all up at once...(maybe/not maybe kidding)

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