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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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So Done With Spring

9.17 dean drinks Don't mind me, I'm just having a drink with Dean, as I'm finally ready to celebrate finishing writing and submitting my story for spnspringfling (pshew!)

Of course, I made it hard on myself and wrote one that turned out way too cute and schmoopy to fit the prompts, and it wanted to be much longer than the 2,500 word limit. (It will be posted later when I really finish it!)  So I wrote a much much darker one to suit our current season 9 brothers and the prompts. It's a really different type of story for me and I hope that it ends up being something closer to what my recipient wanted.

sam does not like smallNow onto the harder part, getting going on actually writing my spn_j2_bigbang and spn_meanttobe stories, one is started, and one is not (guess which is which.)
Gulp, hopefully I'm on a roll now and can get it done as well finishing up filing our taxes.

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Hahahah the joy of juggling multiple challenges!!! Congrats on your finish!

Thanks! Yep, it's fun to try this juggling thing once in a while. Sometimes more deadlines is a good thing.

I'm so looking forward to reading all of those fics! Yay for you finishing, congratulations, and good luck for working on the rest! :D

I'm glad you're looking forward to reading them! Thanks!

Yay you!! I'm finishing up my springfling today and then big-pretzel, and then I found a Leverage prompt I want to do on commentfic, and boy my muse must come with the sunshine. Too bad that's also my busy work seasons!!

Good for you, that's great! I didn't sign up for big-pretzel, but now I wish I had. That's great that your muse is hanging around at least. Yeah, I think mine likes the sunshine too.

I'm with you! Now I can finally concentrate on my big bang!

That's kinda how I feel, now I can finally concentrate (and decide which story to actually finish for my big bang!)

(Deleted comment)
That is a very very accurate (and terrifying) way of putting it! Yes SO MANY FICS...
Thanks for the good wishes, I'l definitely need 'em to get it all done.

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