smalltrolven (smalltrolven) wrote,

Springfling Rec

Have you been enjoying all the spnspringfling goodies?

I received a really great story for my admittedly weird pairing of Meg/Abaddon (eeee, so happy to read about these two), thanks to my mystery writer!

Greeting the Monster in Our Easter Dresses
The title is so intriguing, the descriptions of Hell are atmospheric, creepy and surreal, and the relationship between the two characters is super interesting.
Meg is so much more fleshed out in Show as she's been around for so long (had been, sniff) but we still don't know her real back story and now that we have  Abaddon's thanks to the last episode, it's fun to imagine how these two might have known each other in and around Hell and elsewhere.
Go read it!
Tags: fic recs, meg/abaddon, spnspringfling
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