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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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hurt sam

Fic: 750 Miles

Set post 9.23 so I'm putting this under a cut just in case.

750 Miles

750 miles from Muncie, Indiana to Lebanon, Kansas.

12 hours of silent highway driving

750 miles with your brother's lifeless body in the back seat

12 hours to think about "I'm Proud of Us" and what he meant

750 miles to regret not seeing his last punch coming

12 hours to add up all the times he's died in your arms

750 miles to remember all the times he's come back to you

12 hours to realize you've got to get him back no matter what it takes

750 miles to prepare what you're going to tell him when he's alive again

12 hours to practice saying "Dean, I'm proud of us too," without crying

750 miles alone

12 hours too long without him

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awwww, good! Thank you so much.

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