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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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proud of us

Fic: Lion Lay Down With Me (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Part 3 of 4

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“Will this do?” Dean asked, somehow knowing that Samuel would love this spot as much as he did.

“Is that a bench that I spy?” Samuel asked, pointing around the far edge of the pond.

“Yes, I come out here quite a lot, so I built myself a bench to make it more comfortable, would you like to sit there? We could prop your leg up for a bit,” Dean offered.

Samuel nodded and guided Émeute around the pond’s edge. Several turtles were sunning on rocks near the center and four pairs of ducks were paddling around occupied with hunting.  He could hear frogs, crickets and many birds.  The sun felt soft and comfortable on his skin, and then there were familiar hands around his waist, as Dean who stood upon the bench lifted him down from his horse setting him below on the bench. He hopped down and took the bridles off both horses.

“She’ll stay near us right?” Dean asked. “I don’t need to tie her?”

“No, she is a good girl, we will not have to worry about chasing her down,” Samuel answered with a small laugh, imagining Dean racing across the meadow after a speeding Émeute, with Pala on his tail.

Dean smiled at the sound of Samuel’s laugh echoing over the pond’s quiet surface. It had been a long time since any laughter had rung out in this place.  No matter how happy it made him here, he’d never laughed alone, not since his father had passed.  But having Samuel here made him want to hear more laughter, maybe even find out if he could laugh more himself. He returned to the bench with the parcel of provisions, “Let us see what Filou has sent us off with.”

“Are those cream puffs?” Samuel asked. “I have always wanted to try one.”

Dean grinned when he saw Samuel’s eyes lit up with wonder at the sight of the dessert. “Yes, one of his specialties, here have one,” Dean offered one to Samuel who took it into his mouth right off Dean’s hand, his lips briefly grazing the tips of Dean’s fingers. Dean shivered slightly at the contact but was then too wrapped up in watching Samuel consume the pastry, his face changing from surprise to pleasure, the moan of ecstasy that escaped him, then the red flush on his cheeks as he realized he’d been making quite a lot of noise over a mere pastry.

“Hmmm, I see you enjoy them also,” Dean laughed with delight.

Samuel scooped one of the cream puffs up and brought it to Dean’s lips. He fed it to him just as Dean had fed him. Dean held Samuel’s eyes as he opened his mouth and accepted the treat, licking purposefully at Samuel’s fingers before he could withdraw them. Samuel gasped quietly, but then traced his fingertips along the bow of Dean’s lips.

“How are your lips so beautiful?” Samuel whispered, then clapped his hands over his face in embarrassment, “Oh forgive me Lord. I did not mean to say that aloud.”

Dean gently pulled each hand off of Samuel’s face holding them in one of his, then used his other hand to lift Samuel’s chin up. “Samuel, look at me.”  Samuel shook his head even as Dean held his chin.  “Please Samuel,” Dean said with quiet, steady patience.  Samuel took a deep breath and then raised his head, his eyes meeting Dean’s hesitantly. “Please know that you may say anything to me, I swear it, as long as you do not call me Lord again.”

Samuel’s eyes widened first in surprise and then in enchantment as he took in the look on Dean’s face.  He had never had anyone look at him like this, but he was pretty sure it meant something good was going to happen.

Dean still held Samuel’s chin loosely, “Samuel, I would like to kiss you now if I may.”

Samuel nodded yes and leaned forward into Dean, his arms going around Dean’s neck. Dean slid his hand from Samuel’s chin to cup the back of his head and tipped him at the perfect angle to then draw him in for a gentle kiss. At the first brush of their lips together, Samuel responded by opening instantly to Dean, drawing him in closer, licking at his lips.

Dean felt swept away by the strength and immediacy of Samuel’s response and moaned in happiness, closing his eyes to sink into the man he held in his arms. They lost track of time as they sat on the bench kissing like it was a new form of breathing. Necessary and part of them and something they could not do without for a second.  Until finally they were interrupted by Pala nosing at the open packet of food beside them.  Dean unwrapped one of his hands from Samuel’s hair and pushed her snout away, then returned to kissing Samuel like it was his mission in life to learn everything about how this man needed to be kissed. Finally, after the sun was a bit lower in the sky they parted, lips red and shiny, eyes sparkling with desire.

“Have you ever made love?” Dean asked, pulling back from their embrace and searching Samuel’s face for the truth.

“No, well, not with a man,” Samuel answered, blushing red with sudden shyness.

“Then I will not push you further this day, we will take our time,” Dean said, kissing the corner of Samuel’s mouth and stroking his blush-warm cheek.

“If that is what you want,” Samuel said, sounding disappointed, and a bit desperate.

“You misunderstand me Samuel, what I want is to take you right here and now with our horses and the pond turtles as witness, but you are still hurt, and a virgin as well.”

“As you wish,” Samuel said, now sounding like he understood.

“I can almost hear you add the ‘my lord’, what is it that you want Samuel?” Dean asked.

“That was, well it was what I was frowning about earlier. I confess that I am confused. I do not know what you expect of me. I owe you a great debt for saving me and sheltering me here. You take a great risk just having me in your home.  And I can’t repay that debt, most likely ever. All I have to offer is me. But I don’t know if that is what you need or want Dean.”

Dean pulled Samuel back into his arms, holding him tightly. He moved them apart so that he could meet Samuel’s eyes. “I wouldn’t want you to offer yourself to me in that way Samuel, not ever,” Dean said. “I expect you to stay in my home until you are healed, and I honestly do not expect payment of any sort. Truly. I confess that I do not understand why I am so comfortable with you or feel such a need to help you. But I would be sad to see you go.”

“You are a most generous man Dean, I do not think I deserve this. Not from one such as you.”

“What do you mean? One such as me?” Dean asked, truly not understanding Samuel’s words.

Samuel pulled himself out of Dean’s grasp and gestured at him with both hands. “You are this perfect, beautiful, rich, lord, and I am but a vision-cursed, homeless, hunted commoner. I have nothing. I am nothing.”

Dean’s mouth opened and closed several times as he was lost for words in astonishment. Finally he gathered his wits enough to answer, “That is not true! You are a beautiful, exceptionally smart, caring man, who I now am privileged to call my friend. So you have that, you have my friendship. Does that not matter to you? Does that count for nothing?”

“Yes, yes of course it does. But what is it you want?” Samuel asked, still not getting what Dean was saying.

Dean sighed and looked down at his hands for a moment. Then he raised his head and gently held Samuel’s face between his hands, meeting his eyes. “You Samuel. Anything you want to offer me. Be it your friendship, your kisses, anything or nothing more. But not in payment to settle a debt. Only if you truly want to give them. Understand?”

Samuel took in his words, making a serious face, near a frown.  Finally he smiled and nodded as if he was making a deal with himself. “Yes, Dean, yes I do understand.  And I want to give you all of my kisses, and whatever else men do to make love. All of that is yours. That is if you want it?”

Dean crushed Samuel into his embrace, holding him tightly, and breathing in the scent of his sun-warmed hair. This is how it feels to finally get what you’ve always wanted he thought to himself. He turned into the side of Samuel’s face and kissed his way over to nibble at his ear. “I think that might be the silliest question you’ve yet asked of me Samuel,” Dean murmured into Samuel’s ear.

They returned later that afternoon to find Joshua and Filou laughing in the kitchen, making some sort of complicated berry dessert, flour dusting all the surfaces and the tips of their noses. “I told you that it would work Filou, we only needed to get them together someplace they’d never been before,” Joshua said, laughing at Filou’s protestations and dusting the flour out of his own curly black hair.

Dean hated to interrupt their merry-making, but he needed to get Samuel squared away upstairs, “Looks like you gentlemen have had a fun day.”

“I was just showing Joshua here my trick for getting the fluffiest crust, and he spilled some flour and one thing led to another. We will clean it up Lord, I am sorry,” Filou said, looking not at all sorry.

“Nothing to be sorry for Filou, I’m sure you’ve got it under control. I trust you. I’m just going to bring Samuel back upstairs, his leg needs a rest after all the riding today,” Dean said.

“Yes all that riding, very good sir, we will call you for dinner,” Filou said as Dean left the room, suppressing a laugh and elbowing Joshua in his ribs and raising his eyebrows. Joshua just smiled back at him in agreement.

Samuel was waiting on a bench in the front hall. When Dean appeared in the doorway he paused to look at Samuel from across the room. Their eyes met and Dean could see the dark desire flare up in Samuel’s eyes once again. He crossed the distance between them in a few steps, scooped Samuel up in his arms, enjoying the weight of him even more, now that he knew that Samuel’s desires matched his own.

Samuel put his arms around Dean’s neck to hold on and to bring their faces together, he buried his lips at Dean’s throat, proceeding to suck and bite as Dean staggered up the staircase. But Dean didn’t tell Samuel to stop, just held him tighter and tried to walk faster.  Finally they arrived at the threshold of Dean’s room, and he stepped in, bumped the door closed with his hip, and lowered Samuel gently to the bed.

“I want you in my own room, in my bed, from now on Samuel, every night,” Dean said with all seriousness, searching Samuel’s widened eyes for agreement.

Samuel lifted his arms up to pull Dean down to cover him, and answered his yes with fervent kisses all over Dean’s face. They laid entwined for a while, kissing until their lips were sore and reddened, and barely a breath was left between them.

Samuel’s hands pushed up the layers of Dean’s shirts until he finally reached Dean’s skin. He gasped at the softness of the skin on Dean’s lower back, finally getting to put his hands to the curve that he’d never stopped noticing. He ran his hands lower, pulling Dean closer into him, relishing the extra friction. He could feel Dean’s hardness rub against his own. His hands covered the globes of Dean’s ass almost completely, each filled his hand perfectly. He pressed and massaged them, pulling them apart and pressing them together.

Dean went a little wild when he felt Samuel’s strength, holding them pressed so close together, moving him where he wanted him to be on his body. Even though he had been the one carrying Samuel about this last week, it was arousing to know that this man was even stronger than he. He looked up into Samuel’s eyes, no longer searching for understanding or acceptance, but just to confirm that Samuel wanted this just as much as he does. And he saw that want no longer hidden in Samuel’s eyes, plain in his open mouth, red lips and darkened eyes.

“Why do you look at me like that Dean?”

“I am just looking because I can now, don’t have to hide it, feel like I’ve been hiding this from you forever,” Dean groaned as Samuel hitched his legs up around his waist, bringing their hardnesses together.

“I feel the same, it seems a long time coming, longer than I’ve known you somehow,” Samuel panted out as Dean sped up their grinding rhythm.

“Wait, Samuel, wait, I want,” Dean interrupted.

“What is it?” Samuel asked as Dean pulled himself up to sitting underneath him.

“I want to see you, all of you,” Dean said, unlacing Samuel’s riding breeches.  Samuel quickly got the idea and pulled his shirt off over his head. “You are the most beautiful man I think I’ve ever seen,” Dean said, pressing his lips to one of Samuel’s nipples. Samuel groaned deeply and held Dean’s head close so that he wouldn’t stop.

“Dean, you too, want to see you,” Samuel said, rolling off of Dean so that he could begin untying Dean’s breeches.  Dean raised himself up so that they could be pulled off.  Samuel licked his lips at the sight of Dean’s flushed and ready cock. “Can I?” Samuel asked, sounding so eager and breathless.

Dean laughed and spread his legs so that Samuel could kneel between them. He bent to kiss the tip of Dean’s cock, very lightly, just a brush of the lips and Dean felt himself begin to shake, like he was falling apart from the sense of finally finally finally. Samuel then licked all the way up and down Dean’s hard length, making the most deliciously filthy sounds, “Dean, you taste so good to me.”

There was no answer from Dean, he was entranced by the sight of Samuel’s wide mouth engulfing him, lips stretched around his cock moving tortuously slow.

“Am I doing this right?” Samuel asked, the rumble of his voice hitting Dean deep inside somewhere, he almost felt himself come right then.

“Yes, oh yes, anything feels good, just don’t stop,” Dean managed to answer.

Samuel grinned in response and breathed out over Dean’s now spit shiny cock, making Dean shiver at the sensation. After resuming his sucking rhythm with enthusiasm, feeling emboldened by Dean’s response, he reached out to touch Dean’s balls, holding each one gently, rolling them between his fingers so softly. Finally he chanced running one finger gently down to Dean’s entrance. Just to see what Dean would do.

The response to that touch was Dean widening his legs even further, and his hands reaching into Samuel’s hair on either side of his head, holding him in place and beginning to fuck up into Samuel’s mouth. Samuel wasn’t quite ready for that and spluttered a bit, but then figured out what Dean meant to do and relaxed his jaw, breathing through his nose and letting the spit just flow down to keep everything as wet and messy as possible.

“Your mouth, god your mouth Samuel, always wanted to know what it would feel like, ‘s so good,” Dean panted out, fingers curling into Samuel’s hair even tighter, then trying to pull him off. But Samuel wouldn’t let him, he just laughed, the deep rumbling vibration giving Dean enough stimulus to put him over the edge, coming hot down Samuel’s throat.

Samuel attempted to swallow it all, but there was too much. Some of Dean’s come leaked out, tracing its way down Samuel’s chin. Dean looked down at him, flushed, panting, and pulled him back up to kiss and lick the taste of himself off Samuel’s face and out of his mouth. Samuel began thrusting against Dean’s thigh and Dean reached down to help him, fist closing around his cock and tightening. Samuel moaned at the feeling and sped up his thrusts.

“Samuel, want you to cover me in it, come on Samuel,” Dean said, not letting go of Samuel’s cock, but moving his hand even faster.

“Dean,” Samuel managed to say as he came, sounding like he was praying, cursing and singing all at once.  He looked down to see the mess he’d made of them and laughed. “I hope that’s what you meant.”

Dean was speechless with the joy and wonder of seeing how this man in his bed, looked like he’d always belonged there, and felt like he’d always been there. “It’s exactly what I meant, and exactly what I needed. Thank you Samuel.”

Samuel reached over to the bedside table and grabbed an embroidered linen napkin, and gently cleaned Dean up. “Dean, thank you for not making me wait,” he said.

Dean reached down to tip Samuel’s chin up with his fingers, waiting until their eyes met to speak, “Samuel, I was willing to wait as long as you needed to, but believe me I have wanted you from the first day we met.”

“Well now you have me,” Samuel said, leaning forward to kiss Dean.

“And you me,” Dean murmured into Samuel’s ear, making him shiver.

Several weeks later Dean walked into their sitting room, where Samuel was reading. Dean held a paper scroll in his fingertips, but looked at it as if he wanted to throw it into the fireplace.

“What is it Dean, you look as if you’ve seen a ghost?” Samuel asked, worried once he’d seen the expression on Dean’s face.

Dean shook his head and tightened his fingers on the scroll. “No, not a ghost, just a message from Martigny.”

“May I read it?” Samuel asked.

“Yes, as it concerns you, go ahead,” Dean answered, voice filled with dread, and handed him the paper.

Samuel took it and read it as quickly as he dared, “Will you do as Lord Martigny commands?”

“No! He is not able to command me, and I would never give you up to him. Not at the cost of my life or my lands. But I must go see him, in person as he states in the message. There is no avoiding that I’m afraid, I’ll be leaving in an hour,” Dean answered.

“You cannot go alone, I couldn’t bear it Dean. Not after my vision. Please, you must let me come with you,” Samuel begged.

“Alright, alright, but we must fool them into thinking that I’ve come alone, that I’ve left you here. They’ll be listening for two horses, we must ride double, Émeute will be safe here with Filou until we return,” Dean assured the fretting Samuel.

“So we must appear as one large rider eh? The whole way there I shall become one with your back, maybe this will be a better ride than I’d thought,” Samuel teased, trying to break the tension that was mounting between them.

“Lord Martigny will never suspect you are there if we play this correctly,” Dean said.

“I’ll go along with your plan, do not fear Dean, you know this man much better than I,” Samuel said.

They rode through the silent night forest alert to any movement or noise, but saw and heard nothing but each other’s breathing and Pala’s soft whickers and hoofbeats.


Lord Zacharie Martigny stood at the edge of the glen, eyes searching the forest where he assumed Lord Villeneuve would appear. The sun shone off the top of his bald head and the silver on his doughy shoulders. The witch hunter Roy hid behind him in the trees along with ten other mounted swordsmen and four leashed hunting dogs.

“Villeneuve, it is the appointed time, I know you are here!” Zacharie bellowed.

Dean heard his call and kissed Samuel. “Wait here until my signal, do not come out before then, his men will be hidden in the forest behind him, you cannot show yourself, promise me, no matter what Samuel.”

“I promise Dean, I do, just don’t do anything too fool-hardy, at least not more than usual,” Samuel said with a hushed laugh.

Dean laughed quietly and kissed Samuel once more, mounting up on Pala. He rode forward without a second glance behind him, squaring his shoulders to the confrontation ahead. When Zacharie saw him emerge from the deep dark of the forest’s edge he too urged his horse forward. They eventually met in the middle of the vast flat grassland. Their horses sniffed at one another then bent their heads to the ground.

“You sent a message, and here I am Lord Martigny, what did you need to speak to me about in person?”

“Lord Villeneuve, may I call you Dean? Please call me Zacharie.  I am here to offer you a truce of sorts. We know that you harbor the witch that fled from my lands, his name is Samuel de Marietta. In return for you handing him over to me, I will call off the raids of the witch hunters on the edge of your lands, as well as offer you the hand of my daughter Lisa in marriage.”

“That is a most generous offer Zacharie. But no, I am not going to accept it. Samuel is staying with me. And that is how it is. He is not a witch. He has done nothing wrong to anyone, and I’ll go before the king to plead his case before I’d turn him over to your foul justice.”

“And you also refuse my daughter?”

“Yes, Zacharie, I do. I have no wish to tie myself closer to you, and I am not in the market for a wife.”

“But you have no one in your household after your father’s passing. She is a beautiful girl, sure to give you a family, she will make you happy,” Zacharie wheedled.

“No, I must decline. I appreciate your offer Zacharie, but no, my household is fine and I am quite happy with the addition of Samuel,” Dean answered firmly.

“So it is true what they say then? You are one of those men that sticks to his own kind,” Zacharie sneered.

“It is no concern of yours. Good day sir,” Dean said, turning Pala back the way he came and cantering off.

Dean drew closer to the edge of the forest and Samuel appeared, running as fast as his injured ankle would allow, the witch hunter right behind him, almost near enough to scoop him up off his feet.

“Samuel! No!” Dean shouted, urging Pala on faster.

Dean withdrew his sword and slashed at Roy, knocking him off his horse. He reached Samuel’s side and dismounted in a rush, pulling Samuel up off the ground where he’d collapsed after his awkward sprint. Roy remounted and drove his horse back to Lord Martigny, once he reached him, he began talking to him urgently.

“I will never let you take him, not while I am alive,” Dean declared, holding tight to Sam’s waist, standing tall and staring down both Roy and Lord Martigny across the glen.

“Very well then we will arrange that, release the hounds, and after them again men!” shouted Lord Martigny. Four large black wolfhounds were loosed and ran ahead of the group, snarling and baying for blood. The horses of Lord Martigny charged forward, all their riders raising torches high and shouting, “Forward, after them! Kill the witch, burn them both!”

Dean and Samuel quickly mounted Pala and took off in the direction to return to Dean’s stronghold, speeding across the scrubby grassland.  Martigny’s men close behind in a jostling pack.

“Dean, I cannot do this. I cannot let you risk everything for me. This is just like in my vision. The torches, the dogs. Please, just let me go. You must let me go. Run away as fast as you can, save yourself,” Samuel pounded on Dean’s back and began pushing at him like he was trying to jump off the horse.

Dean reached behind him and held Samuel’s arm tightly, “No Samuel, I will not let you go. I have no other choice.”

Samuel stopped struggling once Dean’s hand closed around his arm, “Why? I don’t understand.”

Dean turned his head as far as he could, to be able to see Samuel’s face in the dusk, “I love you. I don’t know if you feel the same as I. But I cannot lose you Samuel, you are everything to me.”

Samuel squeezed Dean’s waist with his other arm, “I’d rather have them burn me at the stake than see you hurt. I love you too Dean.”

“Well then we had better ride like the wind then,” Dean said, strapping the reins at Pala urging her onwards even faster.  Samuel held tightly to Dean’s waist, moving with him in unison in the saddle as they fairly flew across the countryside, the horses of Martigny’s riders soon disappearing behind them.

“Where will we go?” Samuel asked.

“Back to the Future boys!” Filou crowed, appearing suddenly in their path. He made a big show of snapping his fingers, and then it all disappeared in a blink. Pala beneath them, their 15th century clothes, the scenery, all that remained was the adrenaline in their blood and the sweat on their bodies which were now clothed in their usual familiar 21st century clothing.

Sam let go of Dean’s waist and stepped away from behind him, they looked around at their surroundings, another motel room, this one a little nicer than usual, decorated in black and white, with one red overstuffed chair. And one familiar occupant in the room, sprawled in that chair.

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