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The Wanting Comes In Waves

All Sam/Dean, All The Time

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proud of us

Fic: Lion Lay Down With Me (Sam/Dean, NC-17) Part 4 of 4

~*~ Masterpost ~*~ Part 3 ~*~

Gabriel?” They both asked in unison.

“Hello you lordly chumps, enjoy your historical vacay?” Gabriel smirked.

“Uh no, not so much, they were trying to burn me at the stake,” Sam said, sitting down on the bed across from Gabriel.

“Yeah yeah I know, he’s a witch, burn him, saw the movie.  But you-know-who over here saved your pretty little ass, didn’t he? And didn’t you save his, too?”

“Yes I did, and Dean did, he saved me,” Sam answered.

“Of course I did, what else was I supposed to do? Let you get burned at the stake for crying out loud?” Dean yelled.

“Oh I don’t know, given him up to the witch hunters and kept on being lord of your lands, accepting Martigny’s treaty, and the arranged marriage with his beautiful daughter Lisa?” Gabriel said, laughing to himself.

“Wait a minute that was the offer he made you Dean, out on the field?” Sam asked, grabbing Dean’s elbow to get his attention.

Dean shook off Sam’s hand. “It was all like a movie or something Sam, didn’t count.”

“Nope. That’s where you’re wrong big boy. If you’d ended up dead there, it would have stuck. Even I’m not that powerful,” Gabriel said.

“I wasn’t going to marry her, no way, not if it meant letting Sam get killed,” Dean answered, sitting down on the bed next to Sam.

“But you could have had a life with her Dean. She was beautiful, she was everything you’d ever want,” Sam said, still confused at why Dean had made the choice to run with him.

Dean said nothing in answer, just scowled and pulled his arms tighter against himself. Gabriel interrupted Dean’s non-response, “What was it you said Dean?  Oh yeah, pretty sure I heard something like, ‘Samuel, I have no other choice. I love you. I don’t know if you feel the same as I. But I cannot lose you Samuel, you are everything to me.’ Beautifully put, especially for you.”

His face blushing red, Dean demanded, “What is this angel instant replay or something? So let me get this straight. You stuck us in that hellhole to what? Prove that we belong together?”

“Yup, pretty much. And you can’t deny it now can you Dean?” Gabriel said with a wink.

Dean spluttered incoherently, not coming up with anything to counter that statement.

Sam interrupted, “Gabriel, was this some kind of counterpoint thing to what Zachariah did to us, putting us up in Heaven?”

“Yeah Sam, exactly. That jerk wad was not playing by the rules, we aren’t supposed to ever mess with a human soul’s heaven. That’s one of the big no-no’s. Even I never thought of doing something that bad.  And when I saw what it did to you guys… what you’re thinking of doing now because of it Dean? I mean come on? I’m just supposed to ignore that after everything I’ve done for you guys? Yeah right!”

“Wait a minute, what do you mean about what he did to our heaven?” Sam asked, completely lost in all the angel-speak.

“Haven’t you guys figured this out yet? No? Ah, that explains a lot. He messed with the memories you guys saw. They were all memories that were supposed to be there, but he only showed you the ones that would mess you up. All the ones that would be sure to make Dean think you don’t care about your family like he does. Which is not at all true Dean by the way, obviously you moron,” Gabriel answered.

“But it’s not true, he knows that. Don’t you, Dean?” Sam asked, turning a little to look at Dean.

Dean didn’t answer Sam, instead he asked Gabriel, “So we gotta stick together to play our roles? That’s what you’re still trying to get us to figure out?”

“Yeah, that and more than just sticking together. Did you miss the part about how you always choose each other?" Gabriel looked at each of them in turn, and then shifted forward in his chair, hands gesturing at both of them,  "Guys, since the angels started messing with you, you’ve been to your past, Dean you’ve gone twice. And you’ve been to two alternate universes, you’ve been to three Dean, and oh yeah, Heaven. And each and every time, without fail, you choose to be together. Over everything else that “normal” brothers would normally choose. You choose each other. Sensing a theme? Hello? Am I reaching anyone?”

“Is this how you think we can, what, win against the angels and Lucifer?” Sam asked.

Gabriel smirked and clapped his hands, pointing at Sam. “Bingo. Give that man a prize. It’s pretty much your only chance guys. Don’t you get it? God screwed up this time making you two soul mates. It’s never happened this way before. And I don’t know if it’s his little “experiment” or whatever. But I see the possibility that the outcome can actually be different this time. And who knows, maybe that’s what the Big Guy wants? Not to have to tear it all down for the zillionth time and start again. Gets a little old after a while you know?”

“So just because you say there’s a chance of not screwin’ the pooch on this, we’re just supposed to believe you that what, the power of love is gonna save the whole world?” Dean asked.

“Dude, I’m a being created of love, don’t you think I’d know a little something about its power?” Gabriel asked, sounding completely exasperated and like he was starting to come unhinged.

“We’ll uh, we’ll talk about it Gabriel,” Sam said, hoping that the promise will give them a little time to deal with all of this stuff he’s thrown at them.

“Oh yeah, sure you will. Cause you guys are such great communicators and all. I swear I should just put you back in my TV Land funhouse until you get this worked out. I’ll come up with an Oprah type of show, she’ll get you to talk, no maybe Dr. Phil instead,” Gabriel threatened.

“No! No, you don’t need to do that, really you don’t, we swear we’ll talk about it,” Sam promised.

“I’ll know if you don’t. Can’t fool an archangel. See you when I see you,” Gabriel said, snapping his fingers loudly and disappearing in a sound of rushing feathers.

“Wait! Oh man, he’s gone already!” Dean yelled.

“What did you want to ask him?” Sam asked.

“Where the hell my baby is for starters!” Dean hollered, waving his arms over his head to emphasize his words.

Sam pulled one of Dean’s arms down and patted him on the shoulder. “Okay, calm down, we’ll figure it out.”

Dean’s keys appeared with a metallic jingle on the bed between them, and they heard the Impala’s horn honk twice right outside the motel room.  “Guess he’s still listening. Hey he fixed my ankle, cool,” Sam said.

“Good, I won’t have to haul your ass around anymore. Well, so what do we have to talk about? I mean it seems kinda obvious doesn’t it?” Dean asked.

Sam could feel Dean pulling away from the prospect of actually talking about things, just as Gabriel predicted. He knew it was up to him to make sure they didn’t end up back in TV world. It was going to take some pushing though. “Hey, uh...Dean, what was it that Gabriel was hinting at, that you’re thinking of doing because of what we saw in Heaven?”

Dean went still under Sam’s hand, and answered in a reluctant voice. “Saying yes.”

“Who? You saying yes? To Michael?” Sam asked, hand falling off of Dean’s shoulder.

Dean looked away, at anything but Sam, knowing how disappointed his brother was going to be at his answer. “Yeah.”

Sam took a deep breath like he was trying his hardest not to get mad, “But I thought we decided no one was doing that, we were figuring out another way, together.”

“Well, we haven’t gotten real far on that have we Sam? And I don’t see another way outta this situation. If there’s something else, then Gabriel should have told us that instead of dragging us back to whatever freak show that was supposed to be.”

“Fifteenth century France or Switzerland, not exactly a freak show,” Sam countered.

“Well, whatever lesson he was tryin’ to teach me, I didn’t get it,” Dean said, crossing his arms over his chest.

Sam snorted, “Yeah obviously.”

“What the hell dude?” Dean bristled at Sam’s derision.

Sam slapped him in the middle of the chest to break him out of the deflecting, wall-building mode he was obviously falling into. “You don’t remember what you did there? The choice you made when you didn’t even know who I was?”

“I saved your ass. Just like always. Big whoop,” Dean said with a shrug, rubbing at where Sam had slapped him, but definitely thinking about what Sam was saying.

Sam thought about how to answer, to get Dean to dig deeper into what he was avoiding admitting. He turned his head to see the stubborn set of Dean’s jaw as he stared out the window, hand still rubbing his chest.  There was no way to do this but to steamroll him, it was the only thing that ever worked on his big brother. “Yeah, let’s see, just like Gabriel said. You picked saving me over everything else. Your lordship, all your subjects, what the church and society was telling you was right, having a chance to marry Lisa, all of it, you just jettisoned it all. For me, Dean. For you and me to be together.”

“Well, what can I say, I’m a broken record. Stuck on you or some shit like that,” Dean said with another shrug, the hand that had been rubbing at where Sam had slapped him flexed into a fist and then relaxed, joining the other, clasped between his knees.

Sam saw his brother clasping his hands so tightly, one of his tells when he was trying to keep it all in like he always had. He reached over and put one hand on top of Dean’s white knuckled tangle, squeezing them gently. “That’s kinda what his point is. We’re always going to choose each other in the end, when it comes down to a do or die situation, so instead of letting the angels get us into that situation, he’s trying to get us to acknowledge it ahead of time.”

Dean looked down at Sam’s hand on top of his as he thought about what his brother was saying. He knew he had to probably say something here that he usually wouldn’t let out. And he could tell by Sam’s hand not moving off his that Sam wouldn’t take an ‘uh-huh’ as an answer this time.  Finally deciding what to say, he unclasped his hands and knocked Sam’s off. “What admit that we’ve got a weakness, and that’ll make us stronger?”

Sam smiled at seeing that it had worked and gotten an answer out of Dean. He rubbed the hand that had held Dean’s on his own knee, letting Dean’s warmth soak into him to give him the courage to keep going. “Yeah, exactly, like maybe we could plan ahead somehow. I remember you said something a long time ago, that we’re each other’s weak spots. And I thought that had maybe changed for you because of Ruby and the blood and all. But…well, you tell me, is it still true, here in this world?”

Dean’s breath caught a little at the mention of Ruby and the blood, something they avoided talking about at all costs. He looked at Sam’s bowed head, his hair hanging down to cover his face and couldn’t do anything but be honest in return. He had no defense against Sam and they both knew it. “I guess before our little side trip to cuckoo clock land, I might not have had a good straight answer. But I see it now. It’s pretty damn clear really, something I don’t like admitting, that I have this built in weakness when it comes to you.”

“So you still do then?” Sam asked, raising his head and turning to look at Dean, his eyes brimming with unabashed hope.

Dean’s eyes took in Sam’s expression, which reminded him of his brother as an eight year old hoping for Dean to make it all better, and smiled because this time he could.  “Yeah Sammy, course I do. Always did, was just tryin’ to fool myself into thinking I could forget it, ‘cause I was hurt.”

“I’m sorry for that. For hurting you like that. And I don’t know if I can make it up to you, ever, but I hope I can, that you’ll let me at least try,” Sam said, looking at Dean and hoping, however foolishly, that he’d finally listen.

Dean didn’t say anything, just kind of nodded in acknowledgement, looking down at the floor, but then he raised his eyes up to meet Sam’s, his green eyes suddenly blazing with intensity. “So you still feel that way about me?”

“Yes Dean, I always have, that never stopped, I’d do anything for you, to save you, anything,” Sam said, wondering at the intensity in his brother’s eyes and what it might mean.

“Like what you did back there, telling me your vision instead of letting it just happen so you could get your revenge on the people who tried to kill you and took your family away?” Dean asked in a short, clipped voice.

“Exactly, yes. You’re worth more than any revenge, I’ve learned that lesson a couple times now. And…uh...listen, I know what we…uh…did there’s gotta stay there. You’re already thinking it’s like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right?” Sam asked, thinking that this might be at the root of what has been bothering Dean the most since they got back.

“If that’s what you want,” Dean answered evasively, hand rubbing the back of his neck, but daring to look at Sam to see his reaction.

Sam saw the fleeting look of hope on Dean’s face, and it gave him the courage to be honest, even though it could mean the end of them if he was wrong, he answered with his heart in his throat, “No, it’s really really not.”

Dean’s eyes widened in shock as Sam’s words sunk in. He breathed in and out deeply a few times thinking about the strength it took for Sam to say that out loud. To put it all on the line, not knowing how the hell he’d react.  Dean couldn’t think of anything sappy to come back with, so he said with the most straight face he could manage, “Only if you call me Lord every now and then.”

“I think I can put up with that as long as I can get you to wear tights when I’m doing it,” Sam answered with mock seriousness. Then he burst into laughter, so infectious and relieved, that Dean couldn’t help but start laughing too.

They fell into each other on the bed and finally gave into everything that they had ignored between them all these years.  Sam pulled Dean in for their first kiss back in the real world, which maybe, no definitely was much better than the one in their alternative history.  As they explored each other all over again, they vaguely heard the Impala honk once more.

“Guess that’s our reward for actually talking, angel approved brother-kissing, huh Sammy?” Dean asked as he kissed his way down the side of Sam’s neck, biting lightly at the tendon beneath Sam’s warm skin.

“God it’s good to hear that again,” Sam said, tipping his head to the side so that Dean could have more room.

“What? The Impala honking? Yeah, I know I missed her too. Although Pala was pretty kickass for a horse,” Dean said, quickly returning to sucking red marks into the side of Sam’s sensitive neck.

Sam pushed Dean up off him so that he could see his face. “No, I missed hearing my name. I got tired of Samuel, it didn’t fit me right or something.”

Dean’s eyes crinkled with sudden happiness, “All those years of telling me to call you Sam, now I know the truth, you do like bein’ called Sammy.”

“Not all the time, just when you mean it, and only by you,” Sam answered.

“Got it Sammy.  So you really liked the tights huh?” Dean teased, not able to hold in his laughter when he saw Sam’s reaction to that question.

Sam wallowed in the teasing and the laughter and the Sammy’s for a long moment. “Oh yes my Lord, yes,” Sam answered with a laugh.


~*~ Masterpost ~*~

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Oh hon, this was wonderful! I have a soft spot for historical!AUs, and you got the tone just right.

And as you know, their always choosing each other, their strong bond no matter the circumstances, their being soul mates and meant-to-be - it's my favourite thing ever, and I loved how you built this fic around that concept, it was great. *happy sigh*

And getting a fix-it for the way they experienced their heaven didn't hurt either, of course. :) In my head!canon, Zachariah messing with what they saw there to drive a wedge between them is exactly what happened, so reading that here made me very happy as well.

A great fic, sweetie, thank you! *hugs*

Ah I missed responding to your awesome comment! Sorry bb, and I'm so happy that you enjoyed it.

I absolutely loved this! I was totally caught up in it. So much so that I was completely surprised by the twist at the end. But it worked so well! Such a great idea. And I loved the historical setting and romance. Thanks so much for sharing, :)

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. And I'm so happy to hear that the twist surprised you, hooray!

Oh do I ever have a huge ass grin on my face. Loved this so very much. Kudos! :)

I'm so glad to hear that, love making people smile. Thanks very much.

This alternative reality was great! I enjoyed reading this. I love how they choose each other every time.

Thanks, I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Yes, the best thing is how they choose each other *every* time, no matter when the time is...

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